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YR Red-Resurrection 2.2.11 out now!
February 13, 2019 - 13:13

It's been a couple of months since the last patch for YR Red-Resurrection and in that time some significant changes have been made. Since the release of 2.2 I have been reworking countries that I felt were lacking, and the last of those was the United Kingdom, who have finally been given the attention they need in this release.

Calling in reinforcements from around the empire, the British Army is bolstered with special units capable of turning the tides of battle. Furthermore they gain the Pintail and Pop Shell, which replaces the Arms Jammer, and the Battle Fortress has been reworked.

Not only have the UK received additions however, Yugoslavia gains the Ironsmith, an infantry equipped to render your tank divisions unstoppable!

As always, new maps have been added as well.

If you're interested in how those maps get made you can watch a timelapse of myself creating Close Encounter (2)! Remember to subscribe on YouTube for additional content.

Of course there are many balance changes, bug fixes, additional maps and more! Here's an overview of the entire patch:

Big Features
Reworked the United Kingdom, altering existing units and removing and replacing others, including-

  • The Colonial Bureau for the UK on T2. Provides units at intervals depending on your tech tier; the Skitter on T1 - a fast amphibious harassment unit equpped with mines, the Gurkha on T3 - a steadfast versatile soldier and the Wildcat at T4 - a long range anti-unit artillery.
  • The Pintail for the UK. An aircraft available at T3, replaces the Arms Jammer. Attaches a bomb to enemy vehicles that jams their weapons, and the weapons of surrounding vehicles, for 45 seconds.
  • The Pop Shell support power for the UK. Spawns a tank bunker anywhere on the map, allowing you to fortify an area on the fly!
  • The Ironsmith for Yugoslavia. And infantry on T3 who can attach charges to friendly vehicles which double their armour when activated!
  • A new client feature; the Pick Random Map button, available in skirmish and multiplayer. Selects a random map based on the number of participants in the game.
  • 7 all new maps in skirmish and multiplayer.
  • A dozen reworked existing maps for more interesting strategies and improved balance.
  • Many balance adjustments and bug fixes.

You can view the full changelog here.

The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.


Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!


OpenRA Playtest 20190209 is now available!
February 10, 2019 - 21:24
A new playtest build of OpenRA is now available with a collection of fixes and improvements over playtest-20190106.

The last playtest made some big changes to how targeting interacts with the Fog of War, which broke a lot more than it was expected. Rather than reverting these changes, the OpenRA developers decided to go all-in, and replaced even more of the targeting code - a job that they had originally planned for the release after next.

These new changes should fix not just the regressions in the last playtest, but also several other long-standing gameplay bugs and inconsistencies with the Fog of War, engineers, and aircraft. They also bring two long-requested features:

  • Tanks and other turreted units automatically target nearby units while moving

  • Force-firing with long-range artillery style units targets the ground, allowing attacks to continue when vision is lost under the Fog of War.

These new features should go a long way towards improving combat fluidness and the ability to micromanage your forces.

Tanks now automatically target enemy forces while moving.

The audio notification changes introduced in the last playtest have been refined and expanded by adding click feedback to the sidebar, reducing the volume of the “cash tick” sounds, and normalizing the volume changes between different music tracks. The build is rounded out with fixes for bugs and crashes that were reported in the first playtest - see the full changelog and playtest-20190106 news post for more detail.

Head to the download page to give it a try, and let them know what you think in the comments below, on Discord, their forum, or GitHub!

Jim Vessella, the current producer from the upcoming remasterizations of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1 has posted a very interesting update confirming that they still have strong portions of the source code of the first two Command & Conquer games in their headquarters and how Petroglyph's GlyphX engine will be used together with it. Here's the whole text he has posted few hours ago in the reddit:

Remaster Update and Source Code

Fellow Command & Conquer fans,

We hope you had a good holiday season and that your New Year is off to a positive start. On our side, pre-production is continuing in earnest and we completed our first Milestone about two weeks ago. This Milestone included many of our documentation plans for how we want to build the game, and effectively laid the foundation for the rest of our pre-production cycle. Our next step is to begin translating those plans into a first playable prototype, which will hopefully help validate many of those initial concepts.

One of those key items is how we’re going to approach the game from a technical standpoint. We know one of your core questions has been around the game engine, and we’re ready to reveal some of those details below. Now, it’s worth noting that as with all software this early – plans can change – so please understand this is a snapshot of our thinking in January 2019, and does not necessarily guarantee how the game will eventually ship.

