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People who follow Project Phantom at Facebook, Twitter or ModDB might have already noticed recently uploaded unit showcase videos on hero infantry and experimental (stolen technology) units.

Hero Spotlight Part 1

Experimental Weapons Test Part 1

Project Phantom website has also had an update in form of a page detailing the two, so-called mercenary factions in the mod - Fist of Titans and Crimson Crown.

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OpenRA Playtest 20160904 has been released.
September 05, 2016 - 12:26
Hello everyone! Another Playtest version of OpenRA has been released today. The developers rely on players to thoroughly test the playtest builds to catch any bugs or balance regressions before the final release, so head over to the download page to try it out today! If you encounter a bug, or have any feedback, then please create a ticket on our Github issue tracker, find them on IRC, create a topic on OpenRA's community forum or at the OpenRA Editing Forums at PPM, or leave a message in the comments below.

A lot of work in this release has focused on improving its core engine technology and paying down technical debt. The first place you will notice this is the mod chooser, which now understands the various install disks and digitial distributions of the original games. It can now automatically find and install all of the assets used by the mods, including the full motion videos and the additional music tracks included with the expansion disks.

Because the devs have changed which assets are copied, all players will need to reinstall (or redownload) the assets for this playtest. These will be used for the future playtests and releases, so only needs to be done once.

The new FMV installation support has arrived just in time (some would argue far too late!), because this playtest includes 7 more campaign missions for TD and one new campaign mission each for RA and D2K. RA also includes three custom multiplayer missions that can be selected from the mission chooser (for singleplayer) or the multiplayer lobby (for cooperative play).

Other notable changes in this release include:

  • Improvements to unit pathfinding behaviour (less traffic jams around bridges and choke points!)

  • Aircraft in RA will now intelligently manage their reloading behaviour at airfields or helipads

  • New hotkeys and mouse bindings for moving around the map and producing units

  • Lobby options (such as crates and shroud) are no longer reset when switching maps

  • Improved UPnP support for automatically opening ports when hosting local servers

  • Fixes for a collection of common crashes that sneaked in to the last release (we're sorry about that!)

  • A collection of balance changes for RA and TD that were discussed and tested on the Official community forum

  • Many trait and Lua API improvements for mods and maps

Watch your back! They have taught the AI to use Engineers to capture tech buildings and enemy structures.
A controversial exploit allowing engineers to cancel production in the RA mod has also been fixed.

A new scoring system tracks many ingame actions, not just kills.
The redesigned score menu now also lists the spectators that are observing the match.

The developers have restored the ability for flame weapons to burn trees down to charred husks.
Try the playtest today to find all the other cosmetic improvements!

Check out the full changelog for more details, and head over to the download page to try it for yourself!

Please note that OpenRA now requires .NET 4.5 / Mono 3.2 or greater. Players using Ubuntu 12.04 or other Linux disributions that include Mono 2.10 can upgrade to a supported version by following the instructions on the Mono site. Players who are still on Windows XP will need to upgrade to a supported OS.

Work is steadily progressing on the official Tiberian Sun mod and the ?gen2? engine overhaul required to support it and other community-developed mods.

During this last release cycle the first step was completed (a year in the making) of a major project to support the per-pixel depth calculations required to correctly render the TS world. Gameplay advancements include finishing support for the EMP cannon and player-controllable Carryalls.

A lot of work remains on both the engine and gameplay fronts. Please understand that this is a long-term project, and it will not be completed any time soon with the current developer manpower. There are plans for making future development versions more accessible for testing, but because the project is developed by volunteers in their free time nobody can predict when it will be complete enough to include in an official OpenRA release.

DTA 1.15 Preview & Release Date
September 01, 2016 - 18:12
While DTA 1.15 was announced to be released at the end of the summer, the date was intentionally kept vague to allow everything to be finished on time. The summer is technically already over however (even if the weather and temperate strongly argue otherwise), so the announced date unfortunately wasn't vague enough. We apologize if we made you get your hopes up too much.

