The CEE Unit List
July 05, 2004 - 16:28
Here is the CEE unit list commander, Our councillor(sp?) has opened the CEE military database for all officers being a commander or higher in rank.

EDIT: Way easier for you guys if i write it here:

The CEE Unit Briefing version 0.1


Marine – (300)
The basic infantry unit, has a small rocket launcher to return fire to tanks.

Engineer – (750)
Your only units that can capture buildings, also some buildings in the cities can be captured.

Mortar Infantry (1250)
This units shoots med range mortars, great for groups of infantry and buildings.

Medic – (600)
Heals your units.


Battle Tank – (700)
Your main battle unit: Decent sight, speed, and strength, it’s weapon is on the weak side though.

Recon - (400)
A car with a mounted machine gun, excellent at scouting with it’s speed and sight, can only take infantry without any AP weapon or when supported with armor. (only 1 infantry of that kind exists in the game)

Troop Carrier – 1000
An Apc like vehicle, Carrying no weapon, but more armoured than an Enforcer Tank!
Carries 10 infantry.

Enforcer Tank – 1600
Your Advanced battle tank, It is way stronger than the battle tank in terms of armor and firepower, but weaker in maneuverability and sight.
Carries 2 infantry.

A-Air – 800
Your anti-air unit has 2 high caliber Vulcan guns, tearing apart infantry and air units alike. Especially when in groups of 2-5.
Carries 2 infantry

Rocket Launcher – 1500
Your long range fire support vehicle, It does massive damage to tanks, but less to infantry and structures. Keep a few of these behind your tanks and you will sure beat the hell out of their tanks.
Carries 1 infantry.

Zipper Tank – 1000
The CEE main amphibious unit, very light armor, but fast and fires 2 high damaging missiles.
Carries 1 infantry


* All air units require an airfield captured in the city! *

Battle Copter - 1000
Carries A Machine gun, Very good on infantry.

Fighter – 1500
The Ultimate anti tank weapon, carrying 8 missiles, while only 7 are needed for the strongest tank unit in the game. However: Reload time is long, and you probably have not more than 2 airfields, so don’t rely on them solely.

Bomber – 2000
The ultimate Anti building unit, Only 1 is needed to destroy a building. It is slow but has nice armor, but don’t send it along hordes of AA, use other units to clear the AA units first.
(Buildlimit of 3)

Battleship - (cost yet to be determened)
The ultimate base killer, It can demolish bases from afar with it's 3 barreld cannon, it has quite a reload time, but is still deadly nontheless.
Sink them, before they send some recon's into your base, telling them WHERE to fire!