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The main problem with the full game download pack of the C&C95 v1.06 patch has always been the lack of videos. Well, two years after the last patch release, this issue is finally addressed.

The downloads section of the ModDB page of Project 1.06 now contains video packs for English, French and German. On top of that, the addons section has video addon packs which can be added to the game on top of the main videos pack, which allows the game to switch videos as you switch to a different language.

One of these video addon packs, notably, is the Spanish one, made to accompany the Spanish language pack. It contains subtitled versions of the English videos, created by wolfstain:

More information can be found in the news article on ModDB.

Ares 0.7 is available
July 03, 2014 - 20:09
Hello guys,
today is Ares 0.7 release day! Ares 0.7 fixes a few memory issues that were affecting all operating systems, but that had a habit of crashing on Windows 8. They all have been fixed, so this Ares version is more stable than ever. Of course, there are also some new features, like the customizable score screen graphics and themes, and several old ones like the Drop Pod and Hunter Seeker super weapons. Another bunch of features is related to the Cyborg Reaper's Splits missile logic, which has been implemented in Ares, and which needed Ranged and ProjectileRange to be implemented as well. It's all there, and now it is possible to recreate the Cyborg Reaper's missiles in YR (not the net-thrower weapon, though).

There are lots of more small features, like better support to create landmines, prevent units from scattering when repaired by a warhead, treat civilian units as enemies, and custom airstrike voices. You'll find them in the documentation, which has a new What's New page where you can easily see what features were added recently. Even if it does not show bugfixes for the original game, there were some of them, too. The inefficient aircraft smoke lookup has been replaced by a new system with customizable smoke animations and probabilities. And of course, lots of internal Ares code was updated. The Migration Guide in the manual lists only one item, and this time you need to take no steps to upgrade.

Regarding the documentation: It is in a transitional state. The table of contents got longer and longer and items on the same topic were spread over the entire length. This will hopefully be sorted out soon. As of now, the search feature will no longer display formatting texts, but almost only the pure text you see on a page. This should make it easier to find the right page.

That's it for today. Happy Modding!


World Domination: July Update 2014
July 03, 2014 - 01:37
Good day Commanders and Comrades! Announcement for World Domination for July 2014 Update!

Introducing Nexus Carrier, a mammoth vessel that carries up to 3 Nexus Fighter.

Destroyer that comes with Anti-Submarine Helicopter. Destroyer is very well against enemy naval force and is more resistant to incoming torpedo attacks.

AEGIS Cruiser is one of the best anti-aircraft vessel out there. Armed with lethal AA turrets designed to take enemy aircraft with ease.

Riptide LCAC --- Hover Transporter that carries Allied units across the water whereas they can't access it via ground. Riptide LCAC is very fragile and must be protect with unit inside or all the units inside are lost if Riptide LCAC gets destroyed.

And Lastly, Hero dog named Rocket. This hero unit who works with a Promeniemt German Commando named Leon Strauss during the World War 3 from 2027-2037. Rocket is exceptional dog, unlike other common dog that you will see on the battlefield. Rocket have higher speed, comes with designator laser on his left side of face to call in airstrike for hard-to-kill targets, bullet-proof armor that makes him more resistant to death and lastly, he is implanted with resortative nantite that replinishes any wounds he recieves during battlefield that keeps him performing at highest peak.

Also, shifting from Enhancement System to Research System. I've thought about this for a while. The Enhancement System that I initially thought was to limit the players' choices to 4 and only can be placed on Conyard. But issues arises, so I switched to Research System.

What is Research System?

Research System has an Atom-Shaped Symbol on top-left corner of the cameo, which provides permanently upgrade to your force. There is unlimited amount of upgrades that players can have at a time, you can choose to research all, some, or none. However, keep it in your mind, those players who research technologies will have edge over their opponents who don't research.

Example of Research Array System
--- Look at the sidebar ---

A typical Research Technology will cost around $1000 to $3000 depending on how strong these will give buff. You can say that Research that cost $1000 will give a buff to weak units or T1 units while a Research that cost $3000 will buff strong units / T3 Units or it gives strong upgrade. Additionally, Researching technology will always take x3 of the normal time it takes to complete.

As a good commander, acquiring research will give you edge over your opponents which plays critical role in turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Lastly, I'm seeking for SHP Artists who can create Structures, Infantry for Allied / Soviet / Civilians/Animation exclusively for World Domination Mod.

Want to help World Domination become the best and fun mod to play? Give this mod Feedback, Suggestions, Ideas!

Want to join World Domination Team? Apply here! Freelancers are also welcomed!

That's all for the news, Commanders and Comrades! *Salutes*

Hey everyone! C&C: Online has been launched on June 30th and a lot of people has already joined it. Unfortunately, it's not being easy for everyone, as we see a lot of posts at the C&C: Online Support forums. In order to make things a little bit easier, Sybert, the same guy who worked on countless Community BattleCast Primetime episodes, has created a video tutorial that explains the whole process. Check it out:

And that's all the basic steps.

The only thing he doesn't cover is the common issues and solutions thread, which should help those who are having in game problems.

Enjoy it!

