August 07, 2009 - 02:31


The rules are simple. Take your favorite Game under the C&C franchise and create either a completely new design, or a fan based representation of an existing unit. All designs must be of the C&C realm, so that includes the Tiberium universe, the Red alert universe and the Generals universe. Your design can be anything from a vehicle, sea going vessel, aircraft, Infantry/cyborg/story based character, to large drop ships as long as it ties in with C&C. There are few restrictions, only that it must be a unit or character. No Structures, however mobile buildings eg MCV remake, slave miner or something new you wish to make, are allowed but must be shown in it's mobile form. Also the unit must be made for an existing faction. Smaller non playable factions eg Forgotten, Cabal ect. Are acceptable.


There is no restrictions on what modeling software you can use, However everything must be made completely from scratch. No importing existing meshes and modifying from there.

You can include painted environments, skies, effects.. basically, anything you want. This Is recommended but not mandatory, you will not be marked down if you don't do this, it would just be nice to see for presentation sake.

Your entry must be specifically created for this challenge. Do not use any pieces from previous personal/released works. If your entry has been released and or shown to the public it will not be considered.

There are no lighting restrictions, no poly counts, all modeling software is allowed.

Final submissions

Beauty shot.
You are free to do whatever post effects you like on this image. You can create multiple angles of your character or just one big version of your character. Image must not be larger than 1000x1000.

Presentation shot.
This Image must contain two angles of your design. Post effects from 3d softwares or 2d programs like Photoshop are not allowed in this image. The only adjustments allowed are: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Sharpness, and Hue/Saturation. Background must be a flat textured (grainy, etc) image or a pure or gradient color. You cannot put any objects, stars, things, fire, or people in your background. Image must not be larger than 1000x1000.

Construction shot.
This image should depict how your character was made. You can include wireframe shots, multiple angles or just one big wire frame shot. Image must not be larger than 1000x1000.

Texture sheet.
This Image must include your main texture. Normal and diffuse are not necessary but recommended, and you will not be marked down for not including it. Image must not be larger than 1000x1000.

Concept sheet. (Optional)
If you want to, submit any concepts you have done in regards to your final design. This is not mandatory, it is only for the judges to get a greater understanding of your design process.


Judging will be made up four categories totaling 100 points. There will be three judges including Myself (SDKH), Machine and one other. (PM me if your interested)
Judging will be as follows.

25 points for Model detail
25 points for Texturing
25 points for Creativity
25 points for General design

There will also be public voting
1st will receive an additional 20 points
2nd will get 15
3rd well get 10


Throughout the competition you will be encouraged to post wips to ensure fairness and receive feedback on how to get the best design possible. Whilst daily wips aren't necessary, you must post at least one wip every two weeks, however it is strongly recommended that you post at least one evey week from the point you start until you finish. All progress will be shown in the competition thread, not in the media hut or separate threads. Note, all competitors must officially enter the competition by announcing it in the comp thread.


Deadline will be 21st of September 6:00pm GMT


I've spoken to banshee and the winner will receive a custom rank of their choosing....