Rise of the East 3.0 has been released!
October 01, 2022 - 15:06
Hello ladies and gentlemen! Reinforcements have arrived from Rise of the East as Rise of the East 3.0 has been recently released by their team. Rise of the East is a modification for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares and Phobos. It introduces East Asia (China) and GLA from Generals as two new factions to the game. These two factions have single-player campaigns related to them. It uses CnCNet Client for a fully featured multiplayer and many new and exclusive features, balance changes, improvements, a new map editor, and much more! The changes from Rise of the East 3.0 were announced with the following words:


Rise of the East v3.0 Released!

Thank You
Firstly, thank you all for the ongoing support and patience over these last 2 years of development. Thanks to the fans and contributors, we were able to hit the top 100 mods in 2020 and the top 5 in 2021.

What's New
If you want a rather long bedtime story, the 3.0 changelog can be found here.

Here are some of the core changes since 2.2.5:

  • New missions and challenge maps

  • New subfactions

  • Exclusive features and assets

  • Audio and Visual improvements

  • New CNCNet Client & Map Editor

  • CNCNet official

So what do almost 300 (288ish) beta patches get you? Keep reading and find out!

New Missions and Challenge Maps
3.0 offers the first 3 of 7 C&C Generals missions for both China and the GLA, aiming to give the player an experience as close to the General's counterpart as possible (except for The Dragon Awakes, pending its remake). I am aiming for all 7 to be available in 3.1.

We're also adding challenge maps on the less serious side of things, such as Yuri's Genetic Challenge and GLA's Defense Challenge - both play as survival maps. Other maps and play styles will be added in the future. Challenge and Cooperative maps can be found in the Skirmish and Multiplayer lobbies.

And for some bad news: RA2 missions have been disabled pending a remake in the future.

New Subfactions
Each faction has a new sub-faction with unique technologies and playstyle:

Vietnam is infantry-heavy and utilizes squad training and personnel carriers to overwhelm their enemies. Vietnam is also the only faction to have 2 trainable hero infantry units.

Ukraine drops the slow but heavy hitter Soviet design and favors utility instead. Much of their arsenal revolves around "iron" based weapons both in defense and offense.

Japan utilizes mechanized infantry and vehicles capable of switching modes in battle, whether in the air or on land. Chrono technology has also been advanced into Cryo tech throughout their arsenal.

Genesis is the experimental branch under Yuri's Army with a focus on mutation and subterranean assault. Their tech choices allow them to adapt to almost any enemy line-up, depending on the situation.

Cobra Cell relies on hit and run more than the other GLA Cells and specializes in crippling the enemy's front lines. This Cell can also access economy boosters earlier than any other faction.

New Exclusive Features
3.0 pushes the 20-year-old engine to its limits. Here are some of the new features:

  • Generals Pilot system

  • Cash Hack and Money Steal

  • Improved single-click upgrade systems

  • Support units gain veterancy

  • Advanced weapon systems

    • TS Web remake and all new Freeze mechanics

    • Critical hits & chance based effects

    • Condition-triggered effects

    • Advanced ammo-based weapon modifiers

  • Missile interceptors on aircraft (King Raptor)

  • Airfield rally points & split queue (helicopters moved from WF to Airfield)

  • Hero specials (unique abilities)

  • Pseudo infantry squads (Angry Mobs, etc.)

All of these features were made possible with Ares, Phobos, DP (Kratos), and Otamaa's own custom features. For a preview, check out the video below:

This update also introduces General Powers for all factions, which are designed to adjust your gameplay depending on the situation.

General Powers are granted at each tier free of charge. GPs give the commander a choice between tools such as unit upgrades, support powers, or economy boosts - allowing for a strategy shift or counter to certain combinations.

