Project Perfect Mod Heads Up!
January 25, 2020 - 23:30
Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've created my last news post here. However, we have not been inactive. I just had a lot of work to do in this place, Project Perfect Mod Website and Forums and you might be probably feeling some of the results, although they might not be evident if you are not aware of it. So, let's get started:

1) Friendly Links: If you pay attention to the URLs when you access a section of the site, a forum, a topic, a post, or even user profiles, it is easier to understand its potential content by paying attention to its URL. Also, the title and few attributes were changed, which should affect what you see on the tabs of your browser.

2) Improvement on Performance: We have optimized everything we could on both site and forums, and even other internal subsystems that keep this place working. Everything is faster, and PPM is no longer fighting at the top list of resource hogs of the server, losing its traditional second place (it was only beaten by Revora forums before) falling to fifth or sixth place.

3) Downloadable Classics: During this whole procedure, we have reformed, fixed the content here, and, in the meantime, we have found many broken links and mods that were no longer downloadable or near extinction. We have rescued Tiberian Sun Retro 1.21. Other classics like Tiberian Sun Dusk, Reign of Steel and Tiberian Sun Squared (Pure 2012) received mirrors at PPM.

4) Updated Site Content: We have updated most of the site content. We have rescued as many broken pictures as we could. Some of these pictures were lost forever since Photobucket accounts were deleted, other images were blurred to death, and some other domains were deleted on these recent decades, and, unfortunately, Web Archive could not retrieve a copy of them in time. Several sections received grammar and spelling fixes, from tutorials, ancient Zero Hour screenshots to Command & Conquer community summit reports. Most pictures now use SSL protocol, and most links were updated to the new friendly links standard.

5) Search Engine Optimization: Friendly links, improved site title, descriptions, improved performance are certainly part of the process to enhance PPM's performance with search engines. Also, some forced redirections, revamp of robots.txt, sitemaps, meta content, HTML5 semantics on the site (not forums yet), and some other efforts were made in this direction. In a low term, there won't be noticeable differences, but with some months, things might be better. We still have a lot of work to be done to get better with search engines, but it should be done from the next month onwards.

And that's all for now. We will resume our news post-activity shortly. A lot of exciting things happened this month, and they will receive attention here. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

OpenRA Playtest 20200118
January 18, 2020 - 22:16
A new playtest of OpenRA released today refines and fixes several issues in the current release.

The full Changelog includes:

- Fixed significant performance and behaviour regressions with aircraft
- Fixed rare crashes during gameplay and when loading saved games
- Fixed several behaviour issues with unit and bot AI
- Fixed missing team chat in game replays
- Fixed build failures caused by an upstream API change
- Improved build icon layout in RA and D2k sidebars
- Improved in-game menu option layout

A new Mod SDK release is also available with a number of additional fixes for modders.

Since we expect this to be the only playtest before a final hotfix release around the start of February, we encourage everybody (especially those who like to play in multiplayer team games) to try a game or two, and to let us know if we have missed any other issues or accidentally introduced new ones.

As always, we welcome feedback in the comments below, on OpenRA's forum, Discord, or GitHub pages.

Head here for the download.

The original announcement for release-20191117 can be found here.

Assimilator has been released!
January 05, 2020 - 22:43

Darth Jane (also known as Lauren) has recently released a new tool known as Assimilator. It loads any .skudef of a late SAGE game, such as Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3, Uprising and Tiberian Twilight, and then it lists all the W3D animations it contains. Then you can obtain the XML code for the animations listed there, and use it in your models without requiring to browse the depths of any of the old Art Packs released by EA.

You can download it at However, it is worth mentioning that it requires Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 build 1607 or newer with .NET Core 3.x installed to run.

And finally, let's move to news from this year. Lin Kuei Ominae has recently updated Image Shaper to support a new format "Uncompressed_Full_Frame", which stores each SHP frame in its full size and, for this reason, you can't optimize its canvas.

So, here's the changelog:

-(update) new format "Uncompressed_Full_Frame" added, which stores each SHP frame in its full size. "optimize canvas" doesn't work for this case
-(update) command line option added to support setting "Split result"

And let's follow with an explanation from ApolloTD on this matter, since... why would you want to store uncompressed images for your mod in first place? ApolloTD has a good explanation:

Since LKO asked describe this one in practical uses.

1. Suitable for alpha related material like for example commonly used alphaimages where the content ideally should be left exactly as is and if there is zero index pixels used they are left as is and no cropping/compression is attempted.

2. Weird cases like high vertical anims that exceed height more than usual width in the usual compression method are cropped and this crop per frame can sometimes cause an flicker like effect infront of building and since here dimension is always same size this can't occur and no, zadjust etc doesn't always work in positioning over with constantly changing inner dimensions.

3. Can be used to remove compression features from shp for testing normal shp for alpha etc or to find out if compression causes issues.