Without going into details, we're still waiting on a few things from several sources that are independent from our staff, but it fortunately is possible to work around this if it turns out to be necessary. So without further ado, we'll announce a more concrete release date: September 23rdYes 2016, smartass ¨_¨(that's a Friday).

We're also making good use of the extra time to finish up some assets that we otherwise might not have been able to finish.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To ease the wait, here are some global things to look forward to (aside from of course the awesome new client, which was already covered in the previous news post):

The ingame options menu windows have been improved a lot.

Not only do they look a lot more like those of the original games, but the visual theme of the options menu window now depends on which faction you're playing as.

GDI and Nod share the same theme, while Allies and Soviet have their own unique themes.

Take note of the new "Chat" keyboard shortcuts.

As always there a good number of new maps, including 1 singleplayer mission, 6 multiplayer maps, as well as at least 4 new co-op missions.

And maps of course couldn't be made without terrain, which also received a decent amount of improvements and additions for mappers to put to good use.

All bridge and platform tiles were improved and can now also be connected to the newly added ramps.

The new tiled and brick floors can be placed on any other ground type.

And if you think those floor tiles look familiar, you're right:

DTA finally introduces interior terrain in version 1.15.

There are also a good number of changes under the hood, bug fixes and balance changes.
The balance changes concerning naval units were the most drastic:

  • All first and second tier ships were made 20% cheaper and their weapon range has been reduced by 33 up to 48 percent.
  • The weapons of tanks, aircraft and especially artillery units were also made a lot more effective against ships.
  • Ships no longer self-heal unless they become elite.
  • Ships inflict more damage against one another.

The goal of these changes is to make naval battles more fast-paced paced and fun, while also giving players a much better fighting chance when they're attacked by naval units while they don't have any naval units of their own.

If you paid close attention to the image, you might have noticed that there are both Tiberium Refineries and Ore Refineries visible. This won't be any different in DTA 1.15: you'll be seeing the correct refineries in all enemy bases from now on.

And that's all we'll show for now. We hope to see you on the 23rd and hopefully we'll get a nice number of online matches going.

First public release of TDX
August 28, 2016 - 22:30
It is done.

After years of adding this, tweaking that, fine-tuning here, TDX has finally reached a state where I consider it release-worthy.
While it doesn't match what I originally envisioned it to be in terms of singleplayer, in terms of gameplay and audio-visuals it is pretty much how I wanted it to be.
There might be some remaining bugs or balancing issues hiding somewhere, but that can be adressed with a patch (or an updated version for the next OpenRA release).
Update: The release has been updated to version 0.51 which fixes a few bugs.

So without further ado, here are the changelog and download mirrors, with ModDB following shortly:

TDX v0.51 - Changelog

- Migrated to .oramod package. See INSTALLATION inside the .zip for details

- Removed empty 'lava' folder from maps which could crash the game when selected
- Fixed compatibility of title logo PNG with OSX/Linux
- Downsized rank insignia so they don't hide infantry and small vehicles as much as before

TDX v0.50 - Changelog

- Day/Night cycles (only enabled on the shellmap, Break of Day and Lost in Paradise)
- Caribic tileset (including 2 exclusive MP/skirmish maps, Pirates of C&C and Lost in Paradise)
- Revamped balancing (leaning closer to the original than OpenRA's C&C)

- GDI Medic
- GDI Mobile RPG Launcher
- Nod APC (replaces regular APC for Nod)
- Nod Chem Tank
- Nod Scorpion Heavy Tank
- Nod Hind (replaces Apache)

- Stereo music (mostly tracks from the Sega/PSX versions of C&C1)
- added various sounds from RA1 and TS for more variety

