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Hey everyone. I don't konw how many of you visits our OpenRA editing forums. Sometimes people progress some interesting materials related to their progress on the upcoming Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 mods for OpenRA, as well as other mods. There are two videos that are worth sharing here.

The first one shows the progress of the Tiberian Sun mod with the heightmap and shroud branches merged. It's a replay of an online match. Check it out (make sure video quality is in HD):

And that's certainly not the only interesting TS material that you may see. There is a mod called Crystallized Doom, which brings GDI, Nod, Forgotten and Cabal to the battlefield. The video below was taken with an older version of OpenRA:

Likewise Crystallized Doom, there are several other mods switching to OpenRA. If you have one of these mods and you want forums and a site for your mod, post about it in the Public Mod Announcements and PM me requesting hosting. For more information on how PPM hosts projects, check our section about it.

Doom Desire July 2015 Update
July 28, 2015 - 16:31
Time has come for a new Doom Desire update (last one was at the beginning of this year, so definitely).

There's a story a certain old guy may tell you, about...

...Paladin Imbris...

...and Paladin Ultor

Essence Thanatos Gunship The Thanatos Gunship uses same propulsion system as all Essence aircrafts, based on electromagnetic acceleration of charged air and plasma. Its reactor allows the heavy aircraft to stay inair, still leaving enough extra power for its anti-tank laser.

Essence GAIA Landship Old landship concept revived, it's a mobile fortress that's meant to allow Essence keep secure safespots everywhere they move. Armed with lasers, long range AA missile launchers, and a giant ion accelerator, it has all the firepower needed to move through hostile territories.

Vintarid Rha'tor Dream Master Before a war, politicians use propaganda to prime civilian population for their plans, so they get their support. But who needs propaganda, if you can control people's dreams... If your own dreams fight against you, and make you more susceptible for hostile influence, how can you fight?

Lastly, in April, Essence scientists came to a very important, yet very horryfing question: how do you defeat time traveling, hyperdimensional aliens with guns and bullets anyway? The answer is... you don't.
So they decided to get some help, and summon Ancient Eldritch Abominations to fight the aliens for us!
Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fthagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Hmm... seems they summoned the wrong one...

That one didn't seem to be particularly willing to help either...

No biggie, though. As they say, if you can't get an Eldritch Abomination to help you...
just build yourself a giant war machine instead!

Essence Phanerunos (click to enlarge)

Until next time.

Twisted Insurrection 0.40 Released
July 22, 2015 - 18:15

Hello everyone, today we are pleased to announce that our latest version Twisted Insurrection 0.40 has been released and is now available for Public Download! To Install the new version, simply head over to the download section here on our website, download the file, extract the containing Twisted Insurrection folder anywhere on your computer and then run TI_Launcher.exe with Administrator privileges to set-up and play.

Alternatively, if you have Twisted Insurrection 0.39 installed, simply run, simply launch it and the client will prompt you about the new version being available, once it does, agree to download the file and let the client take care of everything for you, however it might be faster for you to download the full version manually depending on PPM's download speed.

Version 0.40 has been through a large number of changes since our last news post was put up showcasing the new changelog. For a complete list of changes, both minor and major, read the changelog here. Here is a breif summary of the new features that Version 0.40 brings to the table:

  • Improved Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 support and compatibility
  • Some large changes to the Twisted Insurrection Client
  • New client themes, bug fixes and many new options available
  • Re-compiled and lighter files for better optimization and performance
  • A new campaign mission and many fixes and updates to current missions
  • Lots of new maps added to the Multiplayer Map pool
  • Plenty of in-game bug fixes and balance changes
  • Lots of in-game graphical updates on terrain, props and some units
  • Removed lots of unused or broken code and fixed a common Internal Error
  • Lots of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Soundtrack
  • Some new and improved unit voiceovers
  • New structures available in for Twisted Dawn
  • Changes made to all three AI types in Skirmish mode
  • Both optimised and added some new sound effects
  • Plenty of new animations and effects added and optimized some older ones

Many images and screenshots of Twisted Insurrection can be seen either on our image gallery over on our official website, alternatively there is also a large assortment of images uploaded here on our ModDB profile. Here are a small handful of screenshots from the latest version.

We hope you all enjoy the new version as much as we've enjoyed working on it! Please note that this is not considered a final release, meaning that bugs and errors are a possibility. We are always looking for feedback and thoughts from the fans and the players so if you have any thoughts, ideas or want to report any errors you have come across, please feel free to share them with us! Thank you, and we really hope you enjoy the mod!

