1st place:

Special surprise mappers will probably like, note that this is not certain.


-100x100 Multiplayer Map
-Medium trigger support


-75x75 Singleplayer Map
-Heavy trigger support


2nd place:

-80x80 Multiplayer Map
-Medium trigger support


-60x60 Singleplayer Map
-Medium trigger support


3rd place:

-65x65 Multiplayer Map
-Minor trigger support


Consolation prize(s):

- Tutoring and tips (this is serious).

This means that the First place might get the special surprise and a map of choice, while the others get a map of choice, of degrading size and trigger support. The consolation prize(s) go to the worst entries. Again, TitanMarkII may choose not to give tutoring if the map is empty or otherwise an obvious gimmick used to sabotage the rating system. If your map accidentally gets noted as one that will not be rated (!) you do not have the right to ask for being added to the pool again, because it was excluded for obvious reasons. The organizer may however choose to give you the consolation prize. The amount of consolation prizes depend on the overall quality of the maps entered and the amount of maps entered. By participating, you also agree to the fact that the time of map completion fully depends on my free time, importance (1st place first, etc. ), special conditions (If TitanMarkII get hit by a car he will not make the maps in the hospital on a laptop) and any other condition that suits the mood of the organizer. Know that these are extras and he can terminate them whenever there is a bad communication between him and the prize winner.

Prize Rules:

- Do not ask TitanMarkII when the map will be completed. He may choose to cancel the production of the prize to silence you (if you annoy him greatly, which is hard to do) and make the product go to TO or TSD instead. He won’t really be this bad, we hope, but you never know.

- You can resubmit changes of the concept whenever you want, if they are too drastic (The organizer is the one that defines whether something is too drastic or not) TitanMarkII can choose to ignore them, please understand that. TitanMarkII will not remake a map just because you changed your mind.

- TitanMarkII does not make non-standard maps. This means that he will not make Online Arena maps (the ugly ones), Cheat maps (maps with unfair advantages), maps for your mod (they will be TS/FS (you can choose) only), or other ‘stupid’ maps (he'll be the one that defines what is ‘stupid’ and what is not).

- You must credit TitanMarkII whenever you use his map. If you do post it without crediting him, you must dip your genitals in liquid nitrogen and post a high-res movie taken with a camcorder or webcam that clearly shows the deed.

- You may edit the map to your hearts content and then post it, or include it in a mod package, but the credit stays with TitanMarkII and you must also clearly state you edited the map.

Heavy trigger support includes:
Advanced (just a lot of) triggers and near-full AI (SP only) production support

Medium trigger Support includes:
A relatively large amount of coding and a bit of AI (SP only) support

Minor trigger support Includes:
Ion storms, random units appearing, nothing too fancy, but at least something Smile

Things required when you choose a multiplayer map (these also count for an SP map):

- Name: you can let TitanMarkII choose the name or submit it yourself, if you do not submit a name, he will come up with one.

- Rough layout.

Good explanation: ‘I want a map with a mutated area in the middle. It must contain Fona, but no veinholes. Each player is situated on a very high cliff with minimal access to tiberium, you’ll have to venture to the main genesis pit for more, but that means you have to fight off the creatures that re-appear from time to time. Not too many cities, please. Some small outposts are nice, but no real skyscrapers.’

Bad explanation: ‘I wanna nice map with lotsa tiberium and big mountains. No ugly green slime and all that poop but many tanks and cyborgs so u cannuttt noob rush.’

Things required when you choose a singleplayer map:

- Rough briefing: You may choose to do it yourself and let him shape the map around it.

- Text strings: You can either include some yourself or let me do them all.

- House and alliances: Who is allied to whom? If this cannot be found in the briefing, please state this. Also please state houses you do not want to appear.

- Mission aspects: Any major things you want to happen? A lot of small ambushes? Where do you start? Why and where should you do this and that?

- Major coding changes: Should Nod have this special black hand sniper etc.  ?

If you forget one of these categories or do not supply enough information TitanMarkII will attempt to contact you. If you somehow do not respond within a few weeks, he will finish the map on his own and send it to you. If you do not respond saying everything is okay, he will assume you left the community, got hit by a car or joined a space expedition and will return in 2034 and he will simply post the map in public.

Last note: The joy of having somebody else making the map for you is not only not having to do anything, but also seeing how your idea cames to life. It’s also possible to make the map yourself as well he and compare yours with his Smile . He make maps for prizes because he at least want to provide a small prize, not for showing ‘I’m better than you are’, or whatever.

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