September 22, 2008 - 15:30

It's been a very long time since a Tiberian Sun mapping competition, and Ixith and I where discussing it yesterday so I feel its a good idea to start up a new one quite similar to the C.C.C but for Tiberian Sun. This mapping competition will be about Single-player mapping rather than Multi-player mapping as there are very few single-player mappers in the community (Myself being one of them).
There was an S.M.M.C A Long time a go which never took place, and I feel that it was a shame that it never took place (As I wanted to enter it), but non-the-less, I feel being as the C.C.C went smoothly, I'll host another mapping competition.


1 - Only One map per entrant
2 - Any map entered by the creator must be larger than 85 x 85 otherwise their map will be marked as void and will not be judged in the competition.
3 - The entries must be completely new. No re-makes of maps, no copy and pasted terrain from any other maps.
4 - If you post any previews of your maps anywhere before the competition deadline, you will be disqualified and your map will be marked as void and will not be judged in the competition.
5 - Once submitted, entries cannot be changed, unless the version submitted is clearly at incomplete
6 - Entries must be submitted to Aro (Me) by the December 8th(00:00GMT)
7 - Terrain expansions of any kind are NOT allowed.
8 - The Map you submit can be for either Normal Tiberian sun or it can use Firestorm terrain, its your choice.
10 - More than one person can work as a team effort on one map but a deduction will be made from the overall score of that map.
11 - Modified Tutorial.ini's are allowed and recommended.


Judging will be done by Aro (Me), Ixith, Morpher and blubb.

- Detail work and LAT placement.
- Map layout
- Map Lighting
- General Game play on your submission
- Trigger work

Will be out of 100 points, based on the criteria listed just above.

20 points for Detail
20 points for Layout
20 points for Lighting
20 points for Game play
20 points for Triggers.

Once you feel you've completed a submission, send it to Aro (Me) Via Private Message (PM) only, not via I.M Client.

Good luck entrants!...