PPM Voxel Competition Rules
October 02, 2008 - 04:06


1 - Each person is allowed to submit as many entrances as they wish.
2 - Entry must be based in a unit or concept from Kane's Wrath or Tiberium Wars.
3 - Entry must include the voxel and HVA. If applicable, turret and barrel voxels and HVA's, and offset must also be included. All entries must include the concept art/image that inspired them. The submissions should run on Red Alert 2.
4 - Entry must be "new," any entry seen by the public or clearly based upon a public asset (being either a voxel, or VV'er/screen-shot therof) will be rejected.
5 - All entries to be made publically available, cameos and readme's to be included if provided.
6 - Entries must be submitted to Banshee before October 16th in the GMT. Use Private Messages to send them.
7 - Once deadline is over, the submitted entries cannot be changed.


1 - Will be done by Reaperr, Dupl3xxx and Team Black.
2 - Will be out of 100 points, based on the following criteria:
a) 30% Detail - Use and level therof.
b) 10% Coloration - Good usage of colors.
c) 10% Normals - Good use of normals.
d) 30% Competence - The technical side, bounds, well refined shape, HVA, etc.
e) 20% Theme - either for accuracy (basing on screenshots and concept art) or creativity (basing on written information)
f) 5% Bonus - Only the 3 submissions that impress each judge in some way might get up to 5 points.
3 - The entries are to be passed to the judges by Banshee anonymiously, thus scores shall remain unbiased.
4 - There will be no public voting for the entries.


This contest will be sponsored by Electronic Arts Los Angeles, to promote C&C 3: Deluxe Edition between October 1st to 15th, which is why the deadline is so tight. Anyway, the prizes are:

1st Place:
- 1 Copy of the Command & Conquer 3: Deluxe Edition
- 1 Copy of the Command & Conquer Saga
- 1 Kane Lives Shirt
- 1 Tiberium Wars Shirt
- 1 Nod Travel Mug,
- Personally autographed photo by Joe "Kane” Kucan"

2nd Place:
- 1 Copy of the Command & Conquer 3: Deluxe Edition
- 1 Kane Lives Shirt
- 1 Nod Travel Mug

3rd Place:
- 1 Copy of the Command & Conquer 3: Deluxe Edition
- 1 Kane Lives Shirt

Final Notes:

These rules can be changed until October 5th to fit the needs from the community. If the rules change, we'll post about it in the Site News. However, the deadline, prizes and theme cannot be changed.

EALA has no formal deal whatsoever with this contest and its organizers, which means that they can drop their sponsorship at any moment, which would cut the prizes.


Organizer: Banshee.
Judges: Reaperr, Dupl3xxx and Team Black.
Banner and Button made by Muldrake.