The example below shows Ukraine's Rank 1 choice between upgrading their Bulava Tank with more armor and amphibious tech or gaining access to a new tiered Support Power that spawns Iron Striders anywhere on the map:

Some GPs are also backward compatible, meaning once you reach a certain tier but end up losing the tech building, the new tech (unit, upgrades, etc.) granted by the GP will still be available. For SPs, a lesser version is granted. E.g., USA Rank 3 GP to unlock the Paladin Tank is accessed at T3, but the Paladin Tank itself replaces the M1A1 at T2 once selected:

Exclusive New Assets
Next up, we have some exclusive assets to showcase - but in the interest of article length, I'll try to keep the images to a minimum!:

  • Over 70 new infantry and unit models

  • Over 100 new civilian structures

Audio and Visual Improvements
Without reposting the previous article too much (said article could be found here):

  • New desert, temperate, and snow terrain

  • New unit voices, custom EVA and SFX

  • New soundtrack by Charlie Lockwood, TeknoAXE, White Bat Audio, and many more

  • New exclusive infantry, animations, buildings, and vehicle models (see below)

Preview of the new desert terrain and some of the new Asian structures

Husk logic, as previously showcased

Phobos LaserTrails on projectiles and aircraft

New Client & Map Editor
The client has been updated with new visuals and functionality.

  • The Client now offers downloadable add-on components such as:

    • Downloadable soundtracks

    • Downloadable mission cutscenes

    • Compressed .mix files during updates for faster downloads

  • The Map Editor has been updated with Secsome's FA2SP DLL, bringing QOL improvements:

    • Performance improvements

    • Palette fix without the need to modify core mixes (ra2.mix etc.)

    • Custom overlay/terrain types lists

CNCNet Listed

As of May 2021, Rise of the East is officially listed as an endorsed mod on the CNCNet Client website. On top of more exposure, we also have our player count visible on the website and on the RotE Client.


Thanks for tuning in and until next time, Commander

If you are curious about Rise of the East, visit the Official Website to obtain further information about it. You can grab the latest version of Rise of the East by clicking Here. And that's all regarding Rise of the East for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Rise of the East!

Happy birthday to PPM! 22 years old!
September 30, 2022 - 07:28
Hello everyone! Today, September 30th, is PPM's anniversary! We have survived for a very long 22 years already, and to remind you that everything started with a Tiberian Sun mod called PPM: Final Dawn, and today we have a little fun monster that provides everything except the download from PPM: Final Dawn. I reiterate that I still plan to finish this mod one day.

Our little old PPM monster has a lot of content to offer, most of it created by you, visitors. From hosted mods to tutorials, graphical resources of several kinds, sounds, maps, and an active community. Perhaps not as active as we had in earlier years, but it still survives the immediatism of today's internet. I mean, most of the internet forums are losing their popularity to communication tools that pose a faster-messaging pace, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Discord groups. Some people want quick and dedicated tech support. Others seem to have too much free time on their hands. For these people, forums are archaic tools. Considering the military thematic of the games covered here, Discord seems to be the big winner among the three tools I've mentioned earlier, as it is easier to be anonymous there (just as here), since some of the people who are interested in these games might have very questionable principles to say it in light terms. Some, in this case, mean minority, just to be clear. Discord also wins by being an excellent tool to stream to many people.

PPM was never made with this immediatism in mind. Sorry if it disappoints some of you. If you want the fastest responses for your modding doubts and the fastest feedback for your projects, PPM might not be the best place for it. But that's not a bad thing at all because PPM complements it. Time helps you to think twice (or more) and provides more elegant and constructive ideas. The human brain doesn't work well if you are hot-headed, let's be honest. Also, a slower pace of messaging allows you to focus your energy on your projects as well. PPM was never meant to be an overcrowded place but rather a place where you can comfortably pay attention to everything posted here. In forums overloaded with posts and spam, it is hard to catch and organize interesting content. And if people post too quickly there, dialogs might be compromised. If you expect useful responses, you have to expect people to actually read and pay attention to them.

