New Horizons 14 is out!
May 09, 2024 - 12:03
Greetings, Comrade Generals! Lee3y, the leader of New Horizons, has released a new version of New Horizons called New Horizons 14. For those unaware, New Horizons is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that tweaks the gameplay, factions, and units with more emphasis on realism. It also provides new campaigns. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from New Horizons 14:

Greetings, fellow Command & Conquer fans; I release now the latest version of the New Horizons mod for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, that being Version 14 (which supersedes Version 13-A). As always, I highly recommend reading the articles on the previous releases to learn more about what’s new, should you be interested.

What’s New:

4th New Campaign Mission

The 4th completely new campaign mission is now available. Whereas the previous releases (Versions 13, and 13-A) brought about massive new items, including the Horror Mode(s), as well as a vast amount of new units/buildings/animations, special effects, etc., this release is centered around the new campaign mission. Some time ago (years), I did say that actual-numbered-index full releases would (as opposed to sub-versions with various suffixes) be based on something major, such as a new playable country or a new campaign mission, so here it is.

For those of you already familiar with the first two New Horizons campaign missions, you will know that these missions take place in Our timeline (rather than the standard alternate-reality Red Alert universe), with the traditional factions of ‘Allied vs Soviet’ being superseded by the NATO vs CSTO factions. The missions released so far set the player in command of different scenarios on the side of the CSTO faction, based in the 1st quarter of the 21st century. NATO has launched a full-scale invasion of CSTO-member countries, and it is up to You to tip the odds against the aggressor. Mission 1 (Operation: Dark Dawn) takes place in western Belarus during quadrennial ‘Zapad’ defensive military exercises. You have control of a small Russian military delegation carrying out an inspection of a Belarusian border post when NATO forces crash through the border. Your mission there was to escape eastwards, to prevent being surrounded. Mission 2 (Operation: Pacific Storm) took place pretty much on the other side of the planet, on one of the Kuril Islands, at the eastern extremity of the Russian Federation. Here, you had to repel the American Pacific Fleet, preventing them from breaking through to the mainland (which could be done with 2 alternative endings, one of them resulting in rendering the island uninhabitable). In Mission 3 (Operation: Evacuation), players were tasked with the defense of the southwestern quadrant of Kaliningrad from combined NATO forces attacking the city whilst ensuring an evacuation of civilians.

Now, onto Mission 4, Operation: Convoy. This mission takes place in the northeastern region of Syria, somewhere near the M4 highway. Since 2011, Syria has been in a state of conflict due to literal armies of NATO-backed terrorist groups (backed, defined in terms of weapons support, logistics, financial, political, and even media/'documentary' whitewashing), to the extent that Syria officially requested help from the Russian Federation in 2015, which managed to prevent the collapse of Syria (into a pseudo-Islamic 'caliphate'), and turned the conflict around completely. In this mission, you will initially be in charge of a small unit tasked with securing a convoy as part of the Russian Reconciliation Centre for Opposing Sides in Syria (R.R.C.O.S.S.), which conducts various peacekeeping efforts and assists with humanitarian aid. With the outbreak of major hostilities around the world, this particular convoy is tasked with returning to Khmeimim air base, essentially withdrawing to a safer place. In order to get there, you must guard the convoy to a local airfield, where an An-124 transport plane is located.

Making this segment of the mission was quite challenging; after all, there aren't exactly many convoy missions in the C&C games! But this mission isn't merely just an escorting mission. Once you have guarded the convoy to the local airfield, this is where the mission becomes somewhat open-world; although you have made it to the battered airfield and found the transport plane to be intact, you cannot simply fly to home base just yet. It turns out the airfield was raided by terrorist groups, and along with stealing the aircraft fuel tankers, they have taken the pilots hostage! From here, it is up to you as the player to decide what to do. There are many possibilities, ranging from friendly encounters with S.A.A. (Syrian Arab Army) units to hostile encounters with foreign illegal occupation forces, along with their terrorist proxies. But the primary objective, in order to complete the withdrawal by air to Khmeimim, will be to recover the aircraft fuel, as well as the location of the pilots, which will need to be taken back to the plane.

