Event name: Singleplayer Map Making Contest (SMMC)
Organized by: TitanMarkII
Supported by: TiberiumWeb, Project Perfect Mod, CnC Guild.

Singleplayer Map Making Contest, SMMC for short, was originally made up by Ixith and Modder666. After 2 months of inactivity, TitanMarkII took control (with permission, of course).

The objective is to create the best single-player map for Tiberian Sun or Firestorm. Your map must not be shown to public before the results. If you have any kind of basic problem, feel free to check the tutorial sections for help, if they don’t provide any useful information, post it in the TS Mapping Discussion section with a clear description of your problem. Do NOT post your map, because that could lead to unwanted map-theft and will result in your map being noted as ‘shown in public’, disqualifying it from participating.

We want you all to have a great time making your maps, don’t just do it for the prize. You will find the rules below, be sure to read through them before submitting your map. The address can also be found below.

You have until 20th of February 2007 to submit your map.

Read more information about it in the sections below:

-> Rules
-> Prizes
-> Judges