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Renegade X Beta 3
October 11, 2014 - 04:21
Good welcome, citizens!

Just a few days ago marked the latest of Renegade X, Beta 3!

Renegade X is a free, fan-made recreation of the original Command & Conquer: Renegade, on the Unreal Engine. It stays true to the original gameplay, with spectacular graphics, and advanced features. Personally I never played the old Renegade, but I can tell you there's a warm fuzzy feeling when you get behind the wheel of a classic X-66 Mammoth tank and crush your enemies beneath your feet. Head to for the latest download, and information.
I'll see you on the battlefield!

Ares 0.8 is here
October 03, 2014 - 19:13
Hi guys,
the official Ares 0.8 is out in the wild. It may not be as feature-laden as the previous releases, but it contains several logics that have been requested for a long time.

The Toggle Power feature is now available through a keyboard command, making the fake super weapon hack superfluous. The power off overlay has been restored, the cursors are customizable, and even the AI can make use of it. That means it can optionally shut down power draining structures to keep the base defenses online in low power situations. Another feature that has sparked some interest are forest fires, which are back also.

Academy buildings allow players to train units with initial experience, so they start as veteran or elite, or get promoted faster. This can be used for new kinds of civilian tech structures or for buildable upgrade centers. While reimplementing and expanding the EM Pulse Cannon, all super weapons requiring a target have been made to support minimum and maximum ranges limited around the firing building. A new feature are Designators, restricting the allowed firing area around certain units or structures.

Advanced Rubble has been expanded by [Gluk-v48], and now rubble buildings can optionally transfer to the houses Neutral or Special, or be given only half the health.

Aside from this, several minor features and bug fixes for Ares and the original game have been added, like repair wrenches giving away the position of cloaked buildings or the super weapon option on the skirmish menu affecting campaign missions. See the documentation for more, and also the Migration guide, because some behavior regarding the Unit Delivery and Force Shield super weapons have changed.

Happy Modding!


C&C Legos has returned!
October 02, 2014 - 05:43
After some break, Zee Hypnotist, from has probably regreted his decision to end the production of the awesome C&C Lego movies. He is back and inspired to create something really new there: the Tiberium Chronicles season, where Kane goes back in time... to the medieval ages and he starts a revolution there.

It's worth to check out the pilot:

... and the episode 1:

And there will be more episodes later. If you like it, head to the Command & Conquer: Legos section from for all other previous episodes from the other seasons.

Happy birthday, PPM!
September 30, 2014 - 18:17
Hello everyone! Today we are celebrating the 14th anniversary of this place. Yes! It has been 14 years of modding, production of tools, resources, maps, tutorials... and so many events at Project Perfect Mod. All for a place that started as a merely mod project for Tiberian Sun that was supposed to be made with 'everyone's idea'.

Unlike last year, we do not have a birthday present for PPM, this time. I've spent the whole month trying to clean up PPM from error 503s messages. I've reached a stage where I don't know what else can be done to fix this issue. But I'm a creative person, I know I'll eventually come up with a solution at some point.

This does not mean, however, that PPM has not changed positively in this last year. We have officially expanded our site content into non-C&C games since last birthday. The Community News Tracker has been improved and it is being quite successful and, despite the current low number of news posts at the main site, we are still showing a lot of activity in our both News Trackers at the top of the site, spotting the latest progress in our hosted projects, as well as in the upcoming Ares 0.8 (which has released its second Release Candidate). We also are showing the latest resource submissions that are worth to be downloaded or used in your private or projects. We've also brought in smaller features, such as the News Cloning Vats, new CAPTCHA, our new download system and much more.

But what makes this community work well is your participation at the forums, submitting resources, mods, tools, games and helping our other fellow members to improve their skills. And during all these 14 years, we thank you kindly for your contribution to the success of this place. If we are 14 years alive and there are many other years to come, it is mostly thanks to all of you.

Happy birthday to PPM and I hope we all enjoy this place for many other years.

Oh... the cake:

Credits: Birthday cake picture randomly taken from this site.

OpenRA Playtest 20140927 is now available!
September 28, 2014 - 22:37
The crew from OpenRA, an open source game engine that recreates (and improves) the oldest Command & Conquer games and Dune2k, have released an updated playtest version of their engine with an improved interface. Here's the change log:

- The RA mod has received a brand new sidebar.
- A new end-game score screen appears once a game is complete.
- The in-game menu now shows an objectives panel in all mods (previously only available in the TD mod).
- New keyboard shortcuts have been added, and the default keys have changed to match Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3.
- The lobby now prevents players from choosing colors that are too similar to each other or the terrain.
- Veteran units gain improved reload time and accuracy, and elite units will now heal over time.
- Planes will maintain their distance from each other in a similar fashion to helicopters.
- Several of the Tiberian Dawn campaign missions have been updated with mission objectives.
- A number of small balance changes to the Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods.
- A lot of work has gone into the new Lua API for scripted maps that was introduced with the June release. This new API offers improved performance, stability, and integrates with the new mission objectives system.

And the screenshots, of course:

The Red Alert sidebar interface has received a facelift and a more compact design. This UI is a work in progress and may be changed in the next official release.

Several Tiberian Dawn campaign missions have been overhauled with objectives and other improvements.

Planes no longer bunch together, which makes them much less vulnerable to enemy AA.

Head to OpenRA's Website to download it and have fun!

CnCNet 5 now supports Dune 2000!
September 23, 2014 - 10:51

CnCNet 5 now supports Dune 2000!

This is the initial release supporting Online/LAN/Skirmish games, more features will be added in the coming months (e.g. Map Previews..)

Have the game already? Download CnCNet 5 here! (Dune 2000 version 1.06 is required)

Don't have the game yet? Our friends over at have updated their game packages to support CnCNet 5 out of the box! Visit their site for more info


Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not post as many news as this place deserves. There is a lot of things going on, specially if you check our News Tracker at the top of the news. It's updated daily with progress on Ares 0.8, OS SHP Builder, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age, TS: Assets Expansion, World Domination, Colony Wars and much more. I'm overloaded with my thesis proposal research and I'm daily improving PPM's code, attempting to reduce the evil error 503s that still haunts this place.

Anyway, I think it's our to show some love to our friends at C&C: Online, for all their recent efforts to improve their service.

To those who are not aware of them, they are a multiplayer gaming service that replaces GameSpy for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3.

Their service started in the day that Gamespy was marked to die (although it died a couple of weeks later). Since then, they've made a lot of progress:

- They've improved the stability of their server with several bug fixes.

- They've added a 1 vs 1 ladder support for Generals and Zero Hour recently. It should end in the first day of october... then it resets and restarts.

- And today, they've finally added support for custom map transfer on Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 (apparently Generals and ZH didn't had problems with that). Anyway, you can now play better maps online, instead of the boring symmetrical ones that EA included in the original games.

And that's it. Go to C&C: Online's website for further instructions on how to play online games there instead of the broken GameSpy and have fun!

Bear in mind, specially if you need any kind of support, that C&C: Online is a service created by C&C fans (people like us) for C&C fans and with no sponsorship from EA. It is being coded from scratch and they do not have the official specifications of GameSpy. And their service is given for free.

The syndicate needs money for their war efforts against all who stand in their way.
Poor helpless captured men slave away as they dig in the dry desert as Yuri himself watches over them, to ensure nobody escapes...alive.

Join me and Atomic Noodles, tomorrow at 18:00 GMT on my channel on Twitch as I stream the second ever shwcase of Red Alert: Colony Wars.
Countdown to the stream

See you all then!