(Click to enlarge)

Boom. There've been so many great Red Alert 2 mission designers throughout the years, perhaps some of them will respond to our recruitment notice. Ąs you might or might not be aware, Mental Omega is the only Red Alert 2 mod to come with 3 completely new campaigns including one for Yuri's side. Last December we have released a Public Beta with Act One of the campaign, which included 36 new missions and 18 coop maps. We're now working on Act Two but we'd like to accelerate its development, which is why we've made this recruitment notice.

Here's a video preview of the first Allied mission "Red Dawn Rising" to serve as an example of what kind of missions we've released in Mental Omega so far.

If you are interested in joining us or at least contributing with a mission or two, PM me or write an e-mail to
Learn more about Mental Omega 3.0 on our website.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announced that C&C: Online has finally been launched, at the same day that GameSpy will be defunct. As we previously mentioned in the news, this service should allow people to play multiplayer games for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3. Here's the official announcement:


We are proud to announce the release of C&C:Online,
the community-made Command & Conquer multiplayer service!
Please take the time to read this announcement CAREFULLY.

All required information, such as where to download
and a comprehensive installation guide, can be found on our new website:

If you are experiencing issues during installation or login, refer to our official support forum

To transfer your original nicknames and statistics, refer to our player management forum

This is our first release, and as such it might contain bugs that we haven't found in internal testing.
Further updates and fixes to C&C:Online will be distributed through the launcher.


- Hosting and playing games
- Chatting
- Buddy systems


- Player statistics
- Player ranks
- Automatch systems

If you appreciate our work, please consider donating.
Revora is a non-profit association, and so all proceeds go towards server costs and improving our infrastructure.

We hope to see you online soon!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to C&C: Online, download the launcher and play multiplayer games again. The sooner you do it, the higher the possibilities of reserving your desired nickname.

June Updates - Colony Wars
June 30, 2014 - 14:37
As June ends Colony Wars comes with more new updates. Along these is the New Logo. With big thanks to tomson. Without further ado let's get started...

Introducing one of the new Units for the Syndicate, The Zombie

The Zombie are weaker versions of the Brute. Lacking its speed and readily availability from the Barracks. However as their movie caricatures named after. The Zombie can infect other non-mutant infantry into Zombies to increase their numbers.

Coming up next is a familiar unit from another CNC Universe, The Toxin Tractor

Like in Generals the Toxin Tractor shoots a lethal chemical spray that can melt infantry and can be ordered to deploy to contaminate the area.

Introducing the Last Syndicate Unit for this update is the Ban-err... Schism.

The Schism is the Gunship of the Cabal Order. Replacing the Floating Disk for them. The Schism can quickly dart around in the sky and can fire its plasma bomb against ground targets or fire Twin-Lasers against Air Units.

Coming up next are the new allied units and structures.

First up is an old familiar face from Red Alert 1, The Longbow

The Longbow is armed with Missile Pods and a Chaingun. The Missile Pods used mainly against Vehicles & Structures and the Chaingun against Infantry.

The Talon Ops brings back the Camo Pillbox.

The Camo Pillbox is normally hidden from sight and can only be revealed with detector units. The Pillbox comes armed instead of a Machine Gun with a powerful Rifle that can take out infantry more quickly and can even damage vehicles better.

Last comes the Soviet Toys

Firstly are the new Mine Structures.From left to right, the Sea Mine, Blast Mine & Shock Mine

To conclude the update is the Soviet's answer to a Tier 3 Anti-Air Unit, The Refactored Saber Tank

The Saber Tank fires a high-powered tesla coil against air units and utilizes a low-volt stun gun that can also disable unit movement when engaging other ground units.

Stay tuned for July as Hecthor Doomhammer in Twitch will be streaming the Game.

Until then. Excelsior!

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.1290
June 29, 2014 - 01:26
It's been just 2 over days since the last update, but here's another one and we ended up coming up with more improvements in this short time than expected.

First of all, there have been a few bug fixes: The AI's naval yards were all invisible, the Missile Sub did less damage against ships after becoming elite, while doing way too much damage against structures and unanimated water used the wrong colors in FinalSun.

Arctic Circle has been added; a new multiplayer map by ChronoSeth.

The YAK had its hitpoints reduced, while the MIG had its hitpoitns increased to improve the game balance a bit and the Sea Shadow's missile's explosion has been changed because the nuke mushroom clouds became a bit too excessive used.

Snow versions of ore, gems and smudges have been added.

Map makers are able to enable these for their maps via newly added tool scripts in FinalSun.

Thanks to a hack from Iran, neutral units are now automatically targeted by your units and the AI's (so you'll no longer stupidly see an AI base being destroyed by a visceroid, without the AI doing anything about it).
Although this is just a seemingly small thing, it adds the potential for creating co-op missions against a neutral house, especially since the previous update made it possible to place player-owned units on maps and also create player-specific "change house" and reinforcement triggers.

And last, but not least, you will now only see other DTA players when you log onto CnCNet.
It used to be impossible to tell whether any DTA players were online, unless any games were hosted. Since not everyone bothers to host a game when they come online, this likely reduced the online player count a bit.
Since all irrelevant users are now filtered out, finding other DTA players will be a lot easier, so hopefully this will help the online activity to pick up a little.