September 30, 2007 - 14:53
The most noticeable differences between these newer screenshots from the April screenshots are the less vibrant colors, the voxel detailing, and the new snow-style.  The allied look has been changed a lot, going from an even futuristic look to a grittier, modern high-tech look.

The soviet-style has changed to a rougher, sloppier look, designed to mock the soviet union's deteriorating infrastructure and lifestyle during the 1970s, the time period of the game.  In these screenshots, the Heavy Tank has been replaced with the more realistic Rhino Tank, and while most voxels are final, such units as the Hydrofoil have not been changed at all yet.  The game was, for the most part, finished at this time, aside from some filming, and bug-testing/polishing.

The contents of this section were submitted by BrianPrime.


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