Forums also have the advantage of being tracked by search engines. So, what you post here can be registered for posterity and help those who look for answers to their problems using search engines, which happen to be many people. Bear in mind that the number of registered users who browses the forums happen to be less than 5% of all visitors, so if you think that few people are responding to your post, it doesn't mean that few people read it in the first place. Discord, Whatsapp, and Telegram posts are not meant to be exported outside their environment. While this is good for the privacy of their posts, it is bad if you want to use these tools to spread the word to the world. For us, in PPM, it is much easier to spread news posted on ModDB than on Discord because we can track, import, and transform the format of this news to one compatible with our forums. If you post it on Discord, we have to do the procedure manually, which takes much more effort from our side.

However, prosperity is a crucial word for PPM and our 22 years of survival. If you post your content here, we make it available for as long as possible unless you post something absurd that violates laws or offends people. If a group of rogues posts certain kinds of crap on Discord public channels, there is a risk that the whole channel will be deleted, and years of interesting content may disappear in the blink of an eye. Here we are more careful simply to filter the crap and keep the rest. Of course that there is a risk of PPM eventually ending, which is definitely not on my plans, but our data is being exported to other sites, search engines, and the Internet Wayback Machine. So, something will be salvageable.

Some people think that I want to create a sort of PPM LLC or want to conquer the world by it gathering the whole community in its back, but my main priority is to make a comfortable place that is easy to maintain. And maintenance doesn't simply mean that the place works, but it should also have a constant flow of new content. Otherwise, people will lose interest in it. From my end, the kind of content I can create is news posts, updated tools, the Final Dawn mod, tutorials, etc. Unfortunately, my real life prevents me from doing everything simultaneously due to time constraints and other matters. And it can get worse once I get a job, constitute a new family, etc. So, I focus my energy on making PPM sustainable even if I have to be absent for some time. This is why I prioritize the news posts. They help to motivate others to visit the site by showing the activity of the community and also motivate people to be part of the news by having their content advertised to the rest of the community. Last year I made a tool that allowed me to post news much faster (from 30min to 2 hours being reduced to a few minutes in some cases). With a faster flux of news comes the need to organize these news posts, which is why one of the last year's birthday gifts was the subsites.

I still have work to do in terms of news posting tools to allow us to properly spotlight the resources you guys submit, as well as the content from other communities, but what was made so far has helped us to advance a lot in terms of news posting. I also have to progress a lot to facilitate the use of keywords on voxels, SHPs, and other resources.... as well as for your use in your mods. It will eventually be done, and something interesting will come out.

For now, we have a couple of smaller gifts to provide for this birthday:

1) We now have a Command & Conquer Generals subsite: https://generals.projectperfectmod.com.

2) The news posts from our subsites were fixed. You should no longer see broken quotes, broken videos, etc.

3) We have also tagged all tutorials that were submitted recently. So, if you search for #Tutorials #RedAlert2 (or replace #RedAlert2 with the game that you want), it will feature all tutorials. You can also browse the tutorials by using other keywords used in these tutorials.

It is also worth mentioning for those who like chatting that our forum backend engine was recently updated to allow new posts to show up as they are posted when you view topics. However, I still have to work on post edition and deletion. I have to work on the front end and test everything, of course. It's just a matter of time until we get this functionality fully working for registered users only and non-offtopic forums.

And finally, one cake, one purpose, because cake lives in death and our cake tradition must go on!