EASB Hour 1.000 released
July 18, 2015 - 12:37

After the long long beta version, the skirmish aspect of the mod is finished and we decided to release it as 1.000 version.

EASB Hour is a total conversion mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. As its name shows, it is based on C&C Generals Zero Hour theme. The Allied, Soviet and Yuri sides are replaced by USA, Russia and China.

We think that rebuild Zero Hour on RA2 is pointless, you can simply play Zero Hour. EASB Hour continues the story of Zero Hour.
(campaign missions will be released in later versions)

Please note, as a total conversion mod, EASB Hour has few in common with unmodded Yuri's Revenge. As a continued story, some units are also different from the original designs.

EASB Hour uses multiple super weapon system. The AI is also hard to beat. If you have trouble with that, you can turn off all super weapons in game mode.

USA has air superiority and high-tech units. Try to get them as quickly as possible!
China uses much ECM technology. Her tactic is centered around Inferno Cannons, Helix and ECM tanks.
Russian tactic is brutal & simple. Fill the enemy base with your tanks!

download link:

If you have a bug to report, or some suggestions, you can leave a comment at our moddb page

Hello everyone. Today we are happy to confirm that we now have a release date ready for Twisted Insurrection 0.40, which will be July 22 2015, just over a week away. The latest version contains a large list of changes since Version 0.39, which you can view in detail in our official changelog over here, but we will summarize the most significant changes here.

(Twisted Insurrection 0.40 Release Date: July - 22 - 2015)

So, what can you expect in Version 0.40? Well, we won't bore you with all the minor technicalities, so here is a list of some of the more significant changes:

• Some large changes to the Twisted Insurrection Client
• New client themes, bug fixes and many new options available
• Re-compiled and lighter files for better optimization and performance
• A new campaign mission and many fixes and updates to current missions
• Lots of new maps added to the Multiplayer Map pool
• Plenty of in-game bug fixes and balance changes
• Lots of in-game graphical updates on terrain, props and some units
• Removed lots of unused or broken code, some of which prevents a known Internal Error occurring
• Lots of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Soundtrack
• Some new and improved unit voiceovers
• Changes made to all three AI types in Skirmish mode
• Both optimised and added some new sound effects
• Plenty of new animations and effects added, including updating older ones for better optimisation

So as you can see from this list and the changelog, there have been a fair amount of changes since the last update and we are confident that you will be satisfied with these updates and fixes, most of which have been made based on the public input as per usual, so we thank you for your helpful feedback over the course of time!
If you would like to see some images of the changes since Version 0.39, have a browse through our ModDB gallery.

That concludes our update for this week and we hope you will enjoy Version 0.40 once it is released next week. Stay tuned for more news and updates in the mean time, just because we have a release date set, that doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be any more additions added in the run up to it! Take care, and have fun!

Frontline Chaos - July 2015 Update
July 12, 2015 - 22:14
In today's update for Frontline Chaos I will introduce the workhorse of the Revenant army, the Modular Cargo Truck. The Modular Cargo Truck, or MCT for short, is an heavy duty truck that is used for various roles in the Revenant army.

The idea to use a single truck design as a base for various vehicles came with the design process of the Venom and the Cobra (more about those later). Initially, the Cobra was the only truck for the Revenant army, and the Venom was a tank with a missile turret on top. After various redesigns of the Venom's turret with none really fitting, the decision was made to completely scrap the turret design and instead go for a design comparable with the SCUD Launcher and the V2/V3 Launchers from RA1/RA2. With this new idea I also ditched the tank design and went for a truck design instead. The end result was a flatbed truck with a launch platform in the place were normally cargo would be carried.

This got me thinking on possibly re-using the truck design (minus launch platform) for the Cobra. The Cobra's design also changed a lot over the months, as I wanted to keep 3 things in mind: it is a truck, it has a missile turret, and it can carry infantry. After scrapping another design, I figured I could just as well give the Venom truck design a try, as it could be a nice idea from a lore point of view as well. A bit of jury rigging later, and I suddenly found a design I liked.

One thing came to another, and in the end I had a whole line of trucks in both 8x8 and 6x6 variants, which now also included the Valkyrie as the third main variant.

