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Tiberium Resurrection

Dawn of the Tiberian Age

Renegade X Firestorm

After 3.5 months of development we're pleased to announce Phobos v0.2 - a new stable release of Phobos YR Engine Extension. Since the first public release a lot of contributors joined us to help push YR modding forward, including such talented people as Uranusian, secsome, Otamaa, FS-21, Starkku and a lot of others.

Many of the new contributors didn't know much about reverse-engineering or how to implement new ingame stuff (neither did I a year ago), but thanks to help of the community (especially tomsons26 and CCHyper) it's not a secret knowledge and everyone can learn it and help. Moreover, I've been working on simplifying the process of contributing even more by writing a dedicated documentation section. We invite everyone to try and help develop Phobos to push YR modding even further.

The key features of this update:

- Shields! Thanks to the combined work of Uranusian, secsome and Belonit now any ingame unit and building can have shields which act as a second HP bar with custom parameters including armor, recharge rates, graphics, animations etc. Moreover, Starkku has added special warhead params that interact with shields in a special way.

Buildings, Infantries and Vehicles with Shield in Fantasy ADVENTURE

- Custom radiation types, which were implemented by Otamaa with help of Belonit and Uranusian based on unused Ares code. You can have multiple which properly blend and respect Affect* tags, so you can make oddities as healing fields for friendlies or something like this.

Different radiation types can blend

- Customizable ore spawners, implemented by me, Kerbiter. You can now have customizable ore type, range, ore growth stage and amount of cells generated. Boring 3x3 patches of undergrown gold are no more!

Different ore spawners in Rise of the East

- Projectile interception logic made mostly by AutoGavy and ChrisLv_CN. You can now have point-defence laser systems to shoot down particular projectiles that were specified as interceptable, a-la Generals.

Projectile interception used in Tiberium Crisis

- Harvester counter implemented by Uranusian. Changes colors and counts harvesters in a customizable way. Now players would be able to easily check the health of their long-term economy and look after rogue harvesters.

Harvester Counter in Fantasy ADVENTURE

- When you found out that some of the harvesters don't actually harvest - you can use Select Next Idle Harvester hotkey command that I implemented to jump to the next lazy harvester that decided to loaf a bit.

- Another hotkey command called Dump Object Info (by secsome with edits from FS-21) is meant to help mod/map developers to see detailed info about some object.

Dump Object Info used in CnC: Reloaded

But that's not all! Those are the biggest and most noticeable features that we introduced in this update. We also fixed a big bunch of bugs from vanilla YR and unhardcoded a lot more stuff. You can read the full list of changes in the full v0.2 changelog.

Download the latest release here:
Read the latest documentation:

Contribute to Phobos:
Chat with developers:

If you want to say "thank you" in a monetary form please use the donation links that are available in credits section.

WrathEd 1.10 has been released!
May 17, 2021 - 22:28
For those who enjoy modding the most recent SAGE engine Command & Conquer games, such as C&C3 Tiberium Wars and its expansion Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3 and its expansion, and Tiberium Twilight, WrathEd 1.10 has been released by Darth Jane recently. The changelog is quite enigmatic:

This is a debug compile of Beta 1.10
Some definitions are WRONG
People made changes to fix their definitions without giving me feedback, thus I was not able to fix those. If any issues appear and you've got a fix, feel free to create a pull request.

At this moment, WrathEd is the only known tool that allows us to create mods for Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3 Uprising, and Tiberium Twilight. So, whatever happened there, we have at least a tool supported by its author with the source code available for the public. In PPM, we have updated our Starting Tools for these games accordingly.

In the meantime, jonwil and Darth Jane worked on the ability to use EALayer3 compression on the audio for the Mod SDK. It's not clear if this new WrathEd includes it or is compatible with it at all.