The credits for today's cake goes to this site

Cnc-ddraw has been released!
September 29, 2022 - 22:33
One vision, one purpose! FunkyFr3sh, the leader of cnc-ddraw, has recently released cnc-ddraw cnc-ddraw is a rendering alternative for old games that uses Direct Draw, making them compatible with newer systems and improving their graphics. You can use it on games like Command & Conquer Gold, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Carmageddon, Carmageddon 2, Warcraft 2, StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo 2, Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, Theme Hospital, Populous: The Beginning, Outlaws, Dungeon Keeper, Dark Reign: The Future of War, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Atomic Bomberman, Dune 2000, Oddworld: Abe\'s Oddysee, Commandos, Red Baron 3D, F-16 Multirole Fighter, F-22 Raptor, Nox, among others. Here are the official words about cnc-ddraw


  • Improved Performance

  • Resolution switching is now faster with the Direct3D 9 renderer

  • Fixed some bugs with the Total Annihilation Beta Patch

  • Added support for a few missing DirectDraw features

  • New .ini setting "d3d9_adapter=" to switch your display adapter (Intel/AMD/NVidia) - (Direct3D 9 only)

  • New .ini setting "opengl_core=true/false" to use a OpenGL core profile

  • New .ini setting "guard_lines=" to fix crashes with some games that draw outside of the visible screen

  • Added support for Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan, and Nastya

  • Added support for NexusTk

  • Added support for Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger

  • Added support for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

  • Added support for American Conquest Steam+GOG versions (Check proxy-dlls.zip)

  • Added support for Cossacks Steam+GOG versions (Check proxy-dlls.zip)

For further information about cnc-ddraw, visit its GitHub Profile. Download cnc-ddraw That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on cnc-ddraw!

Kratos Build 7.1 is out!
September 29, 2022 - 22:15
Hi everyone! The staff from Kratos has been working hard these days, and they have just posted Kratos Build 7.1. For those who are not acquainted with it, Kratos is a Chinese solution that extends the modding features from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge with Ares and YR Dynamic Patcher. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Kratos Build 7.1:


If you are not a developer or do not plan to add and use DP scripts, then you should follow the steps below to improve the loading speed. (This should also be done when you release your mod)

1) Delete DynamicPatcher.dll.

2) Rename DynamicPatcher_RELEASE.dll to DynamicPatcher.dll.


1. ‘nores’ is for Non-Developer.

2. This package is prepared for non-developers, uses DynamicPatcher-2.0-debug, does not contain Source Code.

3. This version and later versions use the development version DP by default and also come with the release version DP. If you need to publish, you can rename and override yourself.

4. If you have already used the pre-packaging of this project, it is recommended to delete all of them and then overwrite them.

5. Build7 is different from the previous version. Due to the updated DP2.0, you must completely delete the folder  i]"DynamicPatcher"[/i], and then add this package.

6. DP2.0 no longer needs to add administrator privileges to syringe.exe and gamemd.exe. If you encounter online synchronization failures, you can try to remove administrator privileges.

You must completely delete the folder "DynamicPatcher", and then add this package.

7. Fixed the spelling error Form of Stand.PromoteFormMaster, the correct spelling is Stand.PromoteFromMaster is From. At the same time, the default values of some Stands have been changed.

Change Log

1. The framework is upgraded to DP 2.0 (debug version), which can use the new component system of DP 2.0, so it is necessary to completely delete the old packages and re-cover the new packages.

2. Added "Display Health number" and "Display Damage number" feature, the display of numbers has two styles, the "game font" or "SHP file", the package has two SHP files pips.shp and pipsnum.shp for easy use. It is enabled by default. You can add settings like DamageText.Hidden=yes in [AudioVisual] to turn it off or other to deeply customize the display.

3. Added Aircraft Area Guard, provided by "????", Demo Video.

4. Paintball can print color to Building and Stand.

5. Added Launch Super weapon when Animation is playing, like launch when weapons fire, expanded some settings.

6. Now those animations spawn by an animation, like Debris, Trailer, etc. can inherit its House. And you can use ExpireAnimOnWater to cover Anim when a Meteor or Debris hit the water.

7. Now can set SubjectToGround to homing projectile detonate when it throws the ground, default yes when ROT>1, default no when use straight like ROT=1.

