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Our friends over C&C: Online have expanded their website to cover multiples languages, such as Croatian, German, Polish, Portuguese from Brazil, Simplified Chinese,  Spanish... and of course, they still have their whole content in English as well.

C&C: Online is an online service that allows multiplayer matches on Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. PPM supports this initiative Wink.

Hello everyone! A well known member of our forums, Blade (you may know him from the Terrain Expansion or from RedAlert++) has started an interesting project called Thyme. It works pretty much like Ares, except that it will inject code on Generals: Zero Hour. Here's the words from Blade about it:

Blade wrote:
I've just pushed the beginings of a Zero Hour reimplementation project to if anyone is interested in contributing to such a project.

The project is using a similar approach to the one recently used successfully by the OpenRCT2 project. That is, the reimplementation is initially being implemented as a dll that is injected into the game run time that replaces the games functions with new implementations as they are written, allowing it to be reimplemented a bit at a time.

I've already reimplemented the custom memory allocator the game uses as well as a couple of string classes.

Its very early days for the project, but if anyone has some C++ knowledge and is interested in getting involved, drop by the #thyme channel on IRC. When some significant progress has been made it should become possible to fix engine bugs and add additional features to the game.

Will that be the end of the evil SCUD bug? It's early to say, but we'll keep our eyes opened in this initiative. If you have C++ knowledge and you are willing to improve Zero Hour, talk to Blade in the #thyme channel on IRC or post a reply here.

Tiberian Dawn: Renegade progress report.
January 12, 2017 - 00:41
Hello everyone! I had a hell of a text in the first day of the year and then, things seem to go quiet in the news. In the news only, because the forums had several interesting things going on, from new voxels, maps, a heated discussion on OpenRA's new logo (and if it really needs a new logo at all), etc.

The mods hosted on PPM have also been showing some occasional progress. One of the active mods is ran by Regulus and it is called Tiberian Dawn: Renegade and its objective is to bring the Renegade universe to.... Yuri's Revenge. Were you expecting Tiberian Dawn? Anwyay, Regulus has posted screenshots of several units to show that the mod lives in death, err... I mean, it is alive. Here's some of them:

Nod Mobile SAM Site

Nod's Cargo Truck

Nod's Rapid Recovery Truck

And we couldn't end this news with nothing more and nothing less with a family photo... errr, I mean, a screenshot with a bunch of units of the mod getting along together. Afterall, GDI won't let Nod propaganda go harmless in PPM news:

GDI's arsenal is ready for Nod counter attacks.

And that's all for now. You can read more information about Tiberian Dawn: Renegade, post your opinions and suggestions at their forums.

Happy 2017, from Project Perfect Mod!
January 02, 2017 - 00:45
Hello everyone! We wish you a happy new year, even if you do not celebrate it now. And we also wish you a happy life, because a happy new year is not enough for any of you. We wish you peace, health and that may your dreams come true, except if they are related to the destruction of this humble place.

Let's keep things to our natural script, you know? At this time of the year, I always make a news post wishing a happy life (and new year), stating some good things that happened last year and our plans for the current year, which hardly get done, if ever. So, according to our lovely script, it is the part of the good things that happened last year. Let me see:

- The PPM Forums has received several features in the last year. The main one is the progress of the Key Words feature (also known internally as Hashtag, due to the # symbol). It allows us to search posts marked with strategic key words, display posts with specific key words in multiples forums, allowing us to re-use our existing content to launch forums about new games or subjects, and it also allows us to export news based on specific key words (and other properties too) and organized our resources (voxels, SHPs, 3D models, sounds, maps, etc) based on these key words as well. Unfortunately, we are far from being using the full potential of what Key Words allow us to do here, but it is just a matter of time until we improve this situation.

- There were other features added to PPM Forums, such as Game Development and Programming Discussion Forums, Spoiler BB code, unofficial news forums for projects that are not hosted by PPM, major speed up for the forums, forum locked administrative notice for problematic members, animated GIF image caching for news, etc.

- The following mods were released at PPM: Twisted Insurrection 0.6.5, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.1579, Tiberian Dawn Xtended 0.53, C&C: Mashup 3.0,  CnCD2K 2.9.3. From the mods that have a non-official community news forum here, Mental Omega 3.3 was also released.

- The following mods received honorable mentions on ModDB Mod of the Year 2016: Twisted Insurrection and Tiberium Essence. From the mods that have a non-official community news forum here, Mental Omega has also been awarded a honorable mention there.

- Voxel Section Editor III allows the user to customize the amount of frames in GIF animations and it also fixes tons of bugs. Open Source BIG Editor allows you to open encrypted config.meg files from 8-Bit Invader, Hordes, Armies and Grey Goo. It reads every .meg file excepts the config.meg from the discontinued End of Nations. Open Source SHP Builder adds few custom schemes and fixes several bugs. A PPM distribution of XCC Utilities is now available, which includes community made fixes and compatibility improve for newer systems, such as Windows 10. TMP Shop support custom tiles and fixes several bugs. C&C AI Editor includes a couple of bug fixes.

