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To celebrate the end of my Hiatus, as well as the return of the C&C Mod Spotlight, I am proud to announce that we're kicking things off with another update of Graion Dilach's mod: Attacque Supérior!

Tomorrow, March 19 2017 at 19:00 GMT he will join me as co-commentator as we will be showcasing what has changed over the past year.
If you're interested, join us on my channel on Twitch and come see for yourself!

Hope to see you all then!

Tigers of the World
March 13, 2017 - 13:10
The Panzer VI Tiger is arguably the most famous and recognizable tank in the world, becoming the icon of the German tank forces of World War II. It's use was not limited to the German army though, several other countries used or planed to use Tigers during and after the war. Here are a few of them.

For more information and pictures click of the unit names to visit their D-day Wiki pages.

Type 4 Tiger

In April 1943 the Japanese sent 12 army officers led by Colonel Ishide to Germany to inspect and test their latest tank designs. The Japanese where quite impressed and negotiated to buy four of the tanks and their related documents and blueprints, the PzKfw III Ausf.J, PzKfw III Ausf.N, PzKfw V Panther Ausf.D and PzKfw VI Tiger. They hoped that they could be reverse engineered and the technology incorporated into Japanese designs. One of the PzKfw III's was dissembled and along with the documents transported back to Japan via submarine. February 1944 the Tiger tank was moved to Bordeaux in France so it could be prepared for transport. With the worsening war situation and then the Allied Landings in France it became impossible to transport the tank to Japan. In September 1944 the Japanese decided to give the tank back to the Germans where it was soon destroyed fighting in Belgium.

Note: The Germans charged the Japanese twice the normal price for the tiger. So in keeping with historical accuracy in D-day the price of the Type 4 is double that of the German version.

PzKpfw VI Tiger

In May 1944 the Germans gave 10 PzKpfw VI Tiger tanks to the Hungarians and then a further 3 more as a birthday gift to the Hungarian Inspector of Engineers Laszlo Hollósy kuthy. They served in the Hungarian 3rd Tank Regiment, where in July they took part in the battle for Galizien district in Southern Ukraine. By December 1944 only 4 of them where still active, the fate of the final 4 is unknown but they where presumably destroyed during the Soviet invasion of Hungary.



During the course of World War II Soviet forces where able to capture many German tanks in various states of disrepair, if at all possible they would be put into services against their former owners. These tanks generally had a short life span due to limited spare parts and ammunition. In an effort to help elevate the later problem several projects where started to refit the German tanks with Soviet weapons. One of these was the T-VI-100 which replaced the PzKfw VI Tiger's 88mm KwK36 L/56 with the 100mm D10 which was used on the SU-100 and later the T-54. As the war progressed the Soviets where able to produce an ample amount of tanks so the need to refit the German tanks diminished and the project was cancelled in 1945.


After the war a single Tiger tank was recovered from the battlefield and repaired by Skoda for use as a test bed for fitting their prototype 75mm A18 cannon. The A18 was originally built for use in the T-25 medium tank, the T-25 however was never put into production and it wasn't till now that the Skoda team could test it in a suitable vehicle. While the 75mm A18 was less powerful then the original 88mm KwK36 it was fitted with an auto-loader and drum magazine witch greatly increased the tanks rate of fire. Currently there are no known photographs of this unusual modification.

Note: To simulate the auto-loader and drum magazine this unit has a limited ammunition supply that can be fired quickly but then takes some time to reload.

Tiger 131

Tiger 131 is the only working PzKfw VI Tiger tank in the world, it currently resides in Bovington Tank Museum and features as the main star in the museum's yearly tank festival. Tiger 131 was constructed in February 1943 at the Henschel factory at Kassel and was then sent to Tunisia in North Africa. On 20th April 1943 it took part in the battle for Djebel Djaffa hill, during witch it received several hits form British Churchill tanks that jammed the turret and gun, as well as injuring the driver and gunner. The crew then bailed out leaving their disabled but still intact tank for British forces to capture. The tank was repaired using parts from other knocked-out tigers and sent back to Britain where it was displayed as a war trophy in various locations around the country for the rest of the war. In 1951 it was then donated to Bovington Tank Museum who put it on static display for the next 40 years. In 1990 it was then removed for restoration which involved a complete disassembly and reassembly of all it's parts. As well as fitting it with a new engine from a Tiger II, as the original had been cut in half for display at the museum. The restoration of Tiger 131 was finally finished in 2003, becoming the only tiger tank in the world to be restored to working condition.

Note: Because of the uniqueness of this tank and in homage of the fact it is the only working Tiger in the world, only one Tiger 131 can be built at a time.

CnC:Crisis released!
March 09, 2017 - 19:00
CnC: Crisis has received its first release.