GDI vs Nod vs Allies vs Soviets vs Yuri on Yuri's Revenge with Ares and Phobos. If you wanna have this kind of experience, we have good news for you. C&C Reloaded 2.3.0 has been released yesterday! Here's a teaser:

And here are the changes:

Version 2.3.0 (major release)

General game additions:
- Updated XNA CnCNet Client (the C&C:R launcher) to the version (+additonal changes).
- Updated Phobos to version 0.2 (post beta 13 snapshot)
- New YR icon for the Windows taskbar when the game runs.
- Added additional translations for the XNA CnCNet Client (in-game translations will come in future releases):
···· Russian
···· Traditional Chinese
···· Simplified Chinese
···· Spanish
?- Updated cnc-ddraw library from version to
- Updated MapTool to the version
- Added the FA2 Map Editor (& adapted for C&C: Reloaded). Can be located in the sub-menu Mod Tools, along with other mapping tools.
- Re-made the "Desert to TS Terrain" palette switcher tool. Moreover, it will be called automatically when importing YR files with the installer.
- Added the statistics window in the sub-menu Mod Tools.
- Added a new side selection option in skirmish/online menu: Random NO YURI.
- Added 100.000 credits option in game lobby menu.
- Now the Client will remember the settings of your last battle: factions data, game options & game mode.
- Changed dropdown and check box sound.
- Now in-game font has support for the Unicode Cyrillics range by default and some special characters for future use in tooltips.
- Support of Simplified (and Traditional) Chinese characters when those languages are selected.

General game changes:
- New production clock animation in the sidebar.
- Renamed all the "Tech Lab" to "Tech Center" to avoid naming confusions with "Battle Lab".
- Internal game tweaks regarding units movement zones & AI threat levels.
- Decreased bounty rewards to 20% of the original killed unit cost.
- Increased starting money in Easy Cooperative missions to from 10.000 to 15.000 credits.
- Increased starting money in Medium Cooperative missions to from 7.500 to 10.000 credits.
- Now the Big Blue Crystal (the Blue "Tiberium tree") produces Blue Tiberium without hacks.
- Now the Big Blue Crystal generates arong 2 or 3 paths of Blue Tiberium per round instead of only 1.
- Now with the "Unlimited Tiberium" game option all the cells around the Ore Drills/Tiberium Trees are filled in each turn instead of only 1 cell and the spwned resource is fully mature.
- Now the sidebar icons tooltip will show how much power produces or drains structures.
- Now crates can't grant "Reveal Map" in the game mode "Blind Assault".
- Now some secret units have a shield bar.
- Now when you select an area with the cursor Harvesters and Nod Repair vehicle won't be selected when mixed with combatant units.
- Fixed some sidebar bugs as observer in online games.
- Removed the forced option "No Naval" in MP map "Wild Animal Park".
- Some defenses were immune to EMP weapons when weren't supposed to be immune.
- Added "active / total" harvesters indicator in the sidebar.
- Added Muzzle animations to TS & Yuri Laser weapons.
- Now GDI Jumpjet infantry and Allied Rocketeers will explode in-air without fall to the ground.
- Fixed a bug in the MP map "Sand Slough". When the Grand Cannon or Gap Generator was destroyed an end scenario was executed.
- Small Meteors used the wrong smoke animation.
- Fixed ore and gems grow rate to 0 in RA2 & YR missions.
- Now Meteors should not produce resources in Oil Control game mode.
- Fixed bug in RA2 Soviet mission 3 "Big Apple". No more duplicated engineer icon in sidebar.
- Fixed bug in RA2 Soviet mission 12 "Polar Storm". Cloning Vats should be enabled like in the vanilla RA2 game.
- Fixed bug in YR Allied mission 2 "Hollywood and Vain" that prevented the game to finish.
- Fixed bug in YR Allied mission 6 "Trick or Treaty" that prevented VIP people to enter in the Parlaiment.
- Removed green radiation from destroyed refineries in RA2 and YR missions.
- Removed in RA2 and YR missions the green glow in ore fields.
- Repaired the RA2 Allied mission "Deep See". Soviets never deployed the base in teh island.
- Disabled Sonar Pulse SW in RA2 & YR campaigns.
- The MP maps "(6) Tour of Egypt" and "(8) TOE" will have mixed resources from TS and RA2 games.
- Added the next Multiplayer maps:
···· (8) Giants Of War, by Nodrescue (modified by Duffbeer)
···· (8) No Remorse, by c0uchp0t@t0
···· (4) Naval pass, by c0uchp0t@t0
···· (8) Twin Rivers, by Burg
···· (8) Circle Of Fire, by Wavepy
···· (8) The Eye, by Madness
···· (8) Highway Borealis, by Madness
···· (8) Valley of the Exiles, by Madness
···· (8) Valley of the Exiles, by Madness
···· (4) Valley of the Exiles, by Madness
···· (6) Caverns of Siberia, by Snark
···· (2) Island Expansions, by Snark
···· (2) Plateaus of Conquest, by Snark
···· (4) Lake Island, by Snark
···· (8) Open Land, by Murphy
···· (8) Frozen Altitude, by Murphy
···· (8) Country roads, by Murphy
···· (8) North Pole, by Murphy
···· (8) Oasis of Allistar, by Murphy
···· (6) Nature's revenge, by Murphy
···· (6) Fludded Recources, by Murphy
···· (8) TOE, by newZee
···· (8) Mega Jungle of Vietnam, by newZee
···· (7) Apocalypse Mountain, by CatTanker
···· (4) Slice of Dice, by CatTanker
···· (2) Venice, by Kapow
- AI improvements.