- Nyerguds has released the Westwood Font Editor, which, as the name says, allows you to edit the fonts used on many old Westwood games. BatchTMPConverter 1.0.1 was released by Starkku to quickly replace image data from TMP files from Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and OpenRA. Rampastring has released FinalSun Tunnel Fixer to quickly fix issues with tunnels generated in Final Sun and Final Alert 2. Graion Dilach has released Voxel Scheme Generator which helps user to create custom palettes for OpenRA and Westwood old games too. Josh is 25% Larger has released the YR INI Extension which is a preprocessor providing new functionality to INI files which can be compiled to code understandable by the YR engine. Lin Kuei Ominae has released the Image Combine tool which allows you to batch combine images into new images and he has also released Object Exchange, which converts buildings into terrain in a batch process. G-E has released many tools, such as AICheck, SoundCheck, AIClean, MapClean, focused on making the edition of INI files from Red Alert 2 and the verification of its errors an easier task.

- Ares has evolved a lot in this year. From 0.A to 0.Cp1, improving the customization of Firstorm Walls, superweapon targeting, audio support, logics regarding weapons with limited ammunition, spy logic, particles behavior, customization of the effects of the Factory Plant buildings, etc. As for the additions, the Bounty logic, the Troop Crawler logic known from Generals, Saboteurs and Crush Damage from Dune 2000, buildings degrading while a player is low on power, Stealth Tanks holding fire unless in area guard mode, Generic Prerequisite Groups for buildings, allowing infantry and vehicles as prerequisite, NoAmmoWeapon, etc. Some more enhancements focus on passengers, like transports accepting only certain infantry units to enter. And there are tons of bug fixes, memory leaks being wiped out and much more.

- The Tiberian Sun engine has also received some reinforcements in this year, starting with the Tiberian Sun Client 4.08 that has received several bug fixes from the client and from the game, specially the one that crashed the game when you bypassed the limit of 75 buildable objects. And many fixes for the game itself has been posted by AlexB, Iran and few others at this topic on Research Forums (registered users only, sorry). These fixes can be applied with LKO's C&C's Executable Modifier.

And finally, the plans for 2017. I'll be honest with you guys, it is not much different from the plans for 2016, 2015, 2014, etc... we are just calibrating things through the years, so don't be surprised with the high amount of copy and paste in the next lines:

-> Re-design and modernize the main website, merging the main site with the mobile one: We plan to use modern web based design solutions to make a clean looking site that offers the current content. Furthermore, such new design should make future expansions to different topics (game development coverage) easier in a long term plan, as well as approach the content of our hosted TiberiumWeb to our own. As a bonus, this new design will remove Revora's network bar from our site.

-> Expand the site to become more popular with games beyond Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 scope: We are slowly adding content for other games here, but we are not getting many modders interested to discuss them in our community yet. We are already trying to change this situation by adding more content and trying to approach communities from other games. Now we can also re-use our existing content to quickly expand new subjects that can be covered here.

-> Progress with VXLSE III's 3D model export feature: This is our ultimate goal to become a significant community that modifies or develops 3D games. We have many voxel assets that would be very useful in newer games if we are able to convert them. Don't expect this to be finished in 2017, since I have a doctorate to finish first and the my thesis will be used on this solution (being a small, but significant part of it).

-> Attract more high quality mods: We need fresh blood and attractive content in this place. PPM is still an attractive place to have forums to advertise your projects and it still holds a community with skilled modders and artists to improve the quality of your project in the long term.

-> Improve news coverage from other games and communities: Nowadays, we are covering news related to RTS Command & Conquer games and OpenRA, while we want this place to become a modding reference for every game. Our service to discuss news from your mod, imported from RSS feeds, in our forums is just the beginning of something bigger. With that and our key words feature, we plan a more aggressive approach to obtain news from other sources and, at the same time, use the key words to quickly rewrite these news automatically (through a bot that would aid me to considerably speed up news posting) to increase the activity of this site and the attractiveness for game designers and user content creators that are not restricted to the universe that we cover nowadays.

-> Improve the organization of our content: The News Tracker and the Key Words features are a nice way to organize the content that we may explore. Now we need to use these resources to expand the potential of this place as a good reference for game design and user content creation, as well as a good place to learn news about it. We will also improve the way we organize our key words.

-> Make finances even more transparent to users: From this year onwards, we'll reveal how much money do we have to pay each of the expenses for the site. PPM relies much more on donations than anything else to survive. So, it is fair that we should be more transparent on how your donations are being used to keep this site alive.