Instead of doing a full-fledged mod, I decided to release it as an idea of a rebalanced YR mod with as few gameplay changes as possible. Basically, only one unit has been added (Yuri's Gattling Sub).

Most the units are intact, but some of them were re-done.

Most of the voxels have been changed to be aesthetically more pleasing.

Each faction has just one subfaction right now.

The full changelog here:


***General features***
DDD      -Add country inf/tanks
DDD      -Tech Lab will grant you a special Demo Truck
DDD      -Engineer fix
DDD      -Loading screens
DDD      -3 factions
DDD      -x3.5 Construction Yard health
DDD      -Hide Campaign menu
DDD      -Move hover transports to WF
DDD      -Make barracks first
DDD      -Remove loading screen texts
DDD      -Add maps
DDD      -CY doubles as Radar
DDD      -Fix MCV health
DDD      -Tripled Labs' health
DDD      -fix building position Yuri
DDD      -MCVs removed from crate goodies
DDD      -add RA2 music
DDD      -Replace Repair Depots with Repair circles around WFs (Yuri doesn't get one)
DDD      -Give spy/thief speed boost
DDD      -New Sidebars for Yuri and Soviets
DDD      -A big bunch of assets were recolored
I'm a code monkey with the IQ of an ant:      -add AI improvements



DDD      -Rocketeer weaker armor (125 to 100)
DDD      -Chrono Legionnaire weaker armor (125 to 100)
DDD      -Removed Sapper bomb from SEAL


DDD      -Black Eagle weaker armor, better building attack
DDD      -Fixed Battle Fortress
DDD      -Prism Tank is no longer a retarded potato.
DDD      -Removed Tank Destroyer, Robot Tank is now slightly more powerful


DDD      -Remove Grand Cannon
DDD      -Remove Robot Control
DDD      -Limit Gap Gen to 3
DDD      -Reduce powerplant cost (800 to 500),
DDD      -New Pillbox artwork



DDD      -Terrorist->Thief


DDD      -Remove Demolition truck


DDD      -x1.25 Nuclear Reactor armor
DDD      -Remove Radar



DDD      -Added Doggo
DDD      -Yuri Prime has more strength


DDD      -Cheap, no weapon miner.
DDD      -Limit Mastermind to 4 slots and no overpowering. Cost decrease.
DDD      -Boomer balance (weaker armour (1200->500), balanced cost)
DDD      -Extended Magnetron beam range
DDD      -Add GattSub


DDD      -Removed Cloning Vats
DDD      -Synapse ( as Pillbox/Sentry Gun alternative)
DDD      -Psychic Tower has a build limit of 4, and is post-Lab
DDD      -Mobile Refinery-> Normal Refinery
DDD      -Grinder -> reverse engineering building


-NASAM SHP and cameo

-Sea Scorpion

-Mirage Tank
-Black Eagle
-Prism Tank

Shepherd Moons
-Soviet MCV


-Yuri MCV
-Floating Disk



-Robot Tank

-Gattling Sub


-A shitton of maps

-V3 remake

(I hope I haven't missed anyone on the list.)

Download here!

I'll try fixing bugs whenever I can.

Most of the assets are public, some I've recolored.

I might update this mod at times, but for the moment, I just want to release it.

OpenRA Playtest 20170304
March 08, 2017 - 21:16
OpenRA had a very successful 2016: including two feature-packed releases, a map design contest that produced many great maps, and two seasons of the RA Global League which separated the wheat from the chaff across a grueling 544 battles.  Our online player numbers have nearly doubled since this time last year, and it's now common to see more than 100 commanders on the battlefield at peak times each day.

We aim to continue this trend through 2017, starting with a new playtest available today.  The playtest includes a collection of balance and map changes for our official mods that have been (often vigourously!) discussed and debated on our community forums and Github issue tracker, plus several notable new features:
  • HiDPI font rendering for players with high resolution displays.
  • Fixes for several multiplayer bugs that could stall or crash games when a player disconnects.
  • The Red Alert "shell map" background is now muted.
  • New behaviour for the Red Alert Gap Generator and Tiberian Dawn Obelisk.
  • Fixes for asset installation on 32 bit operating systems and from the original RA95 CDs.
The Dune 2000 mod in particular has many changes to make it better match the gameplay and graphical polish of the original game, plus 7 new campaign missions.

Check out the full changelog for more details, and head over to the download page to try it for yourself!  Your feedback on these playtests is important, because they are the last chance to catch any serious bugs or undo any controversial balance changes before they are included in an official release.

Red Alert Gap Generators now actively reduce enemy unit sight.

Players with high resolution laptop or 4k displays will appreciate crisper font rendering.