Allies changes:
- Changed icon of the Allied Artillery Mk II.
- Added smoke trails animation to the Allied Power Plant.

Soviet changes:
- Decreased rate of fire of the RA2 Tesla Tank from 90 (~6 seconds) to 105 (~7 seconds)
- Now Dogs and Terror Drones doesn't detonate the explosive charge when die infantry like Disk Throwers, Terrorists and Flame Throwers.

Yuri changes:
- Added a deploy cursor animation for Psy wave deploy attacks of Yuri Clones & Overmind.
- Increased build time of the Yuri Magnetron a 40%
- Decreased Yuri Magnetron speed from 5 to 4.
- Changed Yuri Magnetron weapon, now has an initial delay.
- Now Yuri Overmind will release the oldest controlled unit and is ordered to control a new target when it has reached the control limit of 3 controlled units.
- Decreased Yuri Oppressor Disc size a 20%.

GDI changes:
- Fixed GDI War Factory's door animation.
- Fixed Hunter-Seeker behaviour against the Bridge Repair Hut.
- Now GDI players can build & place the power turbine upgrades on allied GDI structures. The upgrade ownership will be for the owner of the structure.
- Increased GDI Titan graphics size. It still used the TS size instead of the right RA2 dimensions.
- Now GDI Titan can't be crushed by big units.
- GDI Orion Submarine sensor range increased from 8 to 9.
- Now the GDI Firestorm Defense will be available without the Super Weapons options enabled.
- Decreased the GDI Firestorm Defense cost from 2000 to 1000.
- Decreased energy required for 1 Firestorm Wall section from -3 to -2 (like in TS).
- Now the GDI Upgrade Center can grant the Force Shield SW.
- Increased range of the GDI Slingshot from 9 to 9.75
- Fixed a Slingshot targeting bug that allowed to attack naval units.

Nod additions:
- Added a new Nod unit: Nod Commando. Based on the Tiberium Wars Nod Commando, she has a laser pistol and remains invisible when standing idle.
- Added a new Nod unit: Beam Cannon. Based on the Tiberium Wars Nod vehicle, this long range artillery starts firing a weak laser that becomes powerful over time.
- Added a new Nod unit: Flame Tank. Based on the Tiberium Wars Nod vehicle, unlike the Devil's Tongue this slow tank relies in strength for incinerating infantry & structures.
- Added a new Nod unit: Elite Cadre. This unit appears in the C&C: Firestorm campaign. It has the same Cyborg weapon but with less strenght. Moreover, it has Tiberium immunity and is garrisonable into civilian buildings.
- Added a new Nod structure: Battle Lab. This building has the same function of the Nod Tech Center but both tech structures will enable unique units, forcing the player to choose between building a Nod Tech Center or Nod Battle Lab but not both. More details below.
- The next Nod units will become unbuildable if a Nod Battle Lab is built instead of a Nod Tech Center:
···· Cyborg.
···· Cyborg Commando.
···· Mutant Hijacker.
···· Harpy.
···· Tick Tank.
···· Devil's Tongue.
···· Mobile Stealth Generator.
···· Cyborg Reaper.
···· Obelisk of Darkness.
···· Temple of Nod.
- The next Nod units will become unbuildable if a Nod Tech Center is built instead of a Nod Battle Lab:
···· Elite Cadre.
···· Commando.
···· Venom.
···· Scorpion Tank.
···· Flame Tank.
···· Reckoner.
···· Beam Cannon.
···· Stealth Harvester.
···· Centurion.
···· Redeemer.
···· Mech Factory.

