Dalek units
March 22, 2005 - 21:55
here are the units for the dalek side


a human who has been captured by the daleks and has been premanently mind controlled.robomen are loyal servants of the daleks and obey their orders without question and fight without fear or feeling pain. robomen are armed with a energy pistol and are effective verus infantry.

Dalek Agent
Dalek agents are alien mercanaires employed by the daleks, dalek agents are armed with plasma guns and are able to garrison buildings, they also have personal stealth generators.

EC roboman
a roboman with a high powered energy cannon, EC robomen are the only dalek unit capable of attacking air units, strong verus aircraft, weak verus infantry.


MK2 travel machine dalek
the most basic type of dalek. mk2 travel machine daleks or just daleks are capable of awful acts of cruelty and are without remorse. these daleks are armed with a blue death ray that completely destroys infantry and is powerful against tanks also, but it takes alot of these to kill a building and they are very slow.

Special Weapons Dalek
this dalek is the equivelent of a heavy tank SW daleks are armed with a MASSIVE energy gun abale to decimate groups of infantry and can severly damage armoured units with a single shot, while expensive and very slow these untis are incredibly strong and should always be targeted first

Hoverbout Dalek
a dalek mounted on a "hoverbout" flying platform hoverbouters are armed with the same weapon as normal daleks but are much faster and can travel over water.

Seige dalek
the ultimate dalek weapon this dalek is armed with twin energy cannons that can destroy almost anything in a limited number of hits, long range and powerful these daleks are a force to be reconned with.


Shuttlea imperial dalek shuttle capable of carrying 4 daleks to a desiered location. its strong armour more than makes up for its low speed.

Combat Saucer
a dalek flying saucer armed with a energy launcher, rather like a weaker version of the kirov


Marine dalek
a dalek that can travel under water this dalek uses a special heat ray that can burn through ship hulls with relative ease,powerful against ships weak against subs

Type X travel machine dalek

the type X travel machine is the ultimate in dalek evolution a strong humanoid exo skeleton protects a highly advanced mutant located in the domed head unit. the Type X is armed with a incredibly powerful short range energy weapon and can destroy most targets with relative ease. weak against base defenses