And finally, in this year I am obligated to finish my doctorate. I'm working hard to have a happy ending with this one. When it is over, I'll certainly increase my activity in this place. I'm really proud of what PPM has become and its potential. And it is a community that I place my bets on it and I am happy to contribute and keep this place running. So, happy new year and I hope you enjoy PPM in the future.

Mental Omega 3.3 Released
December 20, 2016 - 15:06

The time has come once again, the new version of Mental Omega is finally here. Furthering the Red Alert 2 legacy, Mental Omega builds on what was established by Westwood Studios and expands upon the conflict between the Allies, Soviets, and Yuri's Epsilon, while introducing a completely new faction to the play - the Foehn Revolt - complete with its own 3 subfaction, structures, units, support powers and heroes.

Enhanced with the powerful Ares DLL, a project headed by AlexB to push Yuri's Revenge engine to its limits, Mental Omega 3.3 strives to bring new features to the game while maintaining a strong sense of gameplay balance. Mental Omega 3.3 continues where the first Red Alert left off and branches out into an expanded universe with brand new missions for all factions, with missions for the Foehn Revolt planned for the future.

Mental Omega 3.3 requires files from a working installation of Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge patched to 1.001 to be played. Follow the instructions presented here to get the mod to work properly with your game.

This release includes:

    A complete new faction: The Foehn Revolt
    CnCNet5 compatibility for multiplayer services
    12 new subfactions with their own unique sets of units
    52 new single player missions, including a campaign for Yuri
    28 new cooperative maps for 2 players
    new skirmish/multiplayer maps, around 500 total
    new skirmish/multiplayer game modes, 14 total
    updated visuals & audio
    a new soundtrack, unique for each side (separate download)

Watch footage of a Foehn Revolt subfaction skirmish gameplay to quickly get introduced to the new side:

You can also listen to one of 20 tracks composed by World Beyond as a part of the Foehn Soundtrack here:

Stay tuned for more updates! The ride is not over! For more information and download, visit

Ares 0.Cp1 has just been released
December 20, 2016 - 05:33
This service release improves stability and fixes nine issues like the crash on singleplayer startup that some machines experience. Also, a memory leak and some logic bugs that could lead to crashes have been fixed.

A bug that is not as critical but is still ranking very high is the broken SW.Range handling for rectangular ranges, which was one cell too wide in both dimensions and thus affecting more cells than it should have.

Happy Modding!


We are proud to announce that Frank Klepacki has once again kindly taken the time to contribute to Twisted Insurrection with a brand new remix of our own 'Killing Fields'! For Westwood and RTS fans alike, he surely needs no introduction, but for those of you whom may not know: Frank Klepacki is the mastermind behind the majority of the Command & Conquer music selection, among many other games and famous projects.

Twisted Insurrection is currently under voting for Mod of the Year 2016 and we have reached the Top 100 mods for the 7th year running! If you enjoyed the release this year, please consider voting for us, simply head over here and click the "Vote" button to cast a vote for us!

Westwood Font Editor
November 29, 2016 - 15:45
Since Siberian_GRemlin never actually released his font editor, and demand was growing from the community to have such a tool to allow more fan localisations of the older games, I thought, what the heck, I'll dive into it.

So I decided to make my own font editor in C#. With the help of the RA++ team (Omniblade, CCHyper & Tomsons26, anyway) I figured out the font format itself, and managed to make code to read it and show it as image. Apparently this format is used for quite a bit more than C&C1 and RA1; we used fonts from Legend of Kyrandia as test material as well, and apparently this should support Dune II too.

So, without further ado... the Westwood Font Editor:

Current version: 1.5.4 (21/12/2016)

The project is built on the .Net framework v3.5
Its code is licensed under the WTFPL.

Downloads folder

Source code: (C#)
Sources folder

Original development thread: (at

Full list of supported types / games:

WWFont v1
-Wargame Construction Set
-A Nightmare On Elm Street
-Circuit's Edge

WWFont v2
-BattleTech The Crescent Hawk's Revenge
-Eye of the Beholder
-Eye of the Beholder II The Legend of Darkmoon

WWFont v3
-The Legend of Kyrandia
-Dune II
-Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos
-The Legend of Kyrandia Hand of Fate
-The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge
-The Legend of Kyrandia Malcolm's Revenge Installer
-Command & Conquer
-Command & Conquer Installer
-Command & Conquer Red Alert
-Command & Conquer Red Alert Installer
-Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny
-Lands of Lore Guardians of Destiny Installer
-Command & Conquer Sole Survivor
-Lands of Lore III

WWFont v4
-Tiberian Sun
-Tiberian Sun Installer
-Tiberian Sun Firestorm
-Tiberian Sun Firestorm Installer
-Lands of Lore III Installer

IGFont (Dune 2000 was made by Intelligent Games, not by Westwood)
-Dune 2000