Nod changes:
- Now Nod AI will try to build more Advanced Power Plants instead of the basic ones.
- Now Nod Stealth tank can disable the stealth (deploy mode) for attack nearby enemies like other vehicles.
- Increased build time of the Reckoner a 33%.
- Some armor properties to the deployed Reckoner:
···· Immunitity against Chaos Drone gas.
···· Yuri Magnetron can't move the unit, only damage it.
···· Immunitity against EMP pulse weapons.
- Decreased strength of the Reckoner (vehicle mode) from 600 to 550.
- Fixed bug that made deployed Reckoners to move in water if they are placed in the shore.
- Now TS Basic infantry and Nod Cyborgs have firing anim when attacking inside deployed Reckoners.
- Reduced duration existence of Tiberium clouds produced by the Nod Chemical Missile SW a 40%.
- Increased Strenght of the Nod Centurion from 755 to 830.
- Changed weapon of the Nod Centurion. Now it is a long range laser with a high reload time.
- Increased cost of the Nod Centurion from 1300 credits to 1400.
- Now the Mutant Hijacker has no build limit.
- Decreased Mutant Hijacker strenght from 300 to 200.
- Decreased Mutant Hijacker speed from 7 to 6.
- Decreased Mutant Hijacker cost from 1500 to 1400.
- Added a new Nod structure. The New Mech Factory can build big mechs of the class Centurion and the super unit Redeemer. Also can build flying units like Venoms.

C&C Reloaded 2.3.0 is downloadable at its ModDB Profile. For further discussion about this mod, visit their forums at Revora.

The Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations, a total conversion for Tiberian Sun made by Tiger Yan that brings a Vietnam war to the battlefield, just received a major update called Tour of Duty, released a couple of hours ago.

Tiger Yan wrote:
The DLC freely gives players a greatly enhanced version of the original game plus all-new maps, units, and music tracks (no installation needed so it's totally safe to download). Aside from infantry and armor combat, the RTS now features naval warfare and vicious dogfights between American and Vietnamese planes!

US brown water navy units now include the famous MK. II PBR gunboat, swift boat, SEAL insertion craft, rickety South Vietnamese yabuta junks and ass-kicking, flame-spewing, armored river monitor ships. Ships and boats can be built by capturing ARVN Naval Yards, shown on the upper right. (Vietnam Combat Operations)

New units include the fearsome AC-47 'Spooky' gunship, the M-163 Vulcan (a tank built around a huge Gatling gun), the Vietnamese K-63 amphibious APC, MI-8 helicopter, mobile SA-2 launchers, sneaky Vietcong infiltrators, senior officers, river sampans, gunboats, support craft, and even armored naval monitors.

The Do Lung Bridge, one of the game's atmospheric new maps which feature riverine combat. (Vietnam Combat Operations)

Defend the nightmarish Do Lung Bridge (featured in the movie Apocalypse Now) and penetrate the mysterious waterways of the Mekong Delta with your gunboats. Wage an air war over North Vietnam, defended by MIG interceptors and batteries of cannon and SAM missiles.

The game's combat mechanics have been improved and now feature simple air-to-air combat between American warplanes and Vietnamese MIG interceptors, which are launched from camouflaged MIG bases. (Vietnam Combat Operations)

Vietcong sampans silently slink through the warren of canals that is the Mekong Delta. Naval units pack a punch and travel much faster than amphibious American Amtraks or Vietnamese APCs and PT-76 tanks.(Vietnam Combat Operations)

Liberate or destroy villages and launch ambushes from hidden jungle bases. Whatever Vietnam War scenario you've always wanted to recreate, you'll find it here.