Screenshot from the mission;

Given that players will have very limited resources and means at their disposal, players will have to manage what they have accordingly and choose their battles wisely.

There are many hidden things in this map ('easter eggs'), which may not all be properly discovered in several playthroughs. I have not yet made a skirmish version for this map, as I did with the colossal 3rd mission map, though I may consider doing so in the future.

New Stuff?

As mentioned, with Version 14 do not expect much new, as this release focuses on an entire new campaign mission. That said however, there are some new Mission 4-related items, which it is possible to use as props (for all you custom map editors out there).
Firstly, very much in line with the context above, you will notice the Typhoon-K armored transport used by Russian military police (M.P.) in Syria in such convoys in real life.

Here is an example of a real one in Syria;

And here they are represented in-game, at the beginning of the 4th mission;

Secondly, fuel trucks. Fuel trucks have been added in 2 variants: one based on the Kamaz trucks already available and another on the M35 trucks, also already available. I haven't bothered taking screenshots of these, as they look exactly as you would expect and are derived from a selection of already available units in the mod.

Last but not least, I have updated the model for the K-9 'Thunder' self-propelled artillery. Previously, I had used an open-sourced model, but I decided to make my own model so that it looks like an actual representation of the real thing.

Here is a picture of one in real life;

Here is my updated model of them in-game;

To Summarise

Normally I would now go into other improvements, such as User Interface Enhancements, other Model & Visual Overhauls, AI Enhancements, and other miscellaneous stuff, but for now that is all. Or at least all I can remember is what I did for this release. Bear in mind that Version 13 and 13A were fairly wide-ranging, and as recently as the last release, various rebalancing had been done, taking into account the new features (again, please refer to previous releases to see all the newest).

I sincerely hope that wherever you are playing from, you enjoy the new campaign mission as well as all the stuff from previous versions. As always, have fun!

Command & Conquer Westwood Fans
Red Alert 2 YR: New Horizons
C&C: Yuri's Revenge
C&C: Red Alert 2

You can learn more about New Horizons by visiting the ModDB Profile. New Horizons is available for download Here. And that's all regarding New Horizons for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about New Horizons!

A new playtest version of Shattered Paradise was posted a couple of weeks ago. For those who are not acquainted with it, Shattered Paradise is an RTS game created with OpenRA that is inspired by the Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun universe, featuring 5 factions: GDI, Nod, C.A.B.A.L., Mutants, and Scrin. Here are the updates from Shattered Paradise playtest-20240427:


Bugs Fixed:

  • Generic:

    • Low-priority alt selection is bugged and did not work for Engineers and Harvesters
    • When capturing the opposing faction's war factories, you could not build their MCVs.

  • Nod:

    • The Hatred Emitter from Lightbringer could affect air units
    • When killing Holograms, your units could gain XP

  • Scrin:

    • Hover Tank could shoot over walls, which they should not

Visuals and Tooltips:

  • GDI:

    • Added new production icon for Amphibious APC
    • Added new production icon for Mammoth Tank

  • Nod:

    • Fixed: Flames on impact have a wrong color palette for Purifying Flames

  • Mutants:

    • Rockets on top of the Lynx Tank are bigger now


  • Generic:

    • Added a crushing sound to Tree
    • Added a sound for entering and exiting transports

  • Mutants:

    • Fixed: Fiend's impact sound is global
    • Fixed: Falcon's attack sound is too loud

  • C.A.B.A.L.:

    • Fixed: Reclaimer's attack sound is global
    • Added a new attack sound for Scrin Husk


  • Generic:

    • Veterancy:

      • Heroic selfhealing speed buffed from 75 to 50
      • PercentageStep heal from 2% to 3%

    • Tiberium:

      • Lifeforms able to heal on Tiberium now heal up faster
      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks

    • Permanent Selfheal:

      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks and includes assets like Epics

    • Hospital:

      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks
      • PercentageStep heal from 1% to 3%

    • Machineshop:

      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks

    • Barracks:

      • Heal radius from 5c0 to 6c0
      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks
      • PercentageStep heal from 1% to 3%

    • Engineer:

      • Vision radius from 5 to 6
      • HP from 95 to 100
      • Movement speed from 45 to 60

    • Vehicles:

