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OpenRA release 20171014 is here!
October 14, 2017 - 14:59
After three months of public playtesting the OpenRA developers are pleased to finally declare “Mission Accomplished” on the new OpenRA release! Release 20171014 makes some fundamental changes to the way that the OpenRA game engine works, plus a few similarly important gameplay changes to the default mods.

The first big change will be visible as soon as you go to launch your favourite mod. The in game mod chooser has been removed, and mods are now launched directly from your operating system. This is part of a much larger set of changes to the game engine to support multiple OpenRA installations and the new Mod SDK.

The mod chooser screen has been replaced by separate launchers for each mod.

The next big change is the new command bar at the bottom of the screen. This new UI improves discoverability for several advanced unit commands and served as a focus for several gameplay changes related to unit stances and the Attack Move command – read through the in game button tooltips to find out more!

A new bottom command bar is now available for issuing common orders and changing unit stances.

The final group of big changes is less obvious, but just as important: the way that buildings are targeted and take damage has been reworked (taking inspiration from the original Dune 2000) to account for the size of the building footprint. This has a range of balance implications, for example Tanya and Commandos no longer need to run to the center of buildings to demolish them.

Other great new features in this release include:

   - Automatic discovery of LAN games in the Multiplayer browser.
   - Nine more campaign missions for D2K, which is now half way complete!
   - New search and filtering options in the Map editor.
   - Installing missing maps from the Replay browser.
   - Improvements to the Global Chat UI.
   - Significant performance and memory improvements relating to music playback.
   - Community-driven balance improvements to Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn.

See the full changelog for more details, or go directly to their download page to try them out for yourself.

New building physics improves the way that structures are targeted and take damage.

Supporting the C&C modding community has always been an important goal for OpenRA, and this release takes a big, but disruptive, step forward in this area. Back in April it was announced the planned mod chooser removal, and in July they have released the first version of the OpenRA Mod SDK that replaces it. From now on, all mods should be built using the SDK, which makes it easy for you to build your own stand-alone installers that do not rely on a base OpenRA installation. See the SDK getting started wiki page for more details!

Other improvements for modders include further adoption of trait conditions, improved error checks and logging, and a collection of new and improved game logic for energy walls, tunnels, and subterranean units.

It has been a long road to this release, and we hope you enjoy it!

OpenRA Playtest 20170930
October 01, 2017 - 20:21
Thanks to everybody who reported issues with the OpenRA Playtest-20170923 last week, today we are releasing another playtest with several more fixes. Playtest 20170930 includes:
  • Fixed in-game map installation on Linux and Windows
  • Fixed a crash when using Attack Move
  • Fixed incorrect global chat timestamps when returning to the lobby after a match
  • Added RA minelayer deployment to the command-bar
  • Improved attack-move cursor behaviour outside the map

See the full changelog if you are interested in finding more details on these fixes, or head on over to our download page to try it out!

We believe that we have finally addressed all the major issues with the playtests, so our planned October release should be identical to this playtest. If you know of any remaining bugs that should be fixed before then, report them immediately via our forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below.

PPM is now 17 years old!
September 30, 2017 - 08:49
Hello everyone! Today we are celebrating the 17th anniversary from Project Perfect Mod. Actually, I'm in a situation where I do not know how I'm gonna celebrate it this time. I have a less than a month to finish the implementation of my thesis, as well as finish a full paper about it for a journal. I'm under serious trouble with that.

Anyway, it is always good to remind that PPM started as a naive idea for a new Tiberian Sun mod has evolved into a game modding (and even a game development) community that we are today. Unsurprisingly, the original mod was never finished, as you probably know already.

But don't worry. Once this bloody doctorate is gone, we'll resume to improve this place with new features, improved news coverage and much more content. Until there, be patient. Next year, we'll have a much more optimistic birthday news post. Oh... and in order to not say we have something to show you people in this birthday, you can now check the evolution of our birthday news posts since 2003 for the sake of fun.

That's it and here's the cake:

The credits for today's cake goes to this site

C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux patch version 1.44 is now live! This patch completes the long awaited story campaign remaster with the cinematic sequences included!

Check out the latest trailer below:

After 10 years of tedious work overcoming lots of headaches to fully adapt a classic game into a modern 3D game engine,
the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod has finally completed the remastered story campaigns of the original Command & Conquer released over 20 years ago with over 30 singleplayer campaign missions and their cinematic sequences!

As seen above, when designing the existing campaign missions, a great amount of work goes into every map in order to attain the best possible accuracy and detail.
On the left is an image layout of the original C&C95 map of the respective campaign mission and then the recreated version in the Mod can be seen on the right rendered in the C&C Generals World Builder.
And yes with some clever hack and mod work utilizing World Builder scripts and the existing campaign system in Generals, the epic ending cinematics will also be included!

To conclude, I feel that anyone who is a C&C Fan and an RTS Gamer should give this Mod a serious look as I think you will be pleased with the quality of the finished product considering that
this is a still just a C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod. It has come a long way since the early days!

Check out this fantastic gameplay video courtesy of TaxOwlbear.

I again want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the C&C Community who has followed and contributed to this project since the beginning! As of this writing the mod is officially finished! However, I will not rule out additional releases in the future in the form of bug fixes for rebalancing or making additional bonus missions for expanding the SPEC OPS campaign.


