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Download the latest VXLSE III Beta
November 10, 2010 - 19:22
Download the latest development version of VXLSE III:

-> Download the latest build here.
-> Source code

You must be online when you run the beta for the first time.

When you run it for the first time, it will inform you that it has not found a certain file. Press OK and wait until it downloads all files it needs. Once this operation is over, it will run fine.

Features (compared to 1.38):

- 3D Modelizer feature: transform voxel models into 3D meshes (exporting .obj files with textures).
- Coordinate system is now X (right), Y (top), Z (front).
- Import 3ds into voxels (requires external download)
- Rendering code rewritten (requires OpenGL 2.0 support).
- Remove Redundant Voxels (4-Neighbors) that won't leave gaps in the game.
- New auto normals methods.
- Rotate Model (rotate its pixels 90 degrees for every direction).
- You may now import 2D images with heightmaps as voxels. Check the Import options.
- Select background for all canvas and 3D viewers.
- Several new shortcuts.
- Countless bug fixes.