To kick things off, one of the most important questions from the community has been the following:

   Do we have access to the original source code?

We’re excited to say the short answer is “Yes.” Over the past few months we have been able to acquire the majority of the source code for both the original C&C and original Red Alert. I say majority, because what we have is not a complete archive, and it’s going to continue taking some work to validate the full re-usability of the code. Thankfully, there is no better team than the individuals at Petroglyph to go on this R&D journey.

So what does all this mean?

Well, it means we’re aiming to re-use parts of the source code to try and keep the gameplay feel as close as possible to the original games. Again, our goal is to Remaster the original gameplay, not remake it. That being said, there are many areas where the original source code just cannot deliver the quality or functionality we’re looking for in many of the supporting elements. That’s where the second piece of the puzzle comes in.

In addition to Petroglyph’s unique familiarity with the original source code, they have also spent the past 15 years optimizing their own proprietary RTS engine called GlyphX. This engine has been used to power Petroglyph’s RTS titles, and comes with many of the recent standards the community would expect from a modern RTS engine. So with that in mind, our goal is to utilize both GlyphX and the original source code to gain the combined benefits towards the Remaster.

To provide a quick example (Not guaranteed but purely for illustration purposes), imagine using the original source code to determine the charge-up behavior of the Tesla Coil, but utilizing the GlyphX Audio system to ensure the Sound FX are fully enhanced for when that Tesla Coil fires.

As you can predict, there are more details which we’ll learn as we begin to execute upon this plan. But we hope this provides some clarity in the meantime as to how we’re approaching the Remaster from a technical perspective. We’re eager to share more as we begin to prototype the software, and looking forward to hearing your comments in the thread below.


Jim Vessella


My current understanding of what he has said implies that he will use GlyphX for graphics, sounds and, perhaps, user interface, while the behavior of the units will be determined by the game engine from Tiberian Dawn. It might work in a similar way as seen in an old fan virtual reality project of Red Alert 2 that rendered the game using Unreal Engine while the unit behavior  used OpenRA engine. You can see that in the video below:

And that's all for now. Post your opinions about it in a reply.

Doom Desire Summary of 2018 Update
January 09, 2019 - 00:57
This New Year update for Doom Desire is a bit late, but 2018 was still quite productive, bringing Essence nearly to completion. As of now, all of their infantry are done, with only few units and maybe 2 buildings left. Most likely, I'll be now moving to Paladin infantry and Vintarid buildings.
But first, a summary of what was done in 2018.

Aphrodite Patrol Craft An AI-controlled, low-altitude agile aircraft, meant to serve same roles in an army as a typical attack helicopter.

Magnetic Turbine An easily accessible source of energy for any Essence military base. They can be overloaded if the situation requires, releasing an electromagnetic pulse that disables electronic devices in vicinity.

Kerberos Powersuit With dimensional portals available to transport troops and vehicles, it's logical they would also be used to transport ammo and payload to the battlefield. This powersuit puts that into practice.
Revenant The dimensional portal technology doesn't come without drawbacks. When one of the side effects is being fused with your powersuit and going insane, dying in a violent eruption might be more preferable.
Prowler The suit uses a miniaturized nuclear reactor to allow movement, including high-speed flight. The power can be diverted into a metallic wire that turns into plasma as it's flung at an enemy target.

Elysium Access Point One of the main reasons to gather so much Crystalline, these structures sustain portals to a place called Elysium, where EssentialTech is building something unprecedented.
Gateway Various kinds of Gateways exist, some used to access Elysium itself, others to transport ordinance between different bases.

Barracks These quick to field and highly customizable containers are widely used in military operations involving EssentialTech, either as barracks, equipment storage, field hospitals, or for civilain housing.
Assembly Plant An EssentialTech drone manufacture line, modified to assemble heavy vehicles such as tanks.
Portal Catapult Portal technology allows Essence to accelerate or decelerate an aircraft as it passes through another dimension. This eliminates the need for large runways.

Auroral Resonator The pinnacle of EM wave weaponization, it can manipulate current weather conditions into their extremes. Or, ironically, prevent other means of affecting it.
Amplifier Node The radio waves it generates cause a fatal resonance in the alien flyers, destroying them when conventional weaponry remained ineffective.

