PPM Animation Contest
July 30, 2004 - 21:10

UPDATE: Submission time is over!

Welcome to the PPM Animation Contest. The purpouse of the contest is to create the best explosion for Tiberian Sun. Use your imagination, make chain reaction of animations, make the coolest thing you can to proove your animation skills to the community.

1. Submitting your piece of work:

Candidates will submit their animation(s) in SHP format. The animation(s) must not be edited from some other animations available in community sites. It must be done at your own and not showed to the community before we display the results of the contest. Each contestant is limited to ONE EXPLOSION, but the explosion may contain the ammount of animations desired by the contestant. The animation type and size is up to the contestant.

The contestant must submit a text file with the ini coding of the following things:

- unit that will launch the weapon with the animation
- weapon that will launch the animation.
- projectile code, in case it doesnt use any standard projectile. The contestant may create an animation for the projectile, but the animation will NOT be judged.
- particle system code, in case it uses a custom one.
- warhead code that will launch the animation and/or warhead of animations
- animation (art.ini) code
- unit (art.ini) code if your unit uses custom graphics (although they won't be judged and you dont need to use custom graphics)
- projectile (art.ini) code if the user added a custom image for projectile. Another thing that won't be judged.

The organizer (Banshee) will put the code in a custom rules.ini and art.ini and the animation on special mix files that will be sent to judges. The launching units will be renamed to candidate0001, candidate0002, candidate0003, etc... which will be the codenames of the candidates for judges. The name of the submitters and their results will be a surprise until the all judges finish their report.

2. Time Limit:

Submissions can be done from July 31st 2004 to September 27th 2004 to animcontest@ppmsite.com.

3. Judging aspects:

Our judges will evaluate your work in the following way:

- (25%) Concept: the idea behind the animation
- (25%) Detailing: the ammount of graphic details, determining the quality of the animation.
- (20%) Colouring: how the animation deals with colours. vast and well usage of colours gain more points than simply plain coloured animations.
- (20%) Evolution: how the sequence runs, mainly how the animation evolutes from the first to the last frame.
- (10%) Ingame aspects: From theory to the game, there are somethings to be considered. This rate would be determined by checking the mistakes made by animator, like wrong use of background colour or shadow during conversion (2%), if the animation includes shadow (and it needs, depending on the type) and if it looks good (8%).

Judges will judge the graphical effects and tottally ignore the following things:

- gameplay
- ballance
- any unit problem
- custom unit graphics. Only the explosion is to be judged.
- custom projectile graphics.

4. Distribution of files:

PPM will host the event so, by submitting your animations, you agree that we will be able to redistribute it here, in the SHP forum. Revora sites and Savage War (since Clazzy is supporting it ) may also mirror it if they want, unless otherwise stated by the author of the work.

5. Staff:

Organizer: Banshee
Judges: MyTrust, Kravvitz and Clazzy.