September 20, 2003 - 20:33
These are the screenshots of the Chinese campaign. The Chinese reporter is a terrible actress, really. But the campaign is not bad. China's TV program is different... It is funny to notice that the reporters don't act like reporters... that TV seems to be exclusive to the government. I know we need a briefing, but something like that is really not the reality.

Note: Click on them to see them in full size.

This is the Chinese reporter in map 1.

The Chinese campaign starts with a failure from USA where GLA conquered a USA base.

Another "USA owned by GLA" screenshot from the same base.

This is how China treats converted bases.

Briefing of map 2 where you have to defend a nuclear power plant that you will see in the screenshots below.

Chinese flag when the briefing ends, but it is still loading.

Now, this is the nuclear power plant. A huge structure and very well detailed. If this explodes.... no, I can't spoil the consequences Wink, only that you lose the mission Wink.

GLA vs China. A huge and very well done battle. (I really like these animations at the beginning of the maps... Harvard crew did a great job with these).

Part 2 of the battle, GLA beats the red guards.

Part 3: Chinese gatling cannon kicks ass of the suicide guys.

Part 4: the invencible demolition armada.

Now for in-game screenies in map 1. This artillery building is one of the tech buildings. It has a long-range and does a good job against enemy buildings and vehicles, but it's slow...

New construction options! The order of the units seems to have been modified a bit. The new icon is an advanced post. It's a vehicle that detects mines and other stuff and can also carry 2 infantry (is built with two tank hunters) that can shoot without the need to leave it... like a mobile bunker.

Still, in map 1, this is the American base you can conquer and get American units like crusader and humvee.

This is one of the new special abilities of China in action. It works like the parabombs from Red Alert. I don't know the name of this special ability in English, but it would be something like saturation bombardment or saturation bombing... This causes a hell of devastation.

Nuclear reactor from map 2 in another angle in game.

Generals abilities in map 2, including the 2 new ones from China, although they they are still limited to level 1.

This the reinforcements that arrive with the construction dozer in the map 2. The name of this unit is Helix. Other than a gatling cannon, bunker, or propaganda tower, it can release napalm bombs in buildings. It's a new kirov, but not as strong as the RA2 one.

Helix in action releasing its napalm bomb in an enemy defensive building. I could defeat all enemy bases of the map 2 with these things.



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