February 19, 2009 - 18:44
Hah, been ages...

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It's under the released section, yet I didn't have a download link, silly me. Here it is if you want it. #Tongue

I honestly don't recall what's in there, but it is old. Have fun!

Install note: Place all contents in desired directory and run setup.bat
*This mod requires FS
*It no longer requires ETS
*This mod is not standalone

Lastly, only change log I could find...


????????? Additions/Fixes ??????????
-Loads of animations added
-Dusk sounds added
-Fixed blood animation problems
-New debris
-New map
-Balanced units
-Nuke is now only multimissile
-Chemical missile is clustered
-Ghost Stalker, GDI Sniper, Black Hand, Nod Sniper now added bomb as secondary weapon
-Removed ddraw.dll, blacked everything out
-Added speedy cd
-Fixed colors
-Added 2 songs
-Tweaked all weapons, warheads, and projectiles
-Tweaked [General]
-Fixed AI triggers
-Removed demo truck
-Fixed Ghost Stalker cost
-Banshee now has custom WH
-Added new loading screen
-And much more...

????????? Bugs/WIP ??????????

-Skirmish menu [WIP]
-Bombs for Ghost Stalker, etc. [WIP]
-AI has some teams that need to be fixed
-All maps need to be remade
-And more...

???????? 4.09 Update ?????????

-Added new Titan
-32 facings hack complete (Note, all shp units must have 32 facings, and none do at the moment except for the titan)
-Background image added to skirmish screen
-Fixed bug at EIP 005BB2FF
-Fixed up the Theme.ini's
-Added Retribution to Theme.ini

???????? 4.0967 Update ?????????
-Small fixes
-2 LAT's replaced (Grass and Rough)
-Now .7z instead of .rar (winrar can open it)
-10MB smaller than last build -REMOVED
-New install method -REMOVED

???????? 4.193 Update ?????????
-No longer installs via .bat
-New file layout
-Player's build is standalone and has mix protection (Obsolete)
-Modder's build is about 136MB smaller than the player's build
-Modder's build has no mix protection, and installs via setup.bat