From left to right:
Cargo Truck, Valkyrie, Cobra, MCT 8x8, MCT 6x6, Venom and Fuel Truck

The Cobra is the basic infantry transport vehicle used by Revenant forces. Based on a modified variant of the venerable MCT chassis, it is one of the faster vehicles on the battlefield. Trading the standard 8x8 layout for a 6x6 layout, it has increased mobility and a decreased turn radius. Revenant engineers also used the weight lost by shortening the truck to increase the overall armour. Even with the shortened design, the Cobra has room for four passengers or two Creeper drones.

For self-protection the Cobra comes with a turret that launches HE missiles with limited self-guidance. These missiles are effective against light armoured ground targets, and can also be used against slow-moving aerial targets. A combination of the self-guidance and an efficient missile engine give the Cobra an above-average range. Combined with the Cobra's high speed, it excels at hit-and-run attacks and quick raids.

Out of all Revenant self-propelled artillery systems, the Venom is the preferred vehicle for most Revenant commanders. Carrying two short range ballistic missiles on an open-topped launch platform, the Venom is used to bombard targets from behind the main battle lines. Various warheads are available, but most commanders stick to the default High Explosive warhead for general-purpose siege. While effective against immobile targets, the missiles lack any sort of guidance and therefore cannot track mobile targets.

The Venom itself is a truck based on the MCT chassis, which makes it more mobile then most of its tracked counterparts. This however does reduce the protection from enemy fire. A Venom should be protected at all times, as it cannot defend itself when enemies have entered its minimum range.

To support the mechanized forces in the field, Revenant forces can rely on the technicians aboard the Valkyries to assist them in various tasks. Their first role is to sniff out any nearby cloaked units and objects, varying from land mines to vehicles with advanced cloaking technologies. Once found, all nearby allies will be alerted on their presence. With the large dozer blade in front of the Valkyrie it can clear any kind land mines with no damage to the Valkyrie self.

However, many Revenant forces praise the Valkyrie crew not just for its ability to detect enemies and clear mines, but for its repair tools. When repairs are needed, a Valkyrie deploys stabilizers and activates the turret on top in which various repair tools are housed. Once deployed, a Valkyrie can repair any nearby allied vehicle within a certain radius at a rapid rate. As this doesn΄t disable the scanners, it turns the Valkyrie into a forward post which allies can use as a gathering and fall-back point.

That's it for this update. The next update will most likely be next month, but who knows that it may be sooner. Dutchygamer signing off.

First of all, gone is the (allegedly!) regular practice of posting Mental Omega news on MOndays, for the simple reason that I'll be posting news whenever there's something cool to show and there's a lot to come - new videos, the reveals of new units, new missions etc. For starters: a new semi-regular (to be reviewed in practice as usual with all the things I do here) feature to our website and our YouTube channel: a playthrough which shows the updates to the Act One missions.

The Mental Omega campaign is probably the most challenging campaign for Red Alert 2 ever created (not that there have been so many, right?), but the true challenge only shows up in the Mental difficulty. While for the next release we are indeed toning down the difficulty on Easy & Normal setting, the Mental setting stays unchanged. These videos will also present the latest changes done to the missions.

The first of buildable jets for Yuri's Epsilon is the Dybbuk-Attacker, the anti-armor aircraft for all subfactions.

Finally some news in the maps department! Two new ones: "(4) Yuri Is Not Easy" and "(6) Yunru's Snowglass".

Stay tuned for more Mental Omega news in the nearest future. The time to start revealing the units of Side 4 is almost upon us.

Renegade X - Beta 5 release
July 08, 2015 - 15:14
Ever want to drive a Titan? Look no further!
The latest release of Renegade X, Public Beta 5 includes a slew of Tiberian Sun units to wreak havoc with, as well as an SDK for more customization. Check it out:

Renegade X is a free First/Third Person Shooter with RTS elements, developed from the Unreal engine. Players fight for two unique teams, manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 20 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Renegade X is for all players - lone wolves, team-based gamers, tankers, snipers, rushers, turtlers, and all others!

The Renegade X SDK allows you to create custom levels, mutators, and mods on the Unreal Development Kit using our framework. You'll have access to all of our assets and tutorials for free.

Head over to the Renegade X website for the full scoop

Those who have Renegade X Beta 4 will simply need to open the Launcher, and you will receive an auto-patch that will download the full update.

If you do not have the previous Renegade X beta, then you can download Beta 5 in full right here:
Spread the word!