8. Added new AE-Type Weapon.Disable to disable the unit's weapon can affect the Unit's own Stand.

9. Added new AE-Type OverrideWeapon. When the Unit is fired, the projectile will change to a custom weapon.

10. Added new AE-Type FireSuperWeapon. When the Unit is fired, the SuperWeapon will launch the same.

11. Added new AE-TypeGiftBox, when the Unit has this effect, the Unit will transform to a GiftBox.

12. Add new AE-TypeSelect.Disable to disable selected by mouse.

13. Some feature settings have expanded, like FireSuperWeapon and GiftBox etc. They can set Chance and Elite etc. AE-Type same.

14. Expanded settings for some AE-Types, now they can use AffectWho to specify who only affects, values ALL\MASTER\STAND.

15. Expanded the settings of some AE-Types, DeactiveWhenCivilian can make the attached effect stop working when the Unit's House is changed like pilot dead, but the AE will not be removed, and the timer will not be paused.

16. GiftBox can now use RandomWeight to control the random weight of each gift in the list when RandomType is activated, the higher the value, the easier it is to be selected. But even if it is selected, the Chance still decides this type can be released.

17. Set House for animations Explosion, DestroyAnim, DebrisAnim, etc. when a building is destroy.

18. Animations now use Warhead or Weapon to make damage, both can inherit House. Added the label Damage.InitDelay to set a delay of animations before doing damage. Damage.Delay can also have effects on animations using Warhead, the label Warhead.PlayAnim can make animations using Warhead, play Warhead's animation.

19. Added label DeployToTransform, make Infantry or Unit transform to anther Unit when they deployed. like GiftBox, the origin unit will remove.

20. Expanded the Stand setting, now set Stand.Immune=no to make Stand a target and receive damage, and you can use Stand.DamageFromMaster to let Stand share the damage received by JOJO, or use Stand.DamageToMaster to let JOJO share the damage received by Stand.

21. Changed the default configuration of Stand, Stand.VirtualUnit=yes.

22. Added the tag Missile.Homing, which allows the SpawnMissile to track and accurately hit the moving target. When the target is in air, this function is automatically enabled.

23. Unit now correctly uses FireOnce to stop firing after one shot when in DeployFire.

24. Expanded Stand settings. Now, Stand can use Stand.SameAmmo and Stand.UseMasterAmmo to sync or consume JOJO's ammo. When Stand.SameAmmo is enabled, Stand.UseMasterAmmo is enabled by default.

25. Add new AE-TypeDamageSelf to still get damage itself even cloaked.

26. The animation adds a new label Visibility, which can set the animation to only play to which house, NONE\OWNER\ALLIES\ENEMIES, NONE means all.

27. Expanded the settings of AE-Type Anim. Now AE animation can be played when the unit is cloaked and can control to only play to which House.

28. Added the ClearTarget setting to the WarheadType. A unit damaged by this warhead will lose its current target, but it will not affect the subsequent search for a new target.

29. Expanded the animation damage system, adding the tag Damage.KillByCreater allows the animation creator to get kills from animation damage, similar to the Psionic Storm in StarCraft's High Templar, as long as he is alive.

30. Extend Proximity, add the tag Proximity.Blade to make collision detection ignore height. Any Z height within the Arm range is considered a hit.

31. Added new AE-Type DamageReaction. When the Unit gets damaged, the damage number will be changed. Has EVASION\REDUCE\FORTITUDE\PREVENT, four-mode can be selected.

You can check more information about Kratos by visiting their Github Profile. Grab the latest version of Kratos by clicking Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Kratos!

Notepad++ v8.4.6 has been released!
September 29, 2022 - 16:22
Hello ladies and gentlemen! The team from Notepad++ has recently released Notepad++ v8.4.6. For those who are not acquainted with it, Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, and plugins and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

Here is the official announcement from Notepad++'s staff about Notepad++ v8.4.6:

There are 2 new features and 1 major change in this release:

   1. Add Change History markers for document saved/unsaved/undone modification.
   2. Add setting tab color ability.
   3. Make the tab context menu less cluttered by adding a sub-menu.

Also, people complain about auto-updating being too frequent. The “Never” button on the Updater dialog is restored (regression-fix) in this release. That sounds absurd, but if you don’t want to update, you have to update (to this release, at least).

You can find more information about Notepad++ by visiting the Official Website. You can download Notepad++ v8.4.6 Here. And that's all regarding Notepad++ for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about Notepad++!

The End of Days update!
September 29, 2022 - 16:09
The staff from The End of Days has been working hard these days, and they have just shared some of their progress with small posts at Discord Channel. For those unaware, The End of Days is a mod for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. It adds Russia as a new playable faction and improves the original three with new units, structures, and special powers! It strives to bring an authentic real war feeling, with a few fictional additions for more fun and diverse gameplay & tactics! It also replaces Heroes with elite infantry, and Superweapons are mostly presented as mobile ICBM Launchers like Russia's Topol-M or China's DF-41. It also innovates with purchasable subfactions at your tech center instead of the original choice of "Generals" before battle, which allows you to change your strategy mid-game to counter your opponents! Each of the 4 factions has 3 completely different subfactions to choose from. Here is what was shared about it:

New Subfaction icons and names: Russia

New Unit for China!
H-20 Strategic Stealth Bomber

Armed with Cluster bombs, and can be upgraded to a Neutron bomb with detonation delay

Coming up in 0.98

For further information about The End of Days, visit the ModDB Profile. And this is all we can offer for today regarding The End of Days!

Hi everyone! For those who wanna create 3D models with realistic textures with Blender, we bring some interesting news. Dream Textures v0.0.6 has been recently released by their team.

For those who are not acquainted with it, Dream Textures is a plugin for Blender that uses AI Generative Adversarial Networks to generate realistic-looking concept art, background assets, and more for Blender from a simple text prompt. It allows you to create textures that tile perfectly with no visible seam by using the 'Seamless' option. You can also use it to create quick variations on an existing texture. It requires GPUs with a massive amount of RAM to generate big textures (about 12GB or higher for 512x512 textures).

The video below shows it in action (although it might feature an older version):

Here are the updates from Dream Textures v0.0.6:

Dependencies are now packaged with the addon, making installation much simpler! Just download the correct file for your platform below, and install it in Blender.

A Dream Textures Discord server has also been created.

Windows Installation
If you had a previous version of the addon, click Remove in Blender to delete it before installing the update. You may need to run Blender as an administrator to remove the old version of the addon successfully.

  • Download the file dream_textures-win32-cuda.7z from the Assets section below.

  • Due to file size limits on GitHub, the addon .zip file is contained in the 7-Zip archive. Download 7-Zip if you don't have it already.

  • Right click the file and select 7-Zip > Extract Here

  • Open Blender > Preferences > Add-ons > Install..., then select the file dream_textures-win32-cuda.zip extracted previously. The addon may take a minute to be copied into Blender.

  • Follow the instructions in the addon preferences window to setup the model weights.

If you want to remove the old dependencies to free up space on your computer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 3.3\3.3\python\lib\site-packages and delete the packages previous packages. You can also delete the full Blender 3.3 folder and reinstall

macOS Installation

  • Download the file dream_textures-darwin-arm64.zip from the Assets section below.

  • Open Blender > Preferences > Add-ons > Install..., then select the zip file. It may take a minute to be copied into Blender.

  • Follow the instructions in the addon preferences window to setup the model weights.

Other Platforms Installation
Other platforms are not officially supported by this addon. However, you can install it manually by following the steps under Contributing in the README.

UI Changes
Dream Textures has moved to the side panel of the Image Editor and Shader Editor:

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 0.0.5...0.0.6

If you are curious about Dream Textures, visit their Github Profile to obtain further information about it. Grab the latest version of Dream Textures by clicking Here. And this is all for today! Enjoy Dream Textures and provide your feedback about it so it can get better.

Hi everyone! VectorIV, the leader of Zero Hour Enhanced, has been busy recently working on it and shared its progress report with us. For those who are not aware, Zero Hour Enhanced is a modification for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that enhances the gameplay experience of the game according to VectorIV's visions. Here is what you need to know about the progress on Zero Hour Enhanced:

We've now reached the end of the NATO remastered buildings series.

This time featuring Company of Generals style buildings, including but not limited to all new totally ORIGINAL NEVER DONE BEFORE machine gun emplacement and light field howitzer emplacement designs that you surely haven't seen before in this lifetime or another.

Apart from that, this update includes the only remaining building from vZH, the Particle Cannon, and mostly new Patriot NASAMS battery.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "bUt I lOvEd ThE pIlLbOxEs." Sadly, Hunter's Pillbox has to go because of #NotLikeOtherMods. It's not like I wanna use your stuff, baka, but more seriously, I'm completing my original plan to replace vanilla/lent/placeholder stuff. I also have other plans in the future concerning defense stuff, so it's according to keikaku.

To begin with, the reworked Particle Uplink Cannon saw minimal updates like a rounder-shiny dome structure, shiny roofs and radar dishes, rounder fans, and 3D doors. The important concept to grasp here is that it's shinier and rounder.

As for the M240 MG Emplacement, it serves as an early rudimentary, inexpensive defense against early enemy infantry/light vehicle rushes. The catch here is that it works like CoH's MG defense because it has a limited firing arc, meaning that a well-maneuvered assault could bypass or outright destroy the emplacement. Visually speaking, it features an animated tarp, better black hole fading, and radius decal texture to indicate its firing arc when placed or ordered to show. Is that awesome?! Plz, guys, I need reassurance *distant sobs*

Speaking of M119 LFH Emplacement, on the other hand, it works like the previous update Strategy Center Bombardment Battle Plan howitzer in that it no longer automatically attacks an enemy, and you would need to order them to specifically fire somewhere. Visually, it also features animated tarps, actual howitzer and crews from the previous update, and, more importantly, many BARRELS. It can no longer garrison infantry. Controversial change, I know, you can cope with it, just like everything else in this mod. I swear it's not a total conversion! It's just a graphicz mode!

Lastly, on the more non-controversial side, we have the Patriot NASAMS battery. Why? You may ask. As you may or may not know, Patriot is actually a long-range anti-air system, while NASAMS is medium-short range. However, in vZH, it serves more as medium-short range than long range. So to maintain the balance of gameplay, Patriot will now be an entirely separate long-range anti-air unit while the vZH Patriot is replaced by a NASAMS battery, maintaining closely to its original role. The actual scale of both things also fits more nicely (Patriot is kinda large in real life.) Visually, NASAMS functions mostly like ZHE Patriot with animated barrel doors with a new turret and some clutter textures.

That concludes my inner introvert Youtuber non-sense speech. Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for in-game screenshots soon.

For more sane text, read below:

NATO Particle Uplink Cannon The same old USA Particle Uplink Cannon with rounder-shiny dome structure, shiny roofs, and radar dishes, rounder fans, 3D doors, 3D vents, and animated tarp.

NATO M240 MG Emplacement All new defensive structure armed with M240 general-purpose machine gun limited by frontal firing arc. Effective defense against enemy infantry and, to an extent, light vehicles when using armor-piercing munitions. Replaced Pillbox from previous ZHE version.

NATO M119 LFH Emplacement All new defensive structures armed with M119 light field howitzer are mostly used for infantry support. Effective defense against enemy infantry and vehicles. Its secondary munition choice remains to be seen. Replaced vZH Firebase.

NATO NASAMS Battery Mostly new defensive structure armed with four AIM-120 AMRAAM launchers. Effective defense against enemy aircraft and helicopters. Replaced vZH Patriot Battery.

If you are curious about Zero Hour Enhanced, visit the ModDB Profile to obtain further information about it. And that's all for now!