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Ares 0.9 released
February 14, 2015 - 22:02
Today is the Day of Commercial Love. If you are still looking for some gift: Get Ares 0.9. It's freely available and fits almost every occasion.

There's not much to say you don't know already, so I'll make it short not to bore you: Ares 0.9 adds several super weapon improvements like multiple SWs on a building, SWs depending on owner's country, AuxBuilding and negative buildings, more customizable SW targeting modes, Inhibitors, and -- finally -- AI support for all these additions.

For fans of 2D graphics, Ares adds more facings for VehicleTypes, the option to have animated projectiles that are Rotates=yes and more muzzle flash directions.

Several bugs have been fixed, in Ares and the vanilla game. Weapon effects are no longer applied to the target if a bullet hit a wall, cliff or other obstacle on its way. Some causes fro crashes have been removed.

Overall, an unspectacular release, six weeks later than I planned. I still hope you like it. See you next time.

Happy Modding!

Unofficial Forums at PPM:

Downfall: MO News Bulletin #10
February 02, 2015 - 14:11
There is a new late-game addition coming to all Allied subfactions in Mental Omega 3.0 - the Experimental Warpshop. This unique structure, of which you will only be able to have one at a time, will provide you with additional support powers based on chronoshifting technology. These support powers will be revealed in a short video in the future. The artwork for this structure and the new Gun Turret were created by Nooze.

The skirmish/multiplayer map pool keeps growing, we are also improving the old cooperative missions and creating new ones as well to cover the side stories of the campaign. Unlike the single player campaign, there is no set amount of new cooperative missions we will be adding in the next release.

To see full previews of the maps and more Mental Omega related news, including a preview of a new cooperative mission and the Match of the Week, head to our website. More news (almost) every week!

Grey Goo and (lack of) modding support.
January 27, 2015 - 21:32
Hello everyone! The lads at Petroglyph Games have released their latest game, known as Grey Goo. This real time strategy game comes with 3 asymmetrical factions (Humans, Beta and Goo), focusing macro-management over micromanagement (likewise Command & Conquer games and unlike Starcraft series) and featuring a quite advanced interface that, in my honest opinion, it should be a sample for their competitors. And the best of all, the scores are from no one else than the genious Frank Klepacki that all Command & Conquer fans knows very well. The main problem is really the price... oh... the price. For americans, it seems to be $49.99 and it includes the soundtrack of the game from Mr. Klepacki. Brazilians seem to pay a bit less (R$90.99 which is slightly more than 40 dollars). Here's a random review of the game from Total Biscuit:

And for those wondering.... will PPM do coverage of this game? The real question is... is it really moddable?

The game comes with a very limited map editor, just like any other game from Petroglyph. The developpers said that they'd love to see fans creating custom content for it, specially mods... but the main file for the modders (the famous config.meg) does have some nasty protection that hides the file contents and file names. We have started a research here to decode this file (guest posting allowed in that topic), but the community is not really enthusiastic about that at all. It is unclear if they developpers will launch better tools to customize the maps and the game itself.

But we are not willing to wait for them, as we have our weapons as well. You can now grab an updated Open Source .BIG Editor (Revision 78) that does open the .meg files from this game and newer games from Petroglyph, with the exception of config.meg from Grey Goo, End of Nations and perhaps another one or two of these games that they've launched few years ago and it went nowhere. It also saves .meg files with the Empire at War format, however, it is not clear if the games from Petroglyph do accept them (I could not test it yet). They seem to follow the standards of these games, calculates CRC correctly and order the file table based on CRCs, although the filename get ordered in a different way than Petroglyph does.

Anyway, help us and we will support this game. It's an interesting and fun game and it would be very interesting if it becomes moddable.

Hello everyone. If you've been browsing PPM recently, you might have faced a few evil error 503s, service unavailable messages. They happen because PPM uses more processes than it is allowed to use. The main site, forums, several internal scripts, sites from hostees and our mobile site may stimulate Apache to generate new processes and since they are all in the same huge account (unlike Revora and other places), PPM usually gets more affected by this problem.

This time, our attempt to tone down these problems will be to transfer the OS SHP Builder and Voxel Section Editor III update services into different accounts.

For this reason we highly recommend you to not install these programs until the transfer is over.

This news post will be updated once each transfer begins and ends. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 1: VXLSE III is being transferred right now. The installation program will not work at this moment.

Update 2: VXLSE III has been fully transferred and it is working again. OS SHP Builder  is being transferred right now. The installation program will not work at this moment.

Update 3: Both VXLSE III and OS SHP Builder installation files were moved to new accounts. This operation is now finalized and everyone can install both programs again.

Hello everyone. A couple of days ago, the OpenRA Playtest 20150118 was released. For those who are not aware of OpenRA, it is a RTS game engine that is being used to create a better experience for old Command & Conquer games such as C&C95 and Red Alert 1, as well as Dune 2000. There will be a Tiberian Sun mod for it sometime in the future, hopefully.

This release implements some of the missing features that make Dune 2000 unique, such as Carryalls and Sandworms. Red Alert 1's mod has received countries. There are also improvements on stability and performance. Here are the feature highlights:

- Added carryalls and sandworms to the Dune 2000 mod
- Added countries (with their own unique abilities) to the Red Alert mod.
- Added an often requested lobby option for disabling the “Short Game” mode.
- Improved performance and memory usage across the board.
- Added hardware cursors support for smoother mouse movements.
- Added new missions: GDI 03, Soviet 01 as well as Survival 01 and 02.
- Fixed Fort Lonestar and the Dropzone minigames not starting.