The game's Facebook Page regularly shares tips, tricks and random facts that Vietnam War buffs might find interesting. (Vietnam Combat Operations)

About 63.7 million hours of research has so far gone into the development of Vietnam Combat Operations . . . mostly because the developer has been stuck home the past two years, just like everyone else. Shown are an A6 Intruder, F4 Phantom, F105 Thunderchief, AH1 Cobra, a North Vietnamese SA-2 Guideline Missile, and MIG-21 interceptor, all of which can of course be built and used in the game! (Tiger Yan)

This mod is downloadable HERE. Despite all the pressure, you are not obligated to register there to download the mod.

The official Vietnam Combat Operations Readme contains everything you need to understand and master the game and its hundreds of units. Have fun!

For almost 20 years, the VQA format has been a big limitation for modders of the Tiberian Sun engine, due to both output quality and encoding. Now, those limitations are no more, with the ts-patches project, Tiberian Sun now supports RAD Bink video!

As a modder at heart still, this has been something I have dreamed of getting added to the Tiberian Sun engine for almost 10 years now. It has taken a few months of work, but I have finally managed to implement and hook a Bink video format player into the Tiberian Sun engine via the ts-patches project, many mods already us this project to enhance the engine thanks to the great work of Rampastring, E1Elite, and more.

How it works:
Here is a breakdown for this new system and how it works;

This new video system is optional; If no .BIK file is found, it will revert to searching for the .VQA, so this system has no effect on existing projects. It implements the RAD Bink video (Version 1~), three conditions must be met for the game to play a Bink video;
   The .BIK video must exist in the game files or root directory (for example, WWLOGO.BIK).
   The user's resolution must be at least 800x600 (4:3) or 1060x600 (16:9), otherwise, the video will fail and fall back to look for the .VQA file.
   The Bink library "BINKW32.DLL" (Version 1~) is found in the same directory as the game EXE.

It is suggested you create videos at a resolution of no larger than as mentioned above. The game will attempt to show an error message when the video is larger than the users resolution, but may also crash. So please keep this in mind!

This new implementation also supports Sidebar/Radar videos which are played via the map triggers. The resolution of these videos must be 140x110.

Another improvement of this system is that it also supports 44100hz, Stereo, 30FPS playback. In theory, it should support 60FPS, but this will produce very large file sizes and might not be suitable for your mod. The system should also support videos up to the size of 4K, but as mentioned above, please make sure the end-user/player is considered when creating your video sizes.

The videos will also scale-up/stretch to the users resolution (providing it is larger than 800x600) if they have ``StretchMovies=yes`` defined in their SUN.INI config file.

For creating the video, you can download the RAD Video Tools from here:

The implementation is based on the same version that Red Alert 2/Renegade uses, thus only works with Bink v1.0~. If you have Red Alert 2 or Renegade installed, you will find this DLL in the installation directory. Myself, the ts-patches project or any associated developer does not condone sharing this file, the mod creator must have either of these games installed to be able to use the DLL.

Some additional notes:
Due to the use of the older version of the BINKW32.DLL, please make sure any .BIK video you produce sets the "Compress level" to the desired compression level +100. For example; A audio compress level of "4" should be "104", this makes the encoder produce the BIK video file with the older audio format which is required by the older DLL. Otherwise, you will not hear any audio when your video is played back by the game. See the screenshot below for the best options to use when creating the Bink video.

Optional settings for creating .BIK;

Also, an optional compile option can be used if you wish to make the Bink video playback interface exit on failure to play or find the .BIK, just compile the project with BINK_REQUIRED. If you have any issues with cloning the ts-patches repository and enabling this, I will be happy to help.

Big thanks to tomsons26 for assisting with the process of researching the RA2 Bink video player and extensive testing, and to Rampastring for taking the time to review the code.

I look forward to seeing some great CGI/FMV animations and videos added to Tiberian Sun mods!



Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to apologize for any inconvenience that happened with those who tried to install OS SHP Builder and Voxel Section Editor III since the day we've moved to our current server, as well as for those who tried to download the latest versions of these tools. Some internal server settings are different when compared to our previous server and that broke some important features from our public SVN repository browser for OS SHP Builder, Voxel Section Editor III, and OS .BIG Editor. Fortunately, I've managed to find out a workaround to get it working again, just a few minutes ago.

