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Miscelaneous Screenshots
September 22, 2003 - 02:31
These screenshots are the final screenshots that shows many features of the game. New units, tech units, Generals features and even the fast foward that they finally added for replays. Use the 'F' key to make the replay run faster.

The so called Generals new units are improved versions of the normal units in game. General Kwai has the Emperor which is an improved Overlord that comes with propaganda tower and can receive a gatling cannon, pratically as good as the original mammoth tank of Command & Conquer 95. Alexis has the Aurora Alpha that has a different weapon... more explosive... Malcolm Granger has the King Raptor, that is capable of destroying the enemy missiles while it flies... it can be excelent defensively and offensively, because the enemy rarely kills one of them. Thrax has the toxic rebel, Rodall has an advanced death trap which is more deadly than the normal one. Other than that, Generals abilities varies for each Generals. Some generals cant build a certain kind of unit or certain units are cheaper for ones, more expensive for others, etc...

Other features are the ability to select the starting cash between $5k to $50k and you can limit superweapons to only one per side like it used to be before Generals. The number of medals are 10, one for someone who beats 7 brutal AIs in a game, and another related to the generals challenge which is a sort of campaign that you play against a generals players at their home and they taunt you every minute, but they only have words to offer Wink, we players have the skills to beat them Wink.

Note: Click on them to see them in full size.

We showed this building before, now we show its function. It parachutes 1 vehicle there each 3 minutes. It can even help, but it's too slow and weak... When I played americans, it parachuted a buggy, for the chinese, a battlemaster was parachuted... it varies depending on your side.

American defenses in high quality graphics in the new map Bombardment Beach. Very nice map and AI plays very well there.

One of the improvements of AI was certainly the economy. The have 2 or 3 supply depots and 2 black market in case of a GLA Hard AI. General Rodall also doesnt build bikes, but Kasssad does build them Wink.

King Raptors squad taking a flight.

General Kassad's base and his bikes on hard.

General Kassad attacking General "Pinpoint" Townes laser turrets... a variation of the patriot defensive buildings, but with a quite strong weapon.

Granger's combat chinook near a normal chinook. Guess who is the combat and who is the non combat chinook? You can put soldiers inside the chinook and mock enemy economy with them, since they don't need to leave the combat chinook to attack.

A close look at Townes troops. Four Laser Tank, 3 Sentry Drones, 2 Avengers*, 1 laser turret. Avenger is great to attack enemy missiles, specially from airplanes and missile launchers.

Kassad has lots of stealth units. even in skirmish, keep your eyes opened.

Alexis EMP patriot in action. Vehicles easily go offline against her, although GLA buggys can be very dangerous against her due to its range.

The old maps received new tech buildings and few changes. The quality of the maps are really excelent in this game.

Alexis's advanced upgrade for its power plant is blue and add 15 power. Townes original power plant gives 8 power and upgrade gives another 8. This picture also shows the EMP defenses from Alexis.

Hard battle between Thrax and Alexis. But Alexis was already prepared. Their infantry was upgraded with chemical clothes to be less volunerable against toxic rebel. Also, quite discreetly, you can find some aurora alpha near the commanches.

Aurora Alpha has just hit the target, the building with a green smoke.

That green smoke turns to be a big explosion.

Advanced Nuclear Reactor from Tsing Shi Tao.

Chinese ECM Tank in action putting enemy vehicles offline... doesnt attack buildings.

Chinese new units in action, advanced post (seen before in chinese campaign screenshots), ECM tank and Emperor (not overlord) from General Kwai.

Assault Troop Crawler from General Fai is a better red transport that even include a medics to aid your soldiers that are inside it.

Chinese internet center. Put your hackers there and get a lot of cash. You can also research spies to look over the enemy construction center and research the spy2 for the whole vision of the enemy for a while.



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