Current Judges:

- Bittah Commander

An administrator on TibWeb and respected member in both (TibWeb and PPM) communities. Does not really specialise in one area, but has qualities in all areas, meaning he’ll be a good asset to the judge team.

- Judeau

Mod leader of TSD (Tiberian Sun Dusk) and member of the TO (Tiberium Odyssey) team. Specialises in AI, so he knows what to look for when you’ve been busy with the AI. A respected in both communities.

- Muldrake

Global Moderator on PPM and a respected member in both communities. He is currently working on TO and some other projects. He has a special eye for both detailing and atmosphere.

- TitanMarkII

He has been mapping for 3 to 4 years, possibly more and he works for TO and TSD. He will be judging the maps as well. He may be the one receiving the maps and sending them to the judges, but he will not, in any kind of way have biased ratings, because he claims to be, in all arrogance the most honest person on earth.

- Slimby

Has worked on the Halo mod that is currently inactive and is a skilled at making voxels like toilets and donuts. He has been around for a fair amount of time and is a respected member at TiberiumWeb forums, since he used to be an active news poster at covering the mods hosted there and the events of that community.

More judges to come… (possibly, feel free to apply should we decide we need more people on the job)

All judges will receive a package with all final maps whenever the deadline has been reached, in which the maps have been given numbers and have been checked for subtle hints of who the maker might be.

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