Crystalline Containment Cell This building was designed as storage for various chemicals and toxic materials. With additional modifications, it can keep the stored Crystalline isolated from the surroundings until it is properly utilized, making nearby personnel safe.
Armory A small assembly plant inside each Armory allows Essence outposts to construct defenses and stall the attackers until reinforcements arrive.

That's it for now. Have a Happy New Year!

OpenRA Playtest 20190106
January 06, 2019 - 16:09
Better late than never, OpenRA is celebrating the new year with our planned “2018 holiday-season” playtest. Playtest 20190106 brings some big changes to gameplay mechanics, more single-player content, and even more bug fixes and performance improvements.

The biggest change comes to the unit targeting logic, which has been reworked to better understand the Fog of War. This has fixed a collection of long-standing bugs (especially with artillery-style units), however, due to the subtle nature of these changes, more testing is required to predict the impact on overall gameplay and game balance. We hope that the community can rally behind testing and report any issues so that they can be addressed before the final release.

The specialised infantry in Red Alert have had a shake-down and a fix-up:

- Engineers are now consumed when capturing buildings, after a short external wait
- The Hijacker is now the Thief, who can steal cash from refineries in addition to capturing vehicles
- Allied Mechanics now repair destroyed team-mate vehicles instead of capturing them
- New Attack Dog behaviour resolves many issues and behaves more like the original game

Improvements to the Attack Dog and Thief should make them more viable on the battlefield.

Thanks to the hard work of several new contributors, seven new single-player missions have been ported from the original Red Alert, and another two from Tiberian Dawn. Behind the scenes, the underlying AI framework has been rewritten to support the development of some long-planned improvements in future releases.

Some other notable gameplay changes include:

- Units in the Return Fire stance will no longer chase their attackers
- Infantry in Pillboxes in Red Alert no longer gain experience
- A new Ctrl modifier queues items at the front of the production queue
- The spectator UI now includes information on player army values

Nine more single-player missions have been adapted from the original games.

This release brings several improvements to the development tools. The map editor has been upgraded with a new actor property editor and improved copy/paste tool, and the tile selection sidebar now supports multi-category selections. The mod rule linter has been made more robust, and can now report errors in audio notifications. The Mod SDK has also been updated to work with the new playtest and planned future changes to the OpenRA Resource Center.

The map editor now supports editing actor properties such as owner, health, facing, and stance.

OpenRA is developed by volunteers who freely donate their spare time to build games that everybody can enjoy. Playtest 20190106 contains changes from 34 contributors over the last 5 months, and fixes bugs reported by many others. This post covers only some of the changes, so see the full changelog to learn more.

The playtest releases are our way of crowdsourcing bug reports and feedback so that the next release can be the best it possibly can. This only works if you get involved, play games, and report your feedback. If you do have something to say, please let us know in the comments below, on OpenRA's forums, Discord, or GitHub.

Playtest releases do not overwrite the OpenRA release version, and you can automatically switch between the two versions when joining a multiplayer server. Head over to OpenRA's download page and give it a try!

Carnius has recently released the alpha version of Tiberium Essence 2.0. Tiberium Essence's proposal is to bring back the loved units from Tiberian Sun to the game, as well as improvements on the graphics, sounds, etc. This new version of the mod is the first that includes the Forgotten as a playable faction. It is still a version that demands a lot of testing, which is why it is considered alpha.  So, here are some important notes from the author:

Unfortunately Alpha version means that it contains bugs, incomplete assets and possible performance issues.

Forgotten faction AI also do not work in skirmish games (you should be able to play as Forgotten in PvP in multiplayer).

I will try to fix it in future but for now it is what it is.

Regardless of that, it is really a fun and a very popular Tiberium Wars Mod. Give it a try. Download it here and please, provide your feedback to help improving it.

Hello everyone! In the last year of 2018 we had some very interesting mod releases which we've missed. Actually, we did mention them in the Happy New Year From PPM post. Dawn of the Tiberium Age latest patches were not publicly advertised and Contra was released few minutes before the end of the last year. So, let's go covering them in chronological order:

Medieval Warfare 20180726:

We are nearly five to six months later here. Anyway this patch to Medieval Warfare includes two new addons: the Silk Roads and Infested version.

