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OpenRA Playtest 20150628
June 29, 2015 - 22:40
Work has been progressing well on OpenRA's next development cycle, and they are today making a snapshot of this work available in the form of a new playtest 20150628 which focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements, but also includes a collection of new features and bug fixes.

The most visible changes in this playtest include:
  • Removed the “Enemy unit detected” notification, by popular demand.
  • A collection of TD balance changes based on player feedback. [#8303]
  • Use the repair cursor or order a unit to a repair depot. In D2K a carryall will pick up the actor. [#8056]
  • Units built from the starport in D2K now work with the “select units by type” hotkey. [#8212]
  • Improvements to the player name and color validation. [#8137, #8380]
  • New missions: Nod06b, Nod06c (TD), Soviet02a, Soviet05 (RA), Atreides01a, Atreides01b (D2K).
  • A collection of polish fixes for maps, tooltips, and unit artwork.

On the technical front, improvements include:
  • A collection of fixes for issues found using Coverity Scan.
  • Several new lint tests to detect common YAML errors in maps and mods.
  • Changes towards a more consistent set of rendering traits. [#8171]
  • A Significant rework of the shroud code to prepare for TS shroud and scripted map area changes.
  • Improved support for compiling and running OpenRA on BSD operating systems.
  • Improvements to our Lua API for map authors.

For the full changelog, please refer to the changelog page on OpenRA's wiki.

The new in-game map editor has also received a collection of bug fixes, and the ability to view and edit the area outside the playable map area. The old map editor (which was inadvertently broke in the last release - sorry!) has been removed.

If you encounter any problems or bugs (especially anything related to the shroud or any new crashes), then please let them know on their bug tracker or the comments below.

Press CTRL + P to take a screenshot. The hotkey binding is configuarable via Settings - Input.

Use the repair cursor in D2K to signal a Carryall to transport an actor for repair!

The new map editor is more stable, and updated maps now show correctly in the map selection screen.

A preview of things to come: work is nearly complete on rewriting the shroud logic to support terrain height.

Hello everyone. Our friend Stucuk is back and he has decided to improve the Open Source: HVA Builder. He has posted a work in progress version of 2.2 and he's in need of some feedback. Here are the changes in the program so far:

  • Fixed: "View Transform"
  • Added: Grid
  • Added: Section Center
  • Added: Screenshot all voxels (Every voxel in or under the apps directory)
  • Changed: VSync is now on (Limits the FPS, good for laptops)
  • Changed: Remap Colour is defaultly white
  • Changed: Highlight now Flashes
  • Changed: Will no longer use Voxels Matrix when no HVA exists
  • Improved: Ignores voxels which won't be rendered
  • Improved: Ignores hidden voxel faces when HVA exists

It also uses the updated VH Engine found in OS: Voxel Viewer (with some modifications).

Head to this topic to download and provide your feedback. Guest posting allowed.

In a short note, there are also a lot of interesting tools being posted at our CnC Editing Tools forum recently, such as:

-> Updated XCC TMP Editor with support for larger TMP tiles that can be used on OpenRA.

-> ShapeSet, a command line tool with a better compression support for SHP (TD) files.

-> TSWaveMaker allows you to create AI waves for all your maps at once (instead of using FinalSun to add it map by map).

Mental Omega - Side 4 Reveal Trailer
June 25, 2015 - 17:37
The battles continue, but the winds are changing. The secret "side" project for Mental Omega is finally revealed. You will #ControlMOre.

With the revamped vanilla sides and a challenging 36-mission campaign for Allies, Soviets and even Yuri comes the next step for Mental Omega, the add-on mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge: the addition of a 4th side, fully designed with 3 subfactions of its own, its unique heroes and superweapons. More information about this new faction and how it comes to be during the events of upcoming Act Two campaign, which will effectively extend the amount of missions to a blasting 72, will be revealed in the upcoming series of news bulletins at, starting this MOnday. Once the internal beta is ready, a series of streams on our Twitch channel will follow.

Hello everyone. We have had a very busy couple of weeks in the Twisted Insurrection staff section. The staff have grouped together again to give the mod an active pulse again this month and we're preparing for the next release of the game, which will be Twisted Insurrection Version 0.40.

We've begun with further optimisation to improve upon the overall performance, it has been tricky working with such an ancient engine, but results are looking great so far. Naturally there have been a number of balance and gameplay changes too, mostly again based on the input from the public players. The main feature of Version 0.40 will be the improved client, Rampastring has been hard at work to bring many new features and additions to the table, most notably is the statistics feature that will allow you to view your overall game log that keeps track of lots of information you may like to keep on top of!

As you can see, there is plenty of information provided here that is recorded throughout all of the games you play, be they on or offline.

Alongside the new Statistics feature, a direct link from the client main menu to our FinalTI Map Editor is also provided, seeming as how some players were having difficulty trying to locate it in the past. There has also been a large change to our settings menu, adding more options and organising them into their correct categories making navigation much easier.