So, if you have blank files from any recent attempt to install OS SHP Builder and Voxel Section Editor III, please, download the latest executable of the program and run it again. It should run smoothly this time. If anyone still has any problems with it or with the SVN, please, post in a reply to this topic and I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Hello everyone! Today is that day of the year where we.... errrmm... are free to write news that may follow alternative realities since it is April's Fools day. I know that people usually do not announce that before doing an April Fools joke of any sort, but in PPM we do not follow any of these standard scripts when doing this kind of thing. Well, I must admit that this time the local authorities of the city and state that I live were unbeatable in terms of April's Fools joke, because...I had yet to see... an April's Fools Holiday! Yea, here and some other cities and states of Brazil April 1st is indeed an official holiday exclusively for this year. For those wondering if the local politicians decided to do a homage to their own lies, it is really not the case. In Brazil, covid-19 is completely out of control and its president seems to believe that herd immunity is the way to deal with this problem, by exposing everyone (especially those younger than 60 years old) to this disease regardless of the deaths, damages that this virus may cause into survivors, as well as the mutations that may cause reinfection or even bypass the immunity generated by vaccines. Also, for those who are infected, there are lines with tons of people, sometimes more than a thousand, to get a public ICU to help them to breathe. The president doesn't seem to have any empathy about that either. So, in that context, some of the governors and mayors (including the ones where I live) decided to declare a 10 days long holiday starting from March 26th, which ends up transforming April 1st into a holiday here. This and some social restrictions seems to be the closest thing that authorities did to resemble a lockdown here, since the use of the army to help with that is impossible, by the orders of the president who is trying to use the army to combat any attempt to create a lockdown here.

Covid-19 has made many odd things happen here recently, but if you don't believe in the story I just said, it is ok. After all, it is April 1st. Stories might be distorted just like the death of Super Mario or not. However, our focus here is not politics, nor Super Mario. So let's get to the stories that matter here, believe it or not:

It's time we've seen the future: Tiberian Sun Remastered?

Electronic Arts have not announced any new remasterization since the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection so far, however, fans are already moving forward with it. While the developers of the OpenRA engine are working on high-resolution sprites support and their Tiberian Sun mod, other fans were working on the full-motion videos. Here's a demonstration featuring videos from Firestorm expansion, kinda old, I know:

Do you believe in a free fan-made Tiberian Sun Remastered Collection coming before 2030? Yes, I do!

Red Alert 2 playable in the browser!

Red Alert 2, unlike the older games, is not freeware and can be obtained at the Origin store. However, if you want to try it before buying it, you have a fan-made option known as Chrono Divide. It's a work-in-progress browser recreation of Red Alert 2 and it seems to be very well done so far.

Of course that the full game is more complete and The Ultimate Collection also brings Yuri's Revenge. Nonetheless, if you enjoy this web version, you can provide some feedback for the author at our forums.

Mental Omega for Android

And talking about Red Alert 2, we have big news. In China, most people are not aware of Red Alert 2, and if you find exceptions, many of them might think that Red Alert 2 is a modification of Mental Omega and not otherwise. Considering this public, EA has made a joint venture with the developers of Mental Omega to release an android version of the mod with tests starting on April 1st, 2022. You might not find much about it at the official Command & Conquer site, because they are targeting the Chinese public. For this reason, the Mental Omega discord channel has taken a step further and posted an informal announcement about it:

You probably expected absolutely nothing and I will not disappoint you! This time however I have rather important news. As you know, Mental Omega is playable only on one medium - PC. This is about to change, as unexpected cooperation with Electronic Arts allowed us to something that nobody asked for - Mental Omega is going Mobile.

Pre Register for alpha access will begin on April 1st, 2022. In other words, coming s00n!

For now, feel free to check the preview of our page on Google Store. And no, we're not releasing on iOS, because "we love" Apple.

Note: we may have done minor changes at the announcement, between quotation marks, in order to make it look less impolite.

And that's it. Post below what do you think is true or false and share your thoughts about it:

a) April's Fools Holiday
b) Super Mario Death
c) Unofficial Tiberian Sun Remastered
d) Chrono Divided: RA2 in the browser
e) Mental Omega for Android