4. This is a last resort option in usual use if nothing else works flawless and for other methods where are no issues with the shps, this should not be used due to filesize considerations.

You can download the latest Image Shaper at the first post of this topic here.

Regarding C&C Executable Modifier, Lin Kuei Ominae has shared a hack to allow bouncing projectiles in Tiberian Sun to bounce more than 3 times, as you can see at the image below. Thanks tomsons26 for the hex research:

Talking about news that we have let slip, as I did in the last news post, here's another interesting one. LucasSK and the team behind Tiberium Resurrection has given a good Christmas gift back on December 24th, which was the release of Tiberium Resurrection 2.5. It is a set of campaigns for Tiberian Sun that present a story the relationship between GDI and the Mutants go really bad after Nod agents disguise as GDI officers and mass murder the mutants. Version 2.5 does not fufill their objectives of bringing 4 campaigns, but it already has 2 campaigns and, as a bonus, brings 3 skirmish maps and 2 new soundtracks.

You can download Tiberium Resurrection at their ModDB profile. If you enjoy it, share your thoughts at PPM Forums or at their Discord channel.

Doom Desire 2019 end of the year update!
January 05, 2020 - 21:46
Hello again! I know 2019 is over for a while, however, sometimes we need to pick up some news that we have missed. And this is one of those. At the end of the last year, mevitar who is in charge of Doom Desire, a total conversion for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge (Ares) that brings an alien threat to Earth, has posted an interesting update for it. Here's his words on it:

In 2019 Essence basically reached completion, with all buildings finished and some minor things here and there to add. Most Vintarid buildings are also done, and although I wasn't able to start properly working on Paladins, they got a new unit completed. Hopefully I'll be be moving to them soon.

Essence Helios Core and Paladin Nihil

Vintarid Field Command and various support buildings

Vintarid Conduit and Aligner

Vintarid Propagator and Eviscerator

Vintarid Accretor and Sky Breach

This concludes 2019 for me. Have a happy 2020!

For more information about Doom Desire, visit its ModDB Profile and Website.

XTX to release on CnCNet!
January 04, 2020 - 00:54
Greetings, community!

I've been working with Holland this past year after seeing his efforts to bring our assets to the public sphere of CnCnet.
CnCnet has shown itself to be the most expeditious and practical way to get XTX into the hands of eager Tiberian Sun mappers worldwide, thanks largely in part to Holland's efforts to bridge the gap between the online community and modding community.

The original TX was made and released by Gangster as a beta all the way back in 2005, and though incomplete, was a huge milestone for Tiberian Sun mapping, and inspired a great deal of mods, maps, and campaigns.

XTX continued through the efforts of DaTS, and a few others. He had some difficulties due to a hard drive crash, and some other life events, but in this time the XTX terrain was able to benefit the kickstart of Tiberian Odyssey.

I joined the project in 2008 right after Creagor's TS: Callisto terrain was absorbed into XTX. Also joined were Lin Kuei Ominae and Harv, to extend XTX from being terrain-only into a "Civilain and terrain expansion", beginning with my voxel truck pack, and various LKO structures like the multi-sectioned train station.

As I was heavily involved with both Odyssey and Twisted Insurrection at the time, I used the opportunity to completely reorganize and synchronize the XTX terrain pack into Internal Build 1.1, and then redistributed it to TI and TO. This was the only time these mods generally shared the same terrain, but have since diverged heavily into their own flavors.

in 2010 I started a new career path IRL and my priorities shifted a bit, and had to prioritize my free time more decisively. My ambitions of releasing XTX seemed out of reach, and I released Build 1.2M "Messy" out of frustration, which included all the assets, but no functionality. Thankfully though, godofgamers took the mantle and pounded out a new internal Build 2.0 with full featuring full sets of Temperate, Snow, and Marble Madness.

In 2019 I noticed CnCnet had begun to feature TX and some other community assets, without requiring additional modding, and learned Holland was one of the guys to help make it happen. XTX has always been for the community, and what better way to give it to the community than through the world's primary source of TS online play? I'd already seen quite a few maps to feature the new assets as well as some creative Co-Op play that has never been seen before.

Today I write this post now with my ten-day-old son in my lap, and a highly demanding and respectable career to eat up my time. There's nothing more I can give to XTX that people like Holland and godofgamers haven't already done, so I'll leave it into their capable hands, and continue to cheer on from the sidelines.

All my best!


Friendly URLs at PPM!
January 02, 2020 - 23:00
Hello everyone! In the latest Happy 2020 news I've mentioned that I wanted to bring friendly URLs for Project Perfect Mod's frontpage. Well, this feature is working now. We still have a couple of not so friendly links, especially the ones related to downloads. But the site itself is full of friendly links, as you can see by exploring our left menu. Have fun!