March 18, 2003 - 21:55
If you wanna affiliate with Project Perfect Mod, you can now request here. Below, a small guide to show how you do it:


Affiliating with PPM: The guide

Step 1: Give basic info

First of all, logically, we need to know what is your site. So, you need to give us, in a reply for this topic (which means that you need to register in the forums):

- Name

We no longer use buttons, but in case you need one from PPM, you may find in http://www.ppmsite.com/ppm.gif

Step 2: Basic Requirements:

- The site must be working (in case it stop working, it receives an offline text until it returns).
- The site must have game modding or development content.
- The site must NOT support online cheating or estimulate it in any way.
- The site must NOT have any links to warez programs or any illegal stuff in the United States Of America and Germany (we dont wanna have problems with server).
- The site must NOT be hosted by networks that steal and rip sites and/or host ripped sites.

Your site will be analyzed before a reply is given. We obviously would like to affiliate with sites heavly visited daily, but we also give chance to smaller sites to grow.

Step 3: Basic stuff required after affiliated:

- A visible link to Project Perfect Mod in your site.

Info 1: What you should expect from PPM as affiliate

- A visible link to your site together with the other affiliates
- Random news in the site about something good happening in your site
- Support in case you need staff or host
- Ability to post news in affiliate news forum and, in case your news is good, it can be posted in PPM site as well.

Info 2: In case PPM alliance become terminated

It would happen in case you violate any requirements from Step 2. If you don't show our link for a long period, we might cut affiliation as well without a warning.

Note: If you wanna do it discreetly, then email the PPM webbies.