The biggest changes in this playtest are behind the scenes; technical improvements that are not visible to players, but important for our development and modding community:
  • A new trait conditions system provides much better control over trait interactions.
  • Actor vision has been overhauled, adding support for features like the RA active gap generators, D2K actors revealing themselves when attacking, and cliffs blocking vision in heightmap-enabled mods.
  • Simplified weapon definitions using inherited yaml templates.
  • Some initial steps towards removing code patterns that are not compatible with save game support.
OpenRA grew out of the C&C modding community, and one of our major goals is to provide a flexible game engine that the community can use for their own projects.  Unfortunately, this goal has been hurt by OpenRA's single-engine approach, meaning that every new release would unavoidably break community mods.

After many discussions, we have developed a new mod support strategy that we will implement over the next two OpenRA releases.  This playtest (and the subsequent final release) starts by adding support for parallel OpenRA installs, and we have started developing a mod template that includes instructions and scripts to simplify mod development and packaging.  Mods built using this template will be self contained games that function independently from our official mod installs.

The in-game multiplayer server list will now list games for *all* the mods that a player has installed (even across multiple installations), and will allow players to directly switch to another mod when joining one.  This applies across versions as well as mods, meaning that future OpenRA releases will be able to coexist, and switching between release and playtest servers will be just as easy as switching between RA and TD servers today.

The multiplayer server list is now smarter about multiple OpenRA installations.

The release after next (aiming for mid/late 2017) will complete the mod-support transition by removing the in-game mod chooser and support for manually installed mod packages: all mods (both official and community) will be listed individually with their own names and icons in your Start Menu / Dock / Launcher.  This overlaps with our previously announced plan for a new project logo, and so we are delaying that change to this future release.


The Tiberian Sun mod has made exciting progress over the last four months, with support being merged for bridges, tunnels, subterranean units, jumpjets, and bouncy grenades.  Improvements to our terrain heightmap logic means that cliffs are finally able to block unit sight and projectiles.

Progress continues on the Tiberian Sun mod.

The end of our "core feature TODO" list for Tiberian Sun is now in sight, but there's still a fair amount of work to do before we can consider a public release.  We expect to have more updates on this progress later in 2017.

Ansaldo Magrini Mangiapan
February 25, 2017 - 11:35
It's been quite awhile since I posted any new D-day news, that doesn't mean I've been sitting idle tho. I have lots of new (& old but unreleased) content to post, which I plan to start churning out on a weekly basis. To start things off tho here is a little known WW1 tank for the Italians.

Ansaldo Magrini Mangiapan

The Ansaldo Magrini Mangiapan was designed in 1916 by major Magrini as a "mobile fort" and was one of Italy's first tank designs. It featured multiple sets of tracks to help it traverse the crater filled battlefields of no-man's land. To power these tracks there were four 200hp engines in the centre of the tank which then drove two electric motors at the front and back, propelling this massive 70t vehicle to an estimated 20 km/h. It also unusually for that era featured two rotating turrets equipped with 76mm (some sources state 75mm or 105mm) cannons, as well as having multiple machine guns fitted around the hull. The design was approved by the direzione generale del regio esercito but was cancelled soon after because of the high cost and feasibility of such a complex design. Instead interest moved to the Fiat 2000 and purchasing tanks from France and Britain.

New screenshots from Global Crisis!
January 30, 2017 - 21:43
HG_SCIPCION has been posting a couple of interesting screenshots in these days for his mod, Global Crisis. He has been spending a lot of time working on civilian and environmental assets. The mod is set in the Red Alert universe, some decades after the original game, however it  has some elements of the tiberium series, such as tiberium itself (apparently the world gets infested with tiberium, even with Allies and Soviets still fighting for it, with no Kane).

Anyway, the images speaks for themselves:

The dinossaurs from the last picture seem to be a direct consequence of the tiberian infestation. Anyway, it's a very nice piece of art, don't you think? Share your comments at Global Crisis Forums.

RedAlert++ has forums at PPM!
January 30, 2017 - 20:40
About a week ago, together with Death Label, RedAlert++ has also opened forums at PPM.

We've been talking about Red Alert++ for a while here. It's an open source game engine that strives to recreate Red Alert 1, running on several operational systems and it is on early development stages at the moment. Here's a screenshot from it:

Looks cute, doesn't it? So, use RedAlert++ Forums at PPM to discuss it and show your support for this project.

PPM has SSL support.
January 30, 2017 - 20:12
Hello everyone! Sorry for the last week's silence. I've been prepraring the SSL support for PPM main website and forums. Unfortunately, we had a couple of surprises in the process that has caused some problem, but we've seem to get over it. Our main URL is now and our forums are located at (there is no www because the certificate does not support it). If, for some reason, you are still having problems with cookies or something looks messed up, we highly recommend you to delete the browser cache related to our site and forums and try again.