      • Upon hitting 25% of HP (red HP bar), they will now lose 25% of their movement speed
      • Vision radius of most non-artillery vehicles is from 6 to 8
      • Artillery class vehicles vision radius from 5 to 6

    • Epics:

      • Vision radius from 8 to 10

    • Aircraft:

      • Vision radius of most aircraft assets from 9 to 10
      • Fighter class aircraft vision radius from 10 to 12

    • Construction Yard:

      • Selling it will only grant 1 engineer now

    • Harvester:

      • Vision radius from 5 to 8

    • MCV:

      • Vision radius from 5 to 6
      • Speed from 60 to 75

    • Weapons:

      • RifleWarhead:

        • Damage vs Defense Armor from 5% to 15%
        • Damage vs Concrete Armor from 3% to 5%

      • ArtilleryWarhead:

        • Damage vs Light Armor from 50% to 75%
        • Damage vs Concrete Armor from 35% to 50%

          • Affects units like Juggernauts, Specters, etc.

      • BombWarhead:

        • Damage vs Light Armor from 50% to 75%
        • Damage vs Concrete Armor from 20% to 35%

          • Affects units like Orca Bombers, Demo Bikes, etc.

      • AcidWarhead:

        • Damage vs Concrete Armor from 15% to 35%

          • Affects Corruptors and Ichor Waste Turrets

      • Proned Infantry:

        • Damage dealt from melee weapons from 100% to 70%
        • Sonic Emitter weapons from 50% to 70%
        • Bike explosion from 50% to 70%
        • Mine explosion from 50% to 70%
        • Abductor weapon from 100% to 70%
        • Cyborg Commando weapon from 350% to 70%. No typo, by the way. It actually dealt that much damage vs. prone targets
        • Wasp weapon from 70% to 50%
        • Stormrider weapon from 70% to 50%

  • GDI:

    • Firestorm Generator:

      • Cost from $1000 to $1500
      • Build speed from 20 to 30 seconds

    • Sonic Emitter:

      • Vision radius from 8 to 10

    • Medic:

      • Vision Radius from 5 to 6

    • Disc Thrower:

      • Weapon Type changed from ArtilleryWarhead to BombWarhead
      • Damage vs:

        • Light Armor from 50% to 75%
        • Heavy Armor from 35% to 50%
        • Concrete Armor from 15% to 35%

    • Jump Jet:

      • Weapon Type changed from ArtilleryWarhead to BombWarhead
      • Damage vs:

        • Building Armor from 80% to 100%
        • Light Armor from 50% to 75%

    • Eagle Guard:

      • Buildtime from 25 to 20 seconds
      • Cost from $900 to $700

    • JJ Commando:

      • Damage vs:

        • Buildings from 10% to 100%. This weapon does not attack buildings, but it was adjusted for consistency reasons
        • Defences from 10% to 100%. This weapon does not attack defences, but it was adjusted for consistency reasons
        • Light Armor damage unchanged (100%)
        • Heavy Armor from 80% to 100%
        • Aircraft from 50% to 100%. Can only attack landed aircraft
        • Concrete Armor from 5% to 35%

    • Wolverine:

      • Buildtime from 10 to 15 seconds

    • Titan:

      • Build time from 25 to 20 seconds

    • Amphibious APC:

      • Buildtime from 15 to 20 seconds
      • Attackspeed buffed from 40 to 30
      • Attack range of ground weapon from 5 to 6

    • Mammoth Tank:

      • Selfheal, up to 50% speed, buffed from 100 to 50 ticks

    • Orca Fighter:

      • Cost from $1500 to $1200
      • Buildtime from 35 to 30 seconds

    • Orca Bomber:

      • Damage vs Light Armor from 80% to 75%
      • Damage vs Heavy Armor from 60% to 50%
      • Buildtime from 40 to 45 seconds

  • Nod:

    • Obelisk of Light:

      • Vision radius from 9 to 10

    • Black Hand Trooper:

      • Damage from 24 to 25
      • Hologram Militant speed from 60 to 75
      • Buildtime from 25 to 20 seconds

    • Buggy BHT:

      • Burst from 4 to 5
      • Burst Delay lowered from 5 to 3

    • Attack Bike:

      • Attack speed buff from 70 to 50

    • Demo Bike:

      • Damage vs Heavy Armor from 35% to 50%
      • Damage vs Concrete Armor from 15% to 35%
      • Build time from 25 to 20 seconds

    • Specter:

      • Cost from $1400 to $1200
      • Buildtime from 35 to 30 seconds

    • Harpy:

      • Damage vs Light Armor from 50% to 100%
      • Cost from $1500 to $1200
      • Buildtime from 35 to 30 seconds

    • Banshee:

      • Cost from $1750 to $1500
      • Buildtime from 40 to 35 seconds

    • Paladin Cruiser:

      • Cost from $2500 to $2000
      • HP from 450 to 400

    • Explosive Mixtures have been removed
    • Added new upgrade: Cardinals Emerge

      • Takes 45 seconds to research
      • Costs $1000
      • Ability:

        • Calls in 3 Cardinals via Subterranean APCs
        • Cooldown of 4:00
        • Costs $1500
        • Hooked to the Radar
        • Ability disabled when Radar is destroyed/depowered

    • Cardinals:

      • Cardinals consecrate their fellow brethren, which increases their firepower by 30%
      • Cardinals are only crushable by Epics
      • Value: $400
      • Speed: 75
      • 250 HP
      • They take up one cell on the battlefield

  • Mutants:

    • Skirmisher:

      • Vision radius from 5 to 6

    • Flak Station:

      • HP from 400 to 600

    • Battle Bus:

      • HP from 250 to 400
      • Cost from $700 to $900

    • Tunnel Network:

      • Now works like a superweapon:

        • Tunnel Network is revealed on the map. The tunnels themselves are not revealed
        • Ability has a global cooldown
        • It no longer costs money to cast

      • Increased buildup time of tunnels before they can be used. 5-second delay
      • Cargo size from 15 to 10

    • Tyrant:

      • Vision radius from 7 to 6
      • Damage vs Infantry buffed from 50% to 100%
      • Buildtime from 20 to 15 seconds

    • Carnotaurus:

      • ArmorType changed from Light to Heavy

    • Ravager:

      • Spread from 0c090 to 0c200
      • Ravagers deal splash damage now

    • Weasaurus Lord:

      • Melee weapon Spread from 0c090 to 0c256. Ravagers deal splash damage now. Same with Mini Weasaurus

    • Gargoyle:

      • Cost from $1500 to $1200
      • Buildtime from 35 to 30 seconds

    • Queen:

      • Cost from $1200 to $1100

    • Falcon:

      • Damage vs Light Armor from 50% to 100%
      • Cost from $2500 to $2000

    • Tiberium Infusion:

      • Selfheal speed buffed from 100 to 50 ticks

  • C.A.B.A.L.:

    • Eye of C.A.B.A.L.:

      • HP from 750 to 500

    • Iron Saviour:

      • Vision radius from 8 to 6

    • Cyborg:

      • Buildtime from 8 to 10 seconds

    • Gladiator:

      • Buildtime from 25 to 20 seconds

    • Abductor:

      • Buildtime from 30 to 25 seconds

    • Cyborg Commando:

      • Vision radius from 8 to 10

    • Centurion:

      • Buildtime from 25 to 20 seconds

    • Drone Hosts:

      • Self-repair speed buffed from 150 to 50 ticks
      • Buildtime from 40 to 45 seconds

    • Minotaurs:

      • Self-repair speed buffed from 150 to 50 ticks
      • Buildtime from 45 to 50 seconds

    • Wasp:

      • Cost from $1600 to $1400
      • Buildtime from 40 to 35 seconds

    • Basilisk:

      • Cost from $1750 to $2000
      • Buildtime from 40 to 50 seconds
      • HP from 450 to 500

    • Devourers:

      • Self-repair speed buffed from 150 to 50 ticks
      • Cost from $2000 to $2500
      • Buildtime from 45 to 55 seconds
      • HP from 1500 to 2000

  • Scrin:

    • Scrin Host Station:

      • Speed from 60 to 75

    • Wormhole Generator
    • Can now teleport enemy units onto terrain to kill them. Either sink them into water or teleport them onto cliffs

  • Wrath of Creator:

    • Spread from 300 to 512

  • Shield Generator:

    • HP from 400 to 600

  • Pulsar Tower:

    • Vision radius from 8 to 10

  • Razorshark:

    • Vision radius from 5 to 6
    • Damage vs Light Armor from 30% to 40%

  • Colossus:

    • Buildtime from 25 to 20 seconds

  • Hover Tank:

    • Cost from $800 to $900

  • Guardian:

    • Buildtime from 35 to 30 seconds

  • Stormrider:

    • Cost from $750 to $600

  • Destroyer:

    • Vision radius from 7 to 8

  • Assault Carrier:

    • Cost from $3000 to $2500

  • Battle Cruiser:

    • Vision radius from 11 to 12

Maps Changes:

  • Updated the following maps:

    • Industrial Strength

For further information about Shattered Paradise, visit the Forums at PPM, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. Download and test Shattered Paradise playtest-20240427. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Shattered Paradise!

C&C Reloaded 2.5.10 is out!
May 07, 2024 - 04:43
Are you picking this up? Good! FS-21, the leader of C&C Reloaded, has been busy recently in order to release C&C Reloaded 2.5.10. C&C Reloaded is a classic modification that brings together the Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 factions into Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares and Phobos. Here is what we know about C&C Reloaded 2.5.10 and the 2.5.9 version, which was released a few weeks ago and we missed in our news coverage:

Version 2.5.10 (minor release), 2024/05/06

  • Updated Phobos library to latest develop snapshot + my features with lots of bugfixes.
  • Bug: Allied Mirage tanks could be invisible when blinking.
  • Fixed 1 AI Team that produced crashes.
  • Adjusted some YR and Yuri Resurgence AI team's probabilities.
  • Yuri Resurgence mission 1: Tweaked some AI teams.
  • Yuri Resurgence mission 6: Triggered the end-game credits when the mission was completed.
  • Yuri Resurgence mission 7: It was set as the end of the campaign (the credits window).
  • Fixed some script bugs in Yuri Resurgence mission 8 that made the game impossible to play.
  • RA2 Allied mission 1: Soviets could build units that shouldn't be available.
  • RA2 Soviet mission 11: Fallout, AI didn't fire Nukes.
  • Soviet V3 Launcher missile spawn rate from 370 to 250.
  • Soviet Dreadnought missiles spawn rate from 80 to 180.
  • Nod Talon Submarine missiles spawn rate from 100 to 190.
  • Yuri Boomer Submarine missiles spawn rate from 80 to 200.
  • Secret Lab's Double V3 Launcher missiles spawn rate from 400 to 350.
  • Fix: Sometimes, AI Engineers get stuck inside buildings.
  • No more spilled resources when a harvester or refinery is destroyed in an RA2/YR mission.

Version 2.5.9 (hotfix release), 2024/04/15

  • Updated the Syringe.exe file to the latest official version.
  • Merged the latest Phobos development branch.
  • Fixed bug in the new AI teams selection that reduced the number of possible selectable Teams.
  • Fixed crash (and a desync) in the Nod Reaper weapon.
  • Updated DDrawCompat (by narzoul) to v0.5.1
  • Disabled (temporally) the napalm support power. I think it causes rare crashes in the long term.
  • Replaced (temporally) the Spy plane support power with a Reveal Area. I think it causes rare crashes in the long term.
  • Nuclear radiation damage against Soviet Heavy Tesla Trooper reduced from 100% to 4%.
  • Soviet Desolator damage against Soviet Heavy Tesla Trooper reduced from 100% to 12%.
  • Yuri Psychic Tower strength from 350 to 425.
  • Yuri Psychic Tower weapon rate of fire from 90 (6 seconds) to 85 (~5.66 seconds).
  • Added a steam animation in the Nuclear Reactor.
  • Replaced Magnetron weapons with a modified version of the original game weapons.
  • Fixed crash related to an incomplete AI script action.

For further information about C&C Reloaded, visit the Official Website, Forums at Revora, ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel. C&C Reloaded is available for download Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on C&C Reloaded!

Hello again! Our community member E1 Elite has recently updated two of his tools to make them compatible with specific trigger events & actions and script actions from Phobos. I'm talking about Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches and E1 Elite's AI Editor, which are respectively a patch that improves the experience of the old map editor Final Alert 1.02 for Yuri's Revenge, and an editor that helps users to code ai.ini or aimd.ini files. Phobos expands the modding features of Yuri's Revenge, but it is dependent on Ares, which also extends YR's modding features.

Here is the changelog that is applied to both of them:

Changes (2024-05-06):
- Updates to Phobos trigger events & actions and script actions in FAData.ini.

You can download the Final Alert 2 YR Patches by visiting the first post of this topic at PPM forums and the AI Editor by checking the latest post of this topic at PPM forums.

One vision, one purpose! There is a new version of GIMP published under the name GIMP 2.10.38. GIMP is a free and open-source image raster graphics editor used for image manipulation (retouching) and image editing, free-form drawing, transcoding between different image file formats, and more specialized tasks. It might not be the ideal program for drawing. GIMP is available for Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.[ Here are the changes and the fun stuff from GIMP 2.10.38:

This (possibly last) GIMP 2 stable release brings much-requested backports from GTK3, including improved support for tablets on Windows. A number of bug fixes and minor improvements are also included in this release.

New features and improvements

Improved support for tablets on Windows

Before this release, GIMP only supported connecting tablets on Windows through WinTab drivers rather than the newer Windows Ink drivers. Because of this, we received a number of reports about tablets having issues with unresponsive buttons, incorrect pressure sensitivity, lagging brush movement, and mid-stroke position changes.  

These problems were due to a limitation of GTK2, as support for Windows Ink was implemented in GTK3 by long-time contributor Luca Bacci. For this release, Luca was gracious enough to backport this support to GTK2. You can now switch between WinTab and Windows Ink drivers (if supported by your computer) in the Preferences dialog under the Input Device settings.

Windows Pointer Input API can now be changed - GIMP 2.10.38

Backports of other GTK3 features

Luca also contributed a number of other features from GTK3 to GTK2. Some of the backported improvements include updating the size of the Print Dialog so buttons are not cut off, fixing issues with pop-up dialogs appearing behind the previous ones, and several fixes to keyboard input.

These improvements are primarily for Windows and are already included in the 2.99 development release. However, we are very happy that these quality-of-life improvements are now available in this stable release of GIMP 2.10!


Recent crashes

Two commonly reported crashes have now been corrected.
A change in GLib 2.80 exposed a bug in our closing process and caused a crash on the exit. Luca Bacci once again devised a fix for both 2.10.38 and the upcoming 3.0 release candidate. Another crash that some users encountered when making very small selections was also fixed.

Other fixes

A number of other small bugs were fixed in this release. Among them:

  • Indexed PNGs with transparency are now exported with the correct colors
  • Anders Jonsson fixed the input ranges for several filters, such as Waves and Distort
  • The title bar customization field now supports UTF-8 characters
  • Existing image comments no longer “leak” into newly created images

If you are curious about GIMP, visit the Official Website, and Forums to obtain further information about it. Download the latest version of GIMP Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy GIMP!

VenomRage: New Hover Miners!
May 05, 2024 - 04:22
Aloha! Cranium has announced last month that he was resuming the development of VenomRage. And, the first step was to share the design of the Hover Miners from the RevengeForces faction. For those unaware, VenomRage is a total conversion for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, powered by Ares. It brings at least two factions, such as the Venom and the RevengeForces. Here is the new Hover Miners for the RevengeForces:

Flame thrower Turbine Hover Miners.

You can check more information about VenomRage by visiting the Forums at PPM. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on VenomRage!

Are you picking this up? Good! G-E, the leader of Mission Tester, has released Mission Tester 5.7d in these days. For those unaware, Mission Tester is a TCL script designed as a general cross-checker for map files from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, helpful in finding unit/declaration errors and incomplete ideas. The changes from Mission Tester 5.7d were announced with the following words:

MISTEST 5.7d...

A small fix for scripts using Waypoints above 676 in YR. A crash would occur as it tried to lookup the two letter equivalent, but now a dummy value is returned, which seems to satisfy the rest of the code. As long as none of the Trigger Actions/Events reference them, there should be no issue.

