The old Red Alert 2 logo was found on the original Intro video, backdropped with descending paratroopers.  It is incredibly rare in this high-resolution, high-quality form, and was most likely used until Mid-2000.

The 3 box arts are prototypes explored by Westwood and eventually scrapped.  They are similar to the final box art, and also to the classic C&C box-arts in that they portray a nameless commander or soldier.  The 3rd box-art, with the rather ugly prosthetic tactical soldier, came in 3 variants.

The second unused box, which is very similar to the one used with the shipped game, was a revision of the first box art.  The 3rd boxart is unknown as to when it was designed, used, or even what it was trying to look like.  Perhaps Volkov?

Box Art:


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