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Graion Dilach has recently announced that he will no longer work on Attacque Supérior (originally Yuri's Revenge mod and then OpenRA). He has changed his directives to work on something more feasible: a new project called RA2: Valiant Hearts. It is also a modification for OpenRA and it will extend OpenRA's features to cover the needs of Red Alert 2 like mods for the engine. However, unlike Attacque Supérior, it will have only Allies and Soviets and no sub-factions. Here's Graion's words explaining the situation and a video with a teaser of the project:

It's been a while since there has been any update here.

Where to start…

Well, let’s face the truth. Attacque Supérior was a beast of a project. It was unexpectable from the start to get 6 or so factions running. While the goal was mostly reached by 2014 (depending whom you ask), it was mostly done via reusing the same gimmicks and basically cloning units left and right to counterparts at different sides.

The uniqueness was simply lost in the armada of stuff, and instead of factions standing out, there were only individual units which either ended up at the same faction, either not.

While the jump to OpenRA from Ares helped to change a lot on this setup with faction gimmicks and similar aspects, it literally pushed back progression beyond limits the project could not recover from the most part. Attacque Supérior already had artwork issues and the lack of artist manpower of it was not resolved with the engine update, especially considering I ended up getting more and more involved in coding OpenRA itself/putting more emphasis on the features I coded for it instead of picking up the necessary skills at the art department to have it finished.

Remember these times? They never came back ultimately.

Over time, Attacque Supérior on OpenRA became nothing more, but an excuse for me to maintain additional features upon OpenRA itself, knowing these features have little to none chance of getting merged into upstream directly as time passed by. The ability to have these features around proved influential for an entire modding subscene of OpenRA’s however, as they became the basis of spearheading projects Crystallized Doom and Shattered Paradise, even founding their way to Romanov’s Vengeance.

Basically, the mod’s own progression got sidetracked for the engine progression and my realization of this in the first half of 2019 was the final nail of the coffin. There’s no point at keeping up the hopes that AS would ever get done considering there were constant moving goalposts in the entire project’s lifetime.

With all the above, it’s about time to call AS as a mod dead with the name Attacque Supérior reinterpreted to mean this engine project alone.

There’s also an urge of me to getting retired from modding. While it has it’s merits, it took more of my time than what it gave back to me in return. However, there were personal reasons back then which started the project back in 2010… and those particular reasons prevent me to leave the scene without having something done. Since AS-as-an-engine can never be called finished and there should be a proper project aimed to atleast showcase it’s depths… I took another choice.

Let me present to you... Valiant Hearts.

Inspired by the relative simplicity of Red-Resurrection and VS_INI, Valiant Hearts is a limited-to Allied-vs-Soviets project, even lacking countries/subfactions for the time (and I don’t have any active plan to introduce them either). Limiting the scope allows the units to become more different themselves and allows me to utilize the tricks I picked up during AS-as-a-mod, transferring the features which made AS unique back then, like resource spawner meteor storms and rebuildable tech buildings.

With this announcement, VH development has been moved out to the open, with everything visible at, including public devtest builds powered by OpenRA’s ModSDK and Travis-CI. Documentation and branding is lacking for the time being, but will be resolved with time. Note that Valiant Hearts utilizes the new, in-testing OpenRA OpenGL 3.0 backend and limited-to-OpenGL 2.1-capable hardware won’t be able to run it.

Regarding the status of Valiant Hearts though – if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video will tell everything about it what I could.

Feel free sharing your thoughts/getting involved in the further development on Discord at

Unlike AS, Valiant Hearts isn't and never intends to be a magnum opus, moreso aim to be a respectful farewell to the community. Only time will tell how well it performs in that regard. There are still things I still haven't decided on, like if it needs it's own ModDB page and similar aspects. We'll see.

Graion out.

The Second Tiberium War 2.3 GDI Preview
December 16, 2019 - 07:42
Ever_Valiant has posted another teaser of what's coming to the next version (2.3) of The Second Tiberium War modification for Tiberian Sun. This time he covers new GDI buildings and its base defenses. Here's his full post about it:

Now that Nod has seen improvements to base structures it's time for GDI to receive a long overdue overhaul.

GDI's counterpart to the Temple of Nod was the Ion Central Command, which in scale and grandeur was lacking, so I fixed it!

Now it is the Ion Research Center, which in the future will have an attachment added to it. It also comes with a fully finished build up animation as with all the new structures I am introducing!

Next we have the new signature array which replaces the spotlight towers and acts as a sensor to stealthed and subterrainean units. Don't worry the spotlight tower will be available in the new skirmish options, but more on that in a later update.

Though the component towers were once a staple for GDI they are no longer, they are being replaced with the new Vulcan Turret and Rocket Tower. The Vulcan turret is much lower in height and the Rocket tower is much higher giving a great base defense aesthetic as well as attaching properly to the wall. GDI now has only 2x base defenses as the Rocket Tower also fires upon aircraft while Nod will remain having 3x. They are not as powerful overall vs the nod base defenses but where they lack, they exceed with lower power consumption and cost.

Now for the final tech structure which will compliment the Nods Stealth Generator Hub, the Armament Facility. As you may not yet know but I have overhauled the Tech tree's and GDI required a structure equivalent to a tech 3 building along with the Ion Research Center.

The Armament Facility will be required for the mightiest units GDI can construct such as the Mammoth Tank and Phoenix bomber. It is in essence a heavy armor and metal production facility.

With all these new changes the GDI base looks mightier than ever and in addition to all these improvements the base also received and entire lighting effect overhaul just as Nod did.

Both GDI and Nod received large changes to how the base functions and looks but this isn't all, I have many great ideas for the future. Next preview I will be showing off the new skirmish options, AI improvements, balance changes, tech tree's, and the new Special Operation missions to test and hone your skills. Have a good day!

New mod spotlight: RedAlert 20XX
December 16, 2019 - 06:59
Welcome back, community! Today we'll give some attention to a mod that has recently joined the community, known as Red Alert 2#alienX. For those wondering if this is just yet another mod that tweaks Yuri's Revenge into the author's (mtkii) own free will, I won't say that this is wrong, however, the author has some reasonable ideas in mind. No Yuri, no whacky sci-fi, no useless infantry,... here is the design lemma from the author:

1. No more Yuri shenanigans. The cold war theme is what made RA1's universe so good, and it's also the reason why YR didn't resonate with me. Even if I kinf of like Yuri's faction from a mechanical point of view (mostly the asymetrical gameplay that comes with it), I just can't bear it. So no more third faction;

2. RA2's sci fi is stupid sci fi. Most of the technology in RA2 are not what I expected coming from RA1 and TS. Sure, Giant Squid, sonar attacking dolphin, weather control devices are original idea, but I just plain dislike them. In RA20XX, the Soviet are mostly inspired from RA1's Soviet, and the Allied are a mix of RA1'Allied and TD/TS/CNC3's GDI. Both of those faction also take idea from other C&C, notably Generals;

3. Non obsolete infantry. Overall vehicle speed has been reduced, making infantry/vehicle composition more effective. Also, infantries take less damage from anti-vehicle's weaponry;

4. Factions and countries with more personality. Factions will respect their asymetrical gameplay (so no Soviet Airfield and planes, as it seems the default in every mods). The country system in YR was underwelming. In RA20XX, each country has two new assets, and four new units that replaces the faction's vanilla units;

5. A less cartoonish palette. Most of the animation are changed to be a bit darker, removing the overly bright yellow explosions for vanilla YR. Voxels are also a bit darker, making them less like toys;

6. More visual effects. Destroying a building will now leave flame and smoke on the ground, vehicle will react to being shot by tilting a bit, weapons will create light and elite weapon will be color-coded to distinguish them from regular weapon.

And mtkii  has posted also some articles describing some bits of the Allied Forces and the Soviets.

Although he uses public assets (like the ones below from Merophage), he credits all of them.

Allied Peacekeeper, asset by Merophage

Conscript, also asset by Merophage.

And there are some recent screenshots as well, such as the ones below:

Although mtkii has originally posted a topic about it at the Private Project Discussion, it is a public mod with aa proper ModDB Profile.

The crew from Operation Firestorm, a mod for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour with 8 customized generals, has posted an update with their recent progress. Here are their words on it:

We're back with another update showing visual updates, some redesigned stuff as well as an entirely new unit.

First, GLA Fortress General's Cobra Tank has been redesigned.
It receives an entirely new model and texture as well as a slightly different ingame role. The Cobra tank can now dig in to switch between a mobile and stationary mode. When stationary, its armor and attack range is increased. To further accentuate its defensive role, it now upgrades its armor from salvage crates, rather than its weapon.

HiTech General's Ion Cannon Superweapon Building receives a visual update.
The new Ion Cannon Control Bunker model comes with new visual and sound effects for the Building itself as well some minor improvements for the actual Ion Cannon Superweapon.

Last, GLA Terror General finally gets a heavier tank unit to use along his light vehicles to provide some more alternatives. The Shadow Tank is based on a very old concept that finally returns to OFS.
It is a stealthed rocket tank with high attack range and mobility, excellently suited for hit and run attacks against ground targets. It is well armored, but clearly outclassed in direct combat against other superheavy units.
The Shadow tank is available at Rank 3 in the Vehicle specialization tree (replacing Vehicle Armor upgrade). It costs 2500$ and it has a build limit of 5.

At the end of this update we want to thank everyone for voting! We made it into the top 100 again.

Now for the next voting stage we want to ask for your support one more time. So please click that button and have a nice day!

For more information about Operation Firestorm, visit their ModDB Profile.

Madin has been using the Command & Conquer: Red Alert History Forums to share the latest new things for this Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars total conversion. And there is a lot being done there, really. Let's start with the Alpha Battle Lab for the soviets at the picture below:

He claims it won't replace the Soviet Tech Center, although he doesn't know the real function of this structure yet. Ideas are welcomed at this topic.

Another interesting building is the Allied War Factory. Here's a snip:

Post your comments at this topic. Some comments there already helped to inspire Madin to improve it.

Also, in another unrelated topic, we have Terror Drones:

Share your thoughts about these cute little drones at this topic.

There is also the Demo Truck, posted here, that should be used as support power. You may see it in the picture below:

And there is more: the Psychic Sensor:

Finally, but not least. In the last weeks, Madin has also been kind enough to share some interesting 3D models with the community, which you can use in your projects, provided you credit him, of course. Here are some of them. Click at each picture to go straight to the topic to download them or find out more details:

And that's all for now. Enjoy the material and provide your feedback to help Command & Conquer: Red Alert History to improve.

A month ago Dutchygamer has posted a long farewell post about his, so far Generals/Zero Hour total conversion, Frontline Chaos. A huge part of his post was quite personal, so I won't quote the whole thing here. I just hope he is able to move on with his life after all those things he mentioned there. It's quite hard to loose someone so close to us like what happened to him.

Anyway, at the end of his post, although he uses the term "Farewell" in the title of his post, he mentions that he is actually moving his project to the OpenRA engine. Here are his words on it:

Eventually, I decided to focus on creating a single mission, and all the assets / coding that is necessary for that. This worked okay for a while, and I eventually I had a nicely scripted map with various new assets I introduced. But still... All things combined, I was getting rather worn down by it all. In the end I was doing a whole bunch of nitpicking changes I saw someplace else, but had very little actual use. Sure, train car props that are actually armoured and have decent physics are nice assets, but they don't add jack shit to the mod at the current stage.

I then had the best idea you could have at this stage: switch engines! To the OpenRA engine to be precise. Who try to emulate the feeling of oldskool 2.5D RTS engines in a 3D engine when you have an open-sourced engine that does that available? Well, besides the fact you have to learn a new style of coding, redo all your assets, be over ambitious and redo the terrain from scratch. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice learning process, but in the end it was doomed to fail. My interests had been shifting to other places over time, and I just couldn't be bothered with RTS in general.

So rather than letting it stagnate, it's better to just officially declare the project ended. I may reuse the world I designed behind the scenes for other projects, but I won't give people false hope that this project will one day see daylight.

I may be talking against a (digital) wall here with this whole story, but after all this time of not telling anyone in the modding community about this whole situation and my resulting absence, I found it high time to fix that situation. Now I can hopefully close this chapter (the project that is), and move on to the next.

In case you're still interested in what I have done in the meantime, you can check my YT channel here

Of course that the action of switching engine, in this case, nearly means restarting the whole thing from scratch. So, the "Farewell" term is not that imprecise. Finally, it is worth mentioning that you can still download the final version of this mod from its ModDB Profile.

The crew from the Tiberian Sun total conversion Dawn of the Tiberium Age posted their spring update with new maps, new assets and some additional bonus. Here's the full message:

Greetings Commanders, and happy holidays from the DTA staff!

As mentioned during the spring update, a LOT has been going on both in the community and behind the scenes, and we want to give you the first peek at all the exciting stuff that's happening in DTA with our current and upcoming patches.

For starters, we have a big collection of new playable content. This includes a lot of multiplayer maps by various authors, as well as new missions both singleplayer and co-op. We'll be releasing this content in two "map packs" before Christmas, of which the first one was released two days ago.
This first release includes the following maps:

Ore Rig

Cliffs of Lunacy

Perfect Storm

Far Harbor

Underwater Passage

Idyllic Lake

Castle Rock

Gravity Valley

As well as the singleplayer mission Stomp

And the co-op mission Operation Barachiel

During the making of these new maps and missions, we also decided to greatly expand on our available assets. This includes a lot of new options for the desert theater such as new plantlife:

And desert versions of the caves and craters that we previously introduced to the temperate theater:

Here we have a cool new civilian hangar:

And last but not least, all of the civilian buildings converted from Tiberian Sun have received a makeover with improved, sharper models:

In addition, the client has recieved some significant quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to change tunnels while in a game lobby.

Further details are as always available in the change logs.

Stay tuned, as we will be releasing the second set of maps later this month. Have fun everyone, remember to give us a vote for Mod of the Year and hope to see you on the battlefield!

The Second Tiberium War 2.3 Preview
December 12, 2019 - 08:39
Ever_Valiant has posted a teaser of what's coming to the next version (2.3) of The Second Tiberium War modification for Tiberian Sun. You should be able to manage stealth in your Nod base in a better way by using emitter pylons. Also, obelisk of light should receive some improvements as well. Here's his full post about it:

Ever_Valiant wrote:
I've been working in silence for the past while on version 2.3 and have completed much work since last update. I've began to tackle structure design even though it appeared intimidating with all the work that goes into a single building. Today I will show you a few changes to the Brotherhood I think you'll like, so lets get started!

One of the structures in previous version that was never touched was the Stealth Generator. There are a few issues I had with it and here they are:

  • Expensive and energy costly when constructed, which lead to low power quite often when building it.

  • Takes up too much space when placed near the base entrance.

  • Too often I would construct and misjudge the distance of the stealth radius, then leading to one important structure I had planned on cloaking being one tile too far away.

  • My base is not always constructed in a circular fashion, so building several Stealth Generators to cover every oddly placed building was not worth it.

May I introduce the new Stealth Generator Hub and Emitter Pylon system


This new Stealth Generator Duo System fixes all these issues and allows for more flexibility, let me explain. The Stealth Generator Hub is the main stealth structure that enables you to construct all stealth technology as well as the emitter pylons. The Emitter pylons which are small in size are the stealth emitters and can be placed wherever you wish with little encumbrance to space. The Stealth Generator Hub is larger yes, but can be placed out of the way in the back of your base. The stealth generator hub will cost $1750 and be low on energy consumption, while the emitter pylons are only $750 but high in energy consumption.

This allows you hide more critical base structures first and allows for a smaller increase of power consumption per emitter. This also allows you the shape the stealth radius much more effectively to the size and design of your base. Both structures come with quality build up animations and lighting effects to fit perfectly with the original Nod theme.

In addition to the new Stealth Generation System I've Overhauled the lighting animations on all Nod structures to you give the base a much more active feel:

New Nod Base Lighting in update 2.3 - Mod DB

I've also redesigned the Obelisk of light full with buildup, online, and and charge up animations to make it look more intimidating. The lights and charge up crystal stay at full brightness even on dark maps.

This is but a glimpse of the changes made to the new version of the game so get excited, because next update we will take a look at GDI which has seen MUCH MORE changes than Nod with several new structures, graphics overhauls and lighting animations!