- added directional cannon muzzle flash (16 facings)
- added RA1 napalm animations (smoother and more 'complete' than their TD counterparts)
- added RA1 water splashes
- added variant of MISSILE with red nose and fins (for use with SSM launcher)
- added different explosions and explosion sounds depending on what terrain or target was hit
- added alpha lighting to several explosion effects
- added blending to some fire effects
- added blinking lights to some buildings
- increased facings of minigun muzzle flash from 8 to 16
- increased facings of flamer and chem spray animations from 8 to 32
- increased power plant and adv. power plant main cooling tower height
- fixed mammoth tank antennae position
- fixed missing shadow on one of moebius' running frames
- tweaked medium tank barrel to point straight forward rather than slightly upwards
- tweaked mammoth tank graphics (replaced shadow on barrels and tracks with real color)
- tweaked adv. guard tower graphics (slightly)
- tweaked helipad graphics (very slightly)
- enabled shadow for all missiles and large bullets

Download Mirrors:

Installation: Copy the 'tdx.oramod' found inside the zip into the 'mods' subfolder inside your OpenRA system directory. If there is no 'mods' subfolder inside the OpenRA system directory, create one first.
IMPORTANT: If you still have the original v0.50 release installed in OpenRA's installation directory, delete that old TDX installation first!

Future TDX releases will always come as .oramod packages that simply overwrite the previous version.

Requires OpenRA release 20160508!

OpenRA can be downloaded here:

Mental Omega News Bulletin #26
August 27, 2016 - 21:25
So what are we doing these days? We're testing the client created by Rampastring of the Dawn of the Tiberium Age fame who's been so kind as to help us make the next version of Mental Omega, which has now been labeled 3.3, happen.

This new client will make Mental Omega work with CnCNet5 and make use of other various advantages that this client provides. If you're not familiar with DTA, you should check this video to see what it's all about. We're also testing new and old missions, skirmish for bugs and crashes and of course doing some balancing since an entirely new side is now involved.

Speaking of the 4th side, the Foehn Revolt, I've prepared this short video which reveals the recent additions to the unit roster of Mental Omega in more detail. Take a look.

Mental Omega 3.3 - New Units Showcase #1

As I have tweeted quite recently, we've finished creating and voicing the units for the Foehn Revolt and there will be about 50 of them in its first release. After that, if we get some good ideas for new ones we will expand their tech tree accordingly. The only thing that will not expand is the stolen tech roster once it hits 16 units. And speaking of stolen tech, we've got another two new ones.

The new stolen technology roster: 8 units to go.

For more information about all of these recent additions and a revised selection of Tech Buildings visit Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about the newest Unit Showcase videos.
Stay tuned for more updates!

Dev Blog #2
August 17, 2016 - 17:01
August Update, WARNING: This post contains a great amount of animated images, if you are reading this article at the main page, look for the forum post instead as the gifs don't seem to animate on the main page. This is a clone of the article I posted on MODDB yesterday.

A few months have passed since the last update from Shattered Paradise, a lot a things got in, some units got reworked, some dummy workarounds have been replaced with proper traits, and the most important incorporation are the new Super Weapons.

First things first, CABALís artillery got reworked, the idea of it being a sneaky unit that slowly dealt damage didnít fit his style, instead now itís a heavy mech that floods the enemy with drones and also converts killed enemies into cyborgs, nom nom nom. Their tier 1 anti armor drone has been removed from the rooster and it was replaced by something more interesting...

Itís a hover drone that can be deployed, once itís deployed it cloaks itself and will fire on any target near without breaking itís cloak, similar to a good old Zerg Lurker, well I played Lurker Defence for years so there was no way I wasnít going to add something like it, the only catch it has is that this unit also converts killed enemies into cyborgs, so it can be useful for defence and ambush operations (Cabalís main turret is anti armor, so this unit pairs well with those).

The Forgotten Bull got a new mechanic since I felt that aura units give little to the gameplay, so it switched to something more active, when attacking, it will spit gas as its enemy as well as it will also release hormones nearby, making any putting infantry units near in a berserk mode, that means their speed is increased along itís attack speed, but they also lose health in the process, at the start I tweaked them so your units could die from the effect of your toxins, but since that can also lead to some good amounts of trolling, the poison will stop draining health when the unit has less than 60% health, here you can see an example of how not to use the unit, the lesson here is that you should be very careful when using the Bull and also the Forg MRLS, which is the unit that created those nasty gas clouds.

