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Explosive Blue Tiberium
August 21, 2008 - 12:50
This is merely a c/p tutorial, so it shouldn't be all to difficult.
As you may know, in TS when a Blue Tib field was damaged, it could explode. It's a shame this was disabled in TW, but with this tutorial you can re-enable it!

What do you need:
-knowledge of compiling a mod
-(a bit of) knowledge of XML
-a text editor

First, open up Weapon.xml, and c/p this code into the file. I suggest doing it on top, so you can find it back easy.


DeathType="NORMAL" >


This is the deathweapon of the Blue Tiberium Crystal. As you see, I've made it do 25x the normal damage against other Tiberium crystals then against other targets. This is to make the field explode completely, like in TS.

Save it, close it, and open up TiberiumCrystalBlue.xml

Go to the end of the file, and you will see a tag, and a tag a bit further. You must c/p the following code between those tags, or else the game will give errors when you compile.
I suggest pasting it between and Wink


This will make the Crystal use the weapon when killed, except when harvested. We don't want to have our harvesters being killed by harvesting Blue Tiberium now would we #Tongue

Save it, close it, compile your mod, and run it. Run a map with Blue Tiberium on it, kill a Blue Tiberium Crystal, and the whole field should detonate, together with anything on it Twisted Evil You may notice that the gas anim is the same one from the Catalyst Missile, but that's something that is covered in this tutorial (cheers for posting the link MightyBob Wink).
You can always change the amount of damage and the type of damage of the weapon if you think it's too strong or too weak.

I hope it's useful Smile

EDIT: after 2 years I finally found my own codes again #Tongue
Cleaned it up a bit, changed all the '{' and '}' into '<' and '>', fixed some spelling errors and added a link to the tutorial MightyBob posted about creating Blue Gas clouds.
I may figure out the final part (that the whole field doesn't explode at the same time), as I found some interest in modding TW again.