And also as you can see from the image above, there will be a selection of themes to chose from. Right now there are 4 themes, but we plan to add more and improve upon our current themes in the future. Some other themes will include Twisted Dawn and possibly a mutated theme. We're happy to hear suggestions too if you have any. Click on the images to view them in larger sizes.

TI Default Green

TI Nod Red


TI GloboTech Blue

Next up, we have three new additions to the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack. Two of which (Plague, Armour and Speed) were composed by Bobek, our newest staff member, the other (Nod Thrash) was composed by Speeder, the mastermind behind the popular Yuri's Revenge mod, Mental Omega.

Nod Thrash


Armor and Speed

And to finish off this news post, there are a few new maps that have been made for the next update too. You may have already seen two of these recently posted on some of our sites, but here they are for those of you that haven't. Click on the map previews to view them in actual size.

That concludes are update for this week. We hope you've enjoyed the new features, music and maps and we're happy to tell you that there will be plenty more news on the way soon.

OpenRA Release 20150614
June 14, 2015 - 17:23
Announcing the June 2015 release of OpenRA!

As promised, the goal to reduce the length of this development cycle, and the OpenRA team succeeded! With about 22500 changed lines in just over 300 commits by a total of 25 developers since the last release, the list of new features is naturally a bit shorter than last time around, but it contains some good ones!

The standout feature of this release is of course the long-awaited in-game map editor. For the first time ever, OpenRA is offering a map editing ability for all official mods, on all supported operating systems. You can access the map editor from the “Extras” sub-menu of the main menu.

The new map editor offers the following benefits and features:
  • Fully cross-platform, just like the game itself. Finally, a map editor for OS X!
  • Truly WYSIWYG. It uses the game renderer, so there are no more rendering glitches.
  • Support for all mods. The legacy editor did not support Dune 2000 properly, and Tiberian Sun not at all.

Compared to the legacy editor, there is not yet full feature parity: the in-game editor is missing cut-and-paste operations, a display of the sum of resources on the map, and also does not show the coordinates of cells. These short-comings will be rectified in future releases. Meanwhile, they remain available in the legacy editor, which is still being shipped with this release. It will, however, be removed in the not too distant future.

Complementing the new editor is an improved map chooser dialog, which now separates official and custom maps. It also allows deleting one or all of your custom maps. The team also took this chance to add the often-requested ability for all players to view the map chooser from the game lobby (but changing the map still remains the prerogative of the host).

Another new feature with a lot of potential is the added operating system integration of OpenRA. The installers will associate the game with OpenRA replay files and OpenRA server URLs. These will allow websites hosting replay archives to add one-click watching of replays, and creating alternative server browsers. As an example, OpenRA's own web-based server browser has been enhanced to offer clickable links to waiting games that will automatically start OpenRA and connect you to the server. You can also create bookmarks to your favourite OpenRA servers on your desktop! These associations are available on all supported operating systems as well.

Other minor additions include:
  • The Dune 2000 mod has gained building upgrades, and now matches the original game’s tech tree.
  • A total of six single-player missions have been added to the Tiberian Dawn mod. Enjoy!
  • The “Team health colors” option now provides a better distinction between your own and allied units.
  • Support powers can now be activated using configurable hotkeys.
  • A “quick placement” mode has been added which will automatically pick up a completed building for placement when the player selects the corresponding production tab.

Aside from new features, the usual number of bug fixes has found its way into the code. Among them is a fix for a high-profile bug that caused the inability to undeploy construction yards. Several graphical problems, from glitches in the menus to occasionally missing mouse cursors have been resolved as well as issues in the single-player mission scripts.

Take a look at the full changelog for all the gory details.

Grab the installer now for your operating system from the OpenRA download page! Hope you’ll enjoy this newest installment of OpenRA!

The new map editor was almost 18 months in the making!

The added operating system integration allows connecting to games from links on websites or bookmarks.

The work on our single-player campaigns is progressing nicely.
The Nod campaign is now almost half done!

Building upgrades have been added to our Dune 2000 mod,
which now allow OpenRA to almost match the original game’s tech tree.

Mental Omega News Bulletin #15
June 12, 2015 - 14:21
You thought Mental Omega was over? Well, you thought wrong. Apologies for the silence, but now we're back with another news bulletin and more news to come.

The new Chinese lab - Atomheart - gives the player access to the advanced nuclear and EMP technologies, but also two new support powers - the Wallbuster, a missile designed specifically to destroy enemy walls and defenses, and Irradiation which, when used on your vehicles, will generate a radiation effect similar to the one the Eradicator has around himself constantly. The artwork for the new building was created by Nooze.

The Hummingbird is a unit designed for support of all Allied subfactions. It is capable of creating a field in which units will move slower, making them more vulnerable to enemy attacks and unable to escape from other jets like the Stormchild or Harrier.