Another small detail with the Forgotten Beasts that I felt was needed to differentiate them from standard infantry is that now once they reach less than 50% health they become frenzied, which means they become uncontrollable but gain increased combat stats, mostly damage resistance, speed and attack speed, they heal back to a controllable state moderately fast once the fight is over of course but yeah, beasts are not meant to be disciplined and controllable, so be careful how you handle them in a fight.

Also, I decided to give the Scrin Colossus an aura damage effect when ordered to deploy, similar to a desolator, the reason for this is that the unit was mostly a tanky infantry that could be ignored very easily.

Finally we also got Super Weapons, for this mod I decided to follow the red alert 1 and 2 Super Weapon designs, meaning 1 Offensive power and one utility power, now Iím going to show you an improved version of the Forgotten and Scrin superweapons, which was made possible thanks to the effort of Graion Dilach.

CABAL also has his own Super Weapon: a Plasma / Energy / Hype cannon named after my favourite band that fires three shots at the targetted area, Iím still unsure how I am going to balance all of this but, atleast it exists.

About the Forgotten and CABAL support super weapons, the Forgotten get to spawn neutral Veinhole monsters on the map and CABAL will be able to flood a location with nanomachines, repairing nearby units and converting any fallen unit into cyborgs, I would show some graphics for those but there are not enough to justify.

Finally, even tho the Beta stage of the mod could be considered ready at this point (the primary goal is completed but the game still misses sounds, voices, maps and animations), the mod won't be released in this website until the Tiberian Sun mod for OpenRA is out, that doesn't mean people can't play it tho, you are free to join as a tester if you desire to, the mod still lacks a great deal of balance, so any help in this matter would be really apreciated. Join my discord server if you are interested! (My GMT is -3).

That is all, I hope you like what you see, until next time.

Frontline Chaos - August 2016 Update
August 03, 2016 - 19:34
Today, a showcase of several Revenant infantry and one infantry's personal transport.

As half hinted on in previous update about Frontline Chaos, I've been working on some additional infantry units and vehicles before / while I was doing the Litenium / Litensplant revision. As I've never shown detailed (if that can be said of Generals) infantry renders before, I decided to dedicate this update to some of the Revenant infantry. For variety I've also thrown in a vehicle, partially because it is related to one of the infantry, and also because I don't want to spoil the entire Revenant infantry roster in one update.

Warriors are the basic troops of the Revenant army. Cheap to train and quick on their feet, they can outpace most infantry on the battlefield. While not effective on their own, in groups they can take on enemy infantry with their Manchow assault rifles. When properly upgraded, they can also capture neutral and enemy structures.

While fast and a threat to enemy infantry that lack dedicated anti-personnel weaponry, their armour is only meant to provide basic resistance against small projectiles and shrapnel. When forced to take on Enforcers in equal numbers, often they lose the battle. The odds are stacked even more against them when facing advanced infantry like Dark Raiders, and are next to nothing against most vehicles unless in large hordes.

Vanguards are a common sight in larger Revenant infantry platoons and Revenant compounds. Clad in a bulky exoskeleton, these men and women can use their tri-barreled gattling guns to lay down an impressive storm of bullets against any target that presents itself. Besides providing strength beyond normal human capabilities, the exoskeleton also provides targeting assistance to track faster targets. This enables Vanguards to use their weapon against aerial targets. Especially slower units like helicopters are a favoured target among Vanguards. The last advantage of the exoskeleton is that it makes Vanguards virtually uncrushable by vehicles.

This all comes at a cost. While deadly against personnel and aircraft, the gattling gun can't do much against heavy armoured targets like tanks or structures. The exoskeleton also slows the Vanguard down compared to most infantry, making it easier to pick them off. Lastly, a Vanguard is vulnerable to ambushes as the gattling gun takes some time to spin up to maximum firing speed.

The remaining part of the update comes with a small story. One of the things I liked about Generals was the GLA salvaging system. For those not familiar with it: when GLA units killed enemy vehicles, there was a chance for the vehicle to leave a crate upon destruction. This crate could be collected by any GLA unit (friend or foe), and would provide money or free rank for infantry, and weapon upgrades for most vehicles.