Also feel free to like and follow the Mod on Facebook!

Rise of the East v1.01 Released
September 25, 2017 - 11:06

After working on and off on this mod I finally have a good enough version open for the public to download.

v1.01 brings in CnCNet5 Client support among other new features thanks to the Ares DLL extension.

There is no single player capability yet but there are 4 countries playable in multiplayer; America and Germany for the Allies. China and North Korea for the Eastern Empire.

What is RotE about?
Rise of the East is a mod for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and was created with graphic & balance improvements, new features and playstyle variety in mind.

- Yuri: Was flat out broken in the vanilla game and a lot of players would agree. By breaking his faction into two, one specializing in stealth/ambush and the other psionics I hope to bring balance to this faction.
- Lack of variety: Most units go unused and some units are too good to go without. RotE presents the player with units specialized at different roles and less one trick ponies.
- Weak infantry: All infantry should be useful no matter their tier requirement. They've been made cheaper and were given strengths based on role/tier. For example, Tier 2 anti-tank infantry cannot be crushed by vehicles. They've been made more susceptible to anti-infantry weapons to counter this buff.

Each country has their own unique weapons systems and support powers, the new side, Eastern Empire (or East Asia if you wish) focuses on the following:
China - Highly flammable weapons and self buffs
North Korea - Long range assault via missiles

The story
The campaign will be heavily focused on the Soviets (following the Allied victory), starting from the beginning of YR as they go back in time to stop their defeat, they go back further than necessary (no, not to kill dinos) to the day of the East Asian defeat by the Allies.. stay tuned for more.

What's to come?
The next version will have the Soviets ready to go for skirmish and multiplayer. Future versions will include a revamped client unique to the mod, new multiplayer maps, singleplayer campaign and much more.

Head over to our ModDB page for download link and changelog.

Thanks and enjoy, all feedback is appreciated.

With two months and two playtests behind it, the OpenRA developers are now almost ready to push the next OpenRA release!

They are today releasing one last (planned) playtest with two notable changes:

-   An "Assault Move" modifier has been added to Attack Move to make units always target buildings (overriding their active stance) while attack moving.
-   Music playback has been reworked to fix the pausing and skipping issues that have been reported by some players on the previous playtests.

…plus a handful of other minor fixes that are listed in the full changelog.

The Mod SDK has also been updated to use the new engine version, and to create “portable” windows packages that do not require installation.

Hold Ctrl when issuing an Attack Move order to activate Assault Move.

This playtest will be your last chance to report any bugs or balance issues, so we encourage everybody to play a few games, and let us know of any issues via OpenRA forum, our GitHub issue tracker, or in the comments below. As usual, you can find playtest-20170923 on our download page.

Ares 0.E has arrived
September 14, 2017 - 05:49
With the new Ares 0.E, which is just fresh out of the oven (so grab it while it is still hot!), many more IFV modes are now possible, as well as Tunnel Networks known from Generals. Another focus was on warheads: Kill Driver got CellSpread support, sonar and disabling weapon effects are also possible now, and damage can be dealt using a similar logic like the MAD Tank from The Aftermath.

There are, as always, several new minor features like half a dozen of new Veteran Abilities, a new spy effect to blow up a structure, and more. As always, the inner workings of Ares have been overhauled and some noticable performance gains will now benefit players.

There's more to come, but for now that ought to be enough.
Happy Modding, and see you later!


Community News - Early September 2017
September 05, 2017 - 17:13

in this community update, I will relay what's been covered in today's community update, followed by some other non-C&C news bits which may interest this audience.

  • The Red Alter mod team have started working after a long hiatus, and have released the source models of what they've created so far.
  • Kane's Wrath Reloaded (a Tiberium Wars mod despite the name) has been updated to version 1.91.
  • Rampastring's alternate Tiberian Sun client has been updated to version 5.40 (use 5.30, then update it manually), and now even features the missions that were exclusive to the demo.
  • An unofficial hotfix was released for the Zero Hour mod Shockwave, which resolves the pink Pathfinder texture on snow maps, fixes Kwai in the General's Challenge and makes Tao use his advanced nuclear silo in skirmishes and the General's Challenge. A full install of Shockwave version 1.201 is still required.
  • OpenRA playtest version 20170902 has been released, featuring 40 resolved issues, a balance overhaul and the new "Agenda" map for the Red Alert mod, balance tweaks for the Tiberian Dawn mod, and a new version of the Mod SDK.

And now for the rest:
  • The unofficial 2.02 patch for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king has reached release 7.0.0, featuring numerous balance fixes, bug fixes and an overhauled experience system (so much so that it has its own changelog). The Age of the Ring mod, which requires patch 2.02, has released a compatibility hotfix to prevent issues with the new version.
  • Kotaku UK wrote an article covering the recently released BFME1: HD Edition project by the team at Revora, even plugging the T3A:Online multiplayer service.
  • Petroglyph released an official update for the Steam version of Star Wars: Empire at War and its Forces of Corruption expansion, bringing their multiplayer to Steam's servers three years after GameSpy's implosion, and incorporated Steam Workshop capability. However, this makes retail and GOG versions of the game inferior, and with no ability to redeem retail keys to Steam at this time.