Here's a package with all maps submited so far in the .map format (which means that it won't slow down your TS). Just extract the files there to your RotD dir.

Also, download this to have compatible games online with custom maps.


Jurassic Island,
CityScape: Return Of The Hell,
Dawn Survivor,
South Pacific,
The Coast,
Lost Arena,
No Mans Land,
Temple Of Sarajevo
and Corporate Warfare.

This update includes 3 new maps, 2 form Carnotaurus and a fixed version from No Mans Land, which is now back to the pack. It's highly recommendable to update your pack. And also download the OMC map pack for more maps. Read the instructions for any update.

Remember that, by every map being at the mix file, you can see the minimap when playing with other people. If someone is creating a map using these maps and you can't see the minimap, leave your TS, delete the .mpr or .map version of it, make sure the package is installed and get back.