For Frontline Chaos I've redesigned this system. Every vehicle kill can leave a crate upon destruction. The difference here is that only infantry can gather these crates. The boons they can get from these crates are similar to those the GLA infantry had, namely money or free rank. Depending on the original rank of the killed vehicle, the amount of cash gained increases, and the chance it's a free rank also increases.

Toying with this idea, I wondered if I could get the whole weapon upgrade logic work for infantry, as in Generals it was only used on vehicles. One experiment later I concluded that it could work. Then I went to the drawing board for a weapon that could be carried by infantry, could be upgraded with salvage, and was not overly hilarious or unrealistic. The weapons I ended up with where either a kind of shotgun or a rocket launcher. A shotgun could get heavier ammunition scavenged from vehicle wrecks, while a rocket launcher could get better guidance salvaged from vehicles. Initially I decided to go with the rocket launcer idea, and merged the weapon salvage with an existing infantry idea, namely a soldier with a large deployable missile launcher.

After several attempts it proved that the unit would be hard to balance, and it looked odd from a lore point of view for a dude carrying a unwieldy rocket launcher to double as a sneaky scavenger that sniffs through vehicle wrecks. The units were split up again, with the missile launcher infantry kept as a trainable unit from the Barracks, and the newly christened Scavenger (with the shotgun idea) relegated to support power call-in.

On the battlefield there are few soldiers more resourceful then Scavengers. Carrying multiple pouches with various tools, Scavengers are specialized in sabotage and actions behind enemy lines. With their trusty tools they can repair vehicles, and if needed capture structures for their own (or Commander's) use. For self-defence, most Scavengers prefer to use a highly modular shotgun provided to them by Revenant forces. Combined with a generous supply of both buckshot and miniature explosive rounds, Scavengers can rapidly take down infantry and even hold their ground against light vehicles.

They are not named Scavengers without good reason. Used to live a life on the roads, they quickly learn that everything has a value, no matter how bad the looks are. On the battlefield they have the reputation of checking vehicle wrecks after (most of) the shooting has stopped, looking for loot they can use. It must be really bad for a Scavenger not to find something useful in a wreck. Especially ammunition and still functional weapons are a prized find. Whatever is found is quickly recycled to its bare components, and reused when necessary. Scavengers are fond of upgrading their shotgun with extra parts, for that extra punch when pulling the trigger, or those extra few shots they can fire in a moment's notice.

Scavengers are available through the Scavenger Drop Support Power.

A Scavenger is rarely seen without his heavy personalized Mongoose truck. Designed for off-road usage, it's durable 6x6 chassis is utilized to carry the Scavenger and his crew around. Trading protection for manoeuvrability, a Mongoose is light enough to be dropped out of an air plane by parachute and land with no problem. This is the preferred way for most Scavengers to appear on the battlefield. A turret on the back is armed with twin machineguns, and a single missile launcher to tackle armoured targets. To save weight and costs, the turret is controlled by the passenger, and will not function when the Mongoose has no passenger. Finally, the Mongoose has one more trick up it's sleeves. Mounted on the back of the truck are several mine dispensers. With the push of a button a small minefield can be laid behind the vehicle. These mines are a combination of fragmentation and high explosive mines, designed to hinder and incapacitate all kind of pursuers.

In all, a Mongoose is not meant for direct combat. While enough to protect its cargo against small-arms fire, the armour is not meant to protect against tank shells or missiles. The Mongoose is a hit-and-run vehicle used to provide fire support for when a Scavenger's shotgun isn't enough, or when an additional distraction is required.

Mongooses are available through the Scavenger Drop Support Power.

And that basicly wraps it up for this update. Hope to see you all next time.
Dutchygamer signing off.

If you have been left unaware, the Mod has been made active again and released an all new version 1.4 (non beta) along with two patches. Patch version 1.42 was released just last week!


Latest Downloads are here:

Gameplay Video: