Superweapon Tutorials
October 27, 2002 - 02:35
1.Draw animations
a.Convert them to SHP
b.Add them to ecachexx inside expandxx.
a.Add all animations to the list
b.Write the code in art.ini
c. Link all animations together
d. Set the last one to repeat from the beginning-this is optional
3. Finish coding in rules.ini
a. Make a new warhead
b. Add it to list
c. Apply first animation to wh
4.Applying the superweapon
a. edit ChemicalSpecial
b. change Chemlauncher

This is not covered in this tutorial.  There are many sites that show you how to do this.  Or stop by the forum and ask if you don’t know how.  Just draw an animation with multiple frames (if you want) and convert them to shp in the XCC Mixer.

Open rules.ini and search for [Animations].  Add a new number at the end of the list and type the uppercase name of all your new animations.

Next, you add the core of the coding for the superweapon in art.ini.  Basically all a superweapon is, is a continuing pattern of animaitons that does damage.  You can link animations with the Next and Spawn keywords.  (To see an example see the Superweapon code file).

In the case of my first lightning superweapon, I made it keep on looping until TS reached the limits for maximum number of animations on screen, and it stops making new animations, thus eventually stopping the superweapon.  However, this was a bad plan because it slows the computer way down.

This is simple to add a new WH.  Copy an existing one and change the stuff.  Add it to the end of the wh list under [Warheads].  On your wh, be sure to write Anim=and the starting animation from art.ini

You can replace any existing superweaapon, but how about ChemicalSpecial?  Change the ChemLauncher to your new weapon.  You must make a new weapon with your WH you made.  You can change the icon, recharge time, and add voices that are unused in TS.

I hope this has helped you.  This tutorial and others are available for download at:

Thank you for reading!
-Mr. Muk