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USA Campaign Screenies
September 20, 2003 - 01:46
These are screenies that I took when I played the so called 'campaign better than the Generals one'. I've seen no difference at all. No story, briefings are just as bad as the original Generals, although we now have the BNN Live and a reporter doing the breifing. If you alt + tab during the briefing, you loose it... but if you loose it, dont worry... you are not loosing much at all, really. There are always some animations in the beggining of the map that looks cool to compensate the reporter.

Note: Click on them to see them in full size.

This is how your missions are loaded in Zero Hour. The reporter is in one side and pictures about what he is talking about in the other. This was the report from map 1.

In the first mission, this is the beggining of the animations. One of the new GLA units, the combat cycle.

Bikes reach the GLA base... The most important thing in the first map is the train and you already see its track.

USA base before anything wrong happens.

Still in the first map, a certain missile gona hit that base soon. The angle they used for this scene is very nice.

This is in the middle of the map, when the train arrives in the enemy base.

And a great end, the terrorist base is blown by a B2 bomber... Map 1 is over.

Map 2 being loaded. The same reporter talking more gibberish for you and bla bla bla etc etc...

This is the so expected naval power from USA. The naval power really makes this map too easy

Air Strike confirmed! Aircraft leaving the Aircraft Carrier to attack the GLA guys... the attack is successfully done.

This is from map 1 to show one of the new units, sentinel drone. I think EA could have worked more on it.

This is where the trucks must go in the map 2. It's extremely ridiculous to kill that soldiers. You can use the destroyer that reloads quite fast and they cant barely retaliate. Just dont destroy that building.

That part of the map looks sweet. The map is well designed. In this screenie you can also see the tech structure that repairs all your vehicles constantly.

This is a proof of a bug. The map loaded without the bridges. If this happens to you, restart the mission. Over there you can also see the trucks. They doesnt look bad, but likewise all other new graphics from Zero Hour, they could look much better.

This is when you start building a base to eliminate the GLA base. This screenie shows clearly that the button set now has 14 buttons instead of just 12.



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