We've got more previews and a status update regarding our progress to show you, including 2 new missions and a bunch of new skirmish maps, as usual on

Frontline Chaos - June 2015 Update
June 11, 2015 - 21:25
As promised in last updates, I had some things that were almost ready for showcase for my mod, Frontline Chaos. Today I present to you two Revenant structures.

The structures we will discuss today are the Revenant version of the good ol' War Factory, and the secondary eco structure. First the War Factory, or as it is known for the Revenant, the Weapons Assembly Depot (WAD for short).
The Weapons Assembly Depot is as said the place where you produce all your vehicles. While initially having a design like all War Factories have (big large factory looking... factory), it was redesigned into a large semi-open garage design, which fits the Revenant theme more.

The Chem Plant is Revenant's secondary eco structure. Like all secondary eco structures in Frontline Chaos (a whopping two), they will have a build limit of one, but besides providing income they also have an additional effect. In case of the Chem Plant, it gives a permanent 25% income boost for Harvesters.

The Weapons Assembly Depot is the primary way Revenant commanders acquire vehicles on the battlefield. Comparable with a large open garage or assembly warehouse, it is crewed by engineers and mechanics which assemble any vehicle needed for the war effort. While not as advanced as its Legion or M-Tec counterparts, its experienced crew combined with an arsenal of tools are almost as efficient as a fully robotic assembly line.

As the Revenant Litenium processing technology was based on stolen tech from M-Tec, it contains some flaws and impurities. To solve this problem, Revenant scientists came up with a complex process of chemicals to purify and refine harvested Litenium even better. As this process was too expensive to install in all Refineries, it was decided it would be focussed into a single structure, the Chem Plant.

A Chem Plant slowly generates income by continuously processing Litenium, and permanently boosts the income from harvested Litenium by 25%. The downside is that the chemical refinement process uses various corrosive agents that will contaminate the surrounding area upon destruction of a Chem Plant. Due to the technologies involved, only 1 Chem Plant is allowed per commander.

And with that, this update is concluded. It's a rather short update, text wise, but I may sneak in another update before this month's end if I can find the time. Dutchygamer signing off.

D-Day: Japanese Structures
June 06, 2015 - 13:32

That time of year has rolled around once again, yes it's June 6th D-day! To celebrate D-day's 13th Anniversary I have a big update for you. A (nearly) complete set of Japanese structures and units. On a more personal note this year also marks the 15th year that I have been modding and also my 30th Birthday, so I have now spent half of my life devoted to a single game.

The heart of your base, the construction yard is used to produce buildings. The design this building is based on multiple elements taken from Kure Naval Arsenal.

The Power plant supplies electricity to you factories, radar and support structures. It's not possible to find a real power plant the size of a small house, however I was inspired by Japanese bath houses & the chimneys with supporting metal frame that they often have.      

The supply depot is the used to store the credits that your supply trucks gather. The storage shed on the left side fills up as you collect more supplies. No specific inspiration for this design.  

The Barracks is used to train infantry. This building was quickly made off the top of my head & will be replaced in the near future with a design based on a real field barracks on Saipan.

Factories produce all of your vehicles and fighter planes. The design is based on the Mitsubishi factory in Nagoya, where the A6M Zero fighter plane was developed & tested.

Radar grants the player a map of the battlefield and also reveals a large amount of shroud around itself. The Type 11 was one of Japan's first radar systems and was used throughout the war.  

The Airfield is the control centre of your air forces, it can also maintain and reload six planes. The design is based on buildings used on airfields on Tinian and Saipan islands.

A smaller alternative to the Airfield, the Runway can also maintain and reload six planes however the Airfield is needed to build them

The Japanese temple gives you a support power that lets you inspire your troops with the Bushido warrior spirit giving your units a boost in health and speed for a short time. The design is not based on a specific temple but draws inspired from many different temples/shrines seen throughout Japan.  

The tech centre gives you access to Japan's heavy weapons. The design was inspired by the Kwantung Army HQ, The radar tower on the left is a Tachi 18.

The 9th Army Lab is were Fu-Go fire balloons are researched and launched.
The design has no specific inspiration and is based on multiple different structures.  

This is not all of the Japanese structures, there are still two more support/super weapon buildings and a repair pad to come. I hope to have them (and a new barracks) done in the near future.

Now when you put them all together! This picture also includes some of the new terrain I've been working on, mainly the cliffs & rice fields. On the right side you can see a Fu-Go balloon drifting off towards an enemy. In the centre bottom there are also several units with the Bushido buff.  
(click to enlarge)

Lastly here is a line up of all the Japanese ground units and fighter planes at this time, which total exactly 100 units! I remember the days when you could only have 100 units in your whole mod, back then I'd never would have imagined making one side with that many.  
(click to enlarge)