The Silk Roads:

Introduction of our first new faction from the main two, that being 'King Gabriel Dardanis the first and Baron Hodsworth of Noddingen' is the Sultan, his full name is 'Sultan Cem Rashid il-Nuredin' hailing somewhere within the Middle East (from the real-world globe). this will be an interesting addition to the roster as gives you new stuff to play.

Infested Version:

He said he'd never do it, yet with peer pressure comes crushing defeat. enter the Infested Version: your undead gamemode within your conquest, using "creep" skeletons to fight you with at random times. this converts the style of usual conquest to 'who can outlast the other player' as you'll constantly be harassed by the undead as you attempt to go fight each other. current maps in the pool that have this are: Antrax, When Two People Quarrel, Tiberium Explosion (though likely will get renamed since where's the tib in MW?) and Blasted Core with more maps likely on the way.

this was designed to be used for Campaign maps that the community can create to add some funky spanners to the works that players have done. there will be a post detailing the different things the undead has in it's arsenal to right make a mockery out of your forces. if you wish to create maps with graveyards in the area, the factions post of the undead should detail what you: the map creator, will need to know about getting the undead in the mod.

For more information on this patch, check this news post on ModDB. And the download is also available at its ModDB Profile. You can discuss the mod at their forums on PPM.

Shattered Paradise 20181210

This patch for Shattered Paradise is mostly a balance patch. The changes are listed in this file.

Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.176

Released right before Christmas (for Catholics), the specific 1.176 was a bug fix that allows the mod to run, again, in a Windows XP system. But there were many other changes during the whole year, based on inumerous patches that are constantly being released. And these includes bug fixes, balance changes, new sounds, musics and some other stuff. The full change log is located here.

Contra 009

There was a trailer (see below) announcing its upcoming release... and now it is reality. Contra 009 fixes over 200 bugs from previous versions. The Angels general was remodeled. All maps have proper map previews. And the change that really calls more attention is ContraVPN. Blame the russians for that one. For more information on this patch and how to download it, check their forums on Revora.

And that's it for now. Have a happy 2019 with very cool 2018 mods!

Happy 2019, from Project Perfect Mod!
January 01, 2019 - 08:05
Hello everyone! Happy 2019 for everyone! All hail! Today is the day of the year that we always post a reminder on the good things that happened last year and our plans for the current year. Although our tiberium vision is the future of our species, the grand goal of our world... we hold no real expectations about getting it accomplished anytime soon, although some of the things in this vision may eventually happen for real once in a blue moon.

In this first day of 2019, we already have a present for you! The site... has changed! Ok, if you take a first glance on it, you'll certainly think we are joking about it. The layout is really the same. The thing is... look at at your mobile phone. And guess what? It is responsive! The menu button and the avatar for those who are logged out are things that might be improved within time, but they will only show up if your screen resolution is really small. In this case, clicking on the menu button (three horizontal straight lines) will show the  menu options and hide the rest. If you click on your avatar instead, it shows only the right menu. To show the content again, click at the PPM banner in the middle of them. Other than that, many of the web elements in the site now display as flex. I don't know how Internet Explorer 9 deals with it, but all Webkit (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi, new Edge), Gecko (Firefox, Firefox Focus) and even Edge (the old one before the change to Webkit) has dealt fine with it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Now, let's move to the part of the good things that happened in PPM on 2018:

- PPM website is now responsive and the Mobile site will fade away, directing its visitors back to PPM website where they shouldn't have left at all. This is part of the "Re-design and modernize the main website, merging the main site with the mobile one" objective from the last year.

- PPM News Reporter has been constantly fetching news from mods with profiles on ModDB, being a great partner to yours trully to boost news posting in this place. In the recent years, I used to catch the happy new year post from the previous year in the page 2. This time, it is in the page 3 from PPM News Network forum.... and that because the news posting has only boosted since august. Next year I'll expect it at least on page 4. Anyway, this was our progress with "Improve news coverage from other games and communities" objective of the last year.

- PPM Terms of use were adapted to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

- PPM forum moderators may merge topics and set their visibility on or off. For the common user, the profile options were extended.For bots, banned bots or zero posters will not display some of the profile data for the public.

- PPM has a new Advertise with Us terms and plans.

- The following mods were released at PPM: Dawn Of Tiberium Age 1.176, Tiberian Sun Client 5.42, Shattered Paradise 20181210, C&C Red Alert History Release 6, CnC: Final War 1.0b, The Second Tiberium War 2.0 and Medieval Warfare 20180726.

- Following our efforts to "attract more high quality mods" to PPM,  Command & Conquer: Red Alert History has joined our forums.

- Twisted Insurrection, Tiberium Essence and Mental Omega have received a honorable mention on ModDB Mod of the Year 2018 Player's Choice

- Stucuk has shared the source code of his OS: HVA Builder 2.2 WIP.

- Linq2js has released his New INI Editor that helps users to code mods with multiples INI files in a more manageable way. Tuc0 has posted hacks for both Tiberian Sun and Final Alert 2 to be applied with C&C Executable Modifier. Westwood Font Editor has received a minor patch to address symbols up to 64k. Nyerguds has also created Engie File Converter, which converts SHPs from many Westwood games. including Command & Conquer 64 for Nintendo 64. Lin Kuei Ominae has patched Image Shaper with several updates through the whole year. E1Elite has done several updates to AI Editor. The build of the latest git version of CnC Maps Renderer was made available by E1Elite at this post. Most of G-E's tools, such as MapClean, AICheck, AIClean and SoundCheck have received several updates during the year.

- Ares can now save files. Tiberian Sun Client 5.42 has added a new DirectDraw mode and several bug fixes. OpenRA Engine has advanced a lot with game UI presets, connection of user accounts with OpenRA forum accounts (which resulted in the destruction of SleipnirStuff), several improvements to AI behavior, several improvements for the Mod SDK, which allowed the release of a non-Command & Conquer related game: Krush Kill 'n' Destroy.

With all that said, let's move to our tiberium vision for 2019. It is always based in the same plans from the 5 or more recent years, since these plans are actually very long term plans. So, expect, once again, a copy and paste job with minor changes:

-> Modernize the main website and progress with Project Perfect Game: We plan to bring more modern web based technology to the current site design. Furthermore, we also want to make future expansions to different topics (game development coverage) easier in a long term plan, as well as approach the content of our hosted TiberiumWeb to our own. Unlike the plans in the previous years, we decided to let the Revora Network Bar stay for good.

-> Modernize the forums: We want to have a similar approach to the responsive site from the main site with the forums, so it will be better to browse it with mobile devices. Also, we want to allow posting, editing and other common tasks to be faster and as confortable as a chat in discord.

-> Expand the site to become more popular with games beyond Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and OpenRA scope: We are slowly adding content for other games here, but we are not getting many modders interested to discuss them in our community yet. We are already trying to change this situation by adding more content and trying to approach communities from other games. Now we can also re-use our existing content to quickly expand new subjects that can be covered here.

-> Progress with VXLSE III's 3D model export feature: This is our ultimate goal to become a significant community that modifies or develops 3D games. We have many voxel assets that would be very useful in newer games if we are able to convert them. Don't expect this to be finished in 2018, since I have a doctorate to finish first and the my thesis will be used on this solution (being a small, but significant part of it).

-> Attract more high quality mods: We need fresh blood and attractive content in this place. PPM is still an attractive place to have forums to advertise your projects and it still holds a community with skilled modders and artists to improve the quality of your project in the long term.

-> Improve news coverage from other games and communities: Nowadays, we have got a more aggresive approach to cover news related to Command & Conquer games and OpenRA, but this is not enough. We want this place to become a modding reference for every game. We plan an even more aggressive approach to obtain news generated in this community and also from other sources. We plan to use bots to help us to collect these news from GitHub, Discord, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter and provide a quicker way to transform this information into news posts. Obviously, these news posts will still be written and revised by humans. We want to use it to increase the activity of this site and the attractiveness for game designers and user content creators that are not restricted to the universe that we cover nowadays. We expect to do that by using the RSS importing feature of this forum, the keywords feature and writing softwares to interpret the collected data and convert them into readable posts.

-> Improve the organization of our content: The News Tracker and the Key Words features are a nice way to organize the content that we may explore. Now we need to use these resources to expand the potential of this place as a good reference for game design and user content creation, as well as a good place to learn news about it. We will also improve the way we organize our key words.

And, for now, that's all, folks. I hope all of you have a great 2019. And hopefully, we'll have great things coming to this community in this year. Now, with, hopefully, EA's help. At least they seem to be doing an interesting initiative to remaster the good old Command & Conquer games. Let's see how that affects our community from now on.