Here are some screenies that shows some of these features such as countries (RA1) and carryall with sandworms (Dune2k):

Regarding the upcoming Tiberian Sun mod for OpenRA, they've shown some progress from their development with the pictures below showing heightmaps implemented with TMP files and their map editor that was revamped to use the game's rendering engine.

And that's all for now. Head to to download the latest version. Have fun and submit your feedback to them.

Destruction descends upon the Earth
January 19, 2015 - 18:06
An unindentified object of utmost importance to Yuri's cause has entered the Earth's atmosphere in Mental Omega: Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge.

The estimated destination of this object has been determined by the Chinese navy who patrols the Pacific Ocean. Whatever it is, it's heading straight towards a location which turns out to be a PsiCorps fortress on the Exillian Island. The object is of utmost importance to Yuri's cause so the PsiCorps prepares for defense. The further direction of the Mental Omega War will be decided in Operation: Dance of Blood.

We have not forgotten about the additional game modes like "Fortress" and "Islands", so we're continuously expanding their map pools with additional entries. To see full previews of the maps and more Mental Omega related news, head to our website.

Stay tuned for more news in which we'll show you this game is changing even further.

Ladies and gentelmen! Have you visited the Official Command & Conquer website recently? Since the end of october 2013, when the upcoming Free To Play game was canceled, the site was no longer updated and still an 'Apply to Beta' button, an active forums where a bunch of fans who were not aware of the events asked when they would receive their beta key, etc... And it was like that until.... few days ago.

In order to provide a better support and not mislead their customers, they've replaced everything with a place holder site that points their customers to their web browser game Tiberium Alliances and its forums. Depending on the country that you live, you may also see a button to buy The Ultimate Collection in Origin (Brazilians see a translated 'product is not available' text). Also, they have also removed the official forums and its content.

After all, who cares about how to play the recent games in windows 8, how to mod them, frequently asked questions, community for these games, etc? Specially when these games are still sold on Origin, Steam and other stores? I guess it only clutter the web with useless and confusing information, isn't it? At least, here in PPM it does.... which makes me wonder what would be the reason to have some of this kind of content here....

Anyway, the community response couldn't be better. With the excellent work from EA to make the franchise as popular and as discussed as possible in the web, we only had four miserable complaints in the Tiberium Alliances forum, at the moment of this post, and perhaps a few more at I guess we might have a great approval from our community, since the complaints are so few.

There might be no better way to support a product than wiping every official information about it, important customer support information and removing the means for customers contact each other and find other potential fans of the product. As an act of appreciation, I must say that EA is doing a great job in that direction, with a franchise that could easily provide them millions of dollars by either doing a decent game for it like in the old times or selling in into a company that would do a better use of it.

Don't be surprised if our future generations never hear about this franchise and also don't be surprised if you have detected a lot of sarcasm and irony in this news post.

Despite the lack of official support, you can find modding support for all decent Command and Conquer games (by decent, we exclude Tiberian Twilight, Sole Survivor and Tiberium Alliances) in our community. Check our links in the left and right menu of this site to find out more tips, such as tutorials, resources, maps, tips to play multiplayer, etc.  For further Command & Conquer discussion, use our forums.

Frontline Chaos - January 2015 Update
January 13, 2015 - 20:11
A new year is upon us, and it is time to show some of the work that has been done behind the scenes for Frontline Chaos.

First of all, let us introduce this lovely couple: the Duke and Duchess. These vehicles are two different offsprings from Revenant research into weaponizing nuclear power into a movable platform. Where one is completely focussed on taking the fight head-on and crush any resistance in the field, the other takes a more distant approach and brings destruction from a range. In-game, they are available at the highest tech tier, and are mutual exclusive: if you choose for one, the other cannot be built for the rest of the match. Due to the research and materials required, there can only be one active on the battlefield at a time.

The choice is yours: do you choose to reinforce your frontline army with the immense firepower and armour of the Duke, or will you choose to bombard your enemies from a distance with the Duchess?

There are few units more effective in direct combat then a Revenant Duke. Its primary armament is a short howitzer gun, which fires nuclear-tipped shells. These shells rip through vehicles and structures alike, and will instantly vaporise any enemy soldier in the impact zone. To compensate for the low rate of fire, two rocket pods are installed on the roof to provide fire while the howitzer is reloading. Lastly, the Duke has room for four passengers to ride and fire from the vehicle, increasing its firepower and versatility even more.

The Duke is equipped with enough armour to take on the heaviest vehicles. The whole vehicle is powered by an experimental nuclear engine. A downside of this, is that it will explode when the Duke sustains critical damage. As a last resort, the engine can be forcibly overloaded. After a few seconds, the reactor inside the engine will detonate with the force of a small nuclear warhead, destroying the Duke and anything nearby.

The Duchess is the Revenant's final answer to siege warfare. The large tracked vehicle is a self-sustaining platform that can carry, fuel and launch tactical nuclear missiles. It has one of the longest ranges of any mobile military vehicles on the battlefield. To fire a missile, it first needs to deploy stabilizers and raise the launch tube. The missile itself is equipped with advanced technologies to confuse and counter any anti-missile systems, to ensure it will hit its intended target. Whatever the target of a launched missile, as soon as the missile's nuclear warhead detonates the target and its surrounding area will be vaporised in nuclear fire.

While a Duchess is heavily armoured for a siege unit, it is still a sitting duck when enemies get within its large minimum range.