One of the most dangerous units in the battlefield will be the H-Truck. H, from Hydrogen, yet it's a tweaked Hydrogen to the unit become usefull in battles. TDL scientist had to tweak the bomb, otherwise the whole battlefield including your own base would be destroyed by it.

The tweaked bomb it carries is not purely made of hydrogen, it includes some other elements. It's able to exterminate any kind of alive creature in a huge distance. It's also very strong at vehicles, because their engine is heavly damaged or exploded. Buildings doesnt suffer much with it, specially the concrete ones.

The strategical use of this unit is to disarm bases just leaving the buildings alive. Players can send one of these very slow units into the enemy base and bring a huge troops to finish the service. The problem is that if it receives an air strike in the beggining of the way, it can disarm your own base.

Disarmed bases becomes vulnerable to actions from Artilleries and Spy Planes. Artilleries have a longer range than defensive buildings and Spy Planes can make defensive units attack their own buildings if well used. So, before building this unit, think twice.

There is another crazy reason to use this unt: as your last hope to gain time. If your enemies are destroying everything in your base and you dont know any better method to defend yourself, then, use this unit. If the enemy doesnt destroys it, force fire in your own building. Since it doesnt affect much the structures, you wont loose much with it, however, the enemy might have most of his units destroyed or heavly damaged. That's why that... if you attack a TDL base, be sure that the war factory is one of the first victims.

As you see, demolition units are not units to play with. When you use it, make sure it will be extremely effective in its mission and it will have no failures.