For further information about Mission Tester, visit its Topic at PPM Forums. Download Mission Tester 5.7d. And that's all regarding Mission Tester for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Mission Tester!

Updates of Project Phantom were shared some weeks ago by Starkku, and I was a bit slow to catch this one. However, it is never too late to bring it to your attention. For those unfamiliar with it, Project Phantom is a total conversion modification for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge powered by Ares DLL & Phobos Engine Extension. Set in a world where the course of history took a different turn and science has been elevated to previously unattainable heights, three factions engage in a conflict that will change the fate of the world. Here are the official words about it:

It has been a while since I've last posted a formal update for this mod. Regardless, work on this project has continued even during silence and keeps going relatively strong, and I do have few things to share.

Project Phantom website has been updated with a new layout. Many of the pages are still under construction, and I'll be sure to keep everyone updated when they go live.

For those who may have missed it, Project Phantom does have an official Discord server that can be used for discussing the modification, receiving updates regarding it first in the line, and eventually, it would hopefully serve as a multiplayer hub as well.

A while back, I posted an article about various UI / UX improvements in Project Phantom. Be sure to check it out if you already have not.
There's also a new showcase video showing off some units & buildings in Project Phantom. It can also be viewed on ModDB.

As mentioned prior, development has been going on relatively strong, regardless of occassional pauses and challenges. With that in mind, I have the following announcement to make.

Early access version of Project Phantom will be released during Summer 2024
Exact release date will be made known closer to launch

So what will be in this first release?
Good question. Right now, we are looking at the following set of features.

• Three new factions - Western Coalition, Eurasian Dominion, and Phantom Imperative, with complete arsenals full of new units, buildings, and support powers (albeit many buildings will use graphics that can be deemed as 'placeholders').
• Three 'mercenary factions' - Fist of Titans, Crimson Crown, and Excelsus Group, that have capturable buildings that provide various support powers and units to players who capture them, alongside the classic set of neutral tech buildings including capturable base defenses.
• A large number of new map props and other miscellaneous buildings.
• Three reworked terrain tile theaters, Temperate, Tundra & Desert, with significantly expanded tilesets from the original game, including fully integrated urban tilesets and a basic interior tileset.
• Around 160 standard skirmish/multiplayer maps, some old and some new.
Island Combat game mode, which is constrained to maps with water-locked islands.
Scavengers game mode, where you start with a Mobile War Factory and are required to collect powerup crates for units and funds - your factory can reverse-engineer any vehicles found (including technology trucks for aerial vehicles) to unlock them as buyable units.
• One scenario for Hold the Line game mode, where up to 4 players (human or AI) are pitted against waves of AI-controlled enemies that scale based on the number of players in the game, with the objective to protect a critical structure from the said enemies.

A preview of the Crimson Crisis scenario, where players are tasked with protecting an Energy Research Lab against waves of Crimson Crown units.

Challenges game mode, where two players (human or AI) are pitted against three AI-controlled enemies in specific scenarios that have unique modifiers in play and odds stacked against the players. Initially, the Challenges game mode is going to come with three scenarios, one against each of the factions.

A preview of one of the Challenges, called Thunderhill Challenge, where players are challenged by the nigh-impenetrable defenses of a W.A.R.D research base.

• A single Cooperative mission, testing the waters out, where two Coalition commanders are tasked with eliminating a Dominion mining outpost.

Preview of co-op mission Motherlode, where a small squad of Coalition forces is sent on an infiltration and elimination mission to a Dominion mining base.

• Various quality of life, bugfix, and other engine improvements, courtesy of Ares Expansion DLL and Phobos Engine Extension.
• Full integration with the CnCNet client, allowing easy access to multiplayer games and easy download of mod updates.
• Bundled installation of two map editors, a version of the legacy FinalAlert 2 map editor as well as Rampastring's modern World Altering Editor.
• Installer software with compatibility with all releases of Yuri's Revenge.

I hope to have some more news to share about Project Phantom's development and the upcoming early access release in the near future, but for now, I'm out.

You can check more information about Project Phantom by visiting the Official Website, Forums at Revora, ModDB Profile, Discord Channel, and YouTube Video Channel. And that's all regarding Project Phantom for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Project Phantom!