May 11, 2003 - 17:30
Here is how to prevent the incredibly annoying and frustrating save game bug from ever occuring or how to fix it in a mod that already has the bug

Firstly the save game bug appears in many TS and FS mods (deezire u reading) it allows you to save your game, but if you try to load up that save again you get the dreaded "Internal Error" message and shuts down TS.

I never used to know what caused this bug and had no chance of curing it, however many thanks to Banshee for telling me what the cause was.

This allowed me to work from there. The cause is the [Animations] section in the Rules.ini if you add any animations to this section the save game bug appears

however in any decent mod you got to add animations and you got to keep the save game feature.. well heres how to do it

You will see the last animation in the list is


This is the max, and anything past this =Save game bug
so how do u add animations, quite simple
you dont even have to replace any that are already in the list

You will notice the numbers of the animation down the side of the list, these generally go up in order. However there are many! unused slots and you get jumps like this

Well we know we cannot go over the 707 mark, but we can however use up all these slots in between, so from the above u will get the following free slots for your own animations

now thats quite a few free slots, check the list and enable all these free slots and u will find u got more than enough room for more slots

I was going to make a template opening all free slots, but im sure u can manage it

My testing was done with both TS and FS and save game worked in both
however in TS: Retro (my mod i tested this with) all animations from the firstrm.ini have been put into the rules.ini

this means that there is possibly many many more slots that can be used for firestorm alone. But i dont know what the max is in firestorm and you would of